serious bros

the best cure for being miserable is the misery of someone you hate. or puppies.

Hey guys, I just found out about BTS being scheduled to appear at 아는 형님 [Knowing bros/Ask us anything]. I just want to say that the concept of the show is very different than any other variety show, in the sense, that they are very rough and mean towards their guest as a part of their “same-age” concept. 

If you are uncomfortable with people being mean to bangtan, please don’t watch it so that there isn’t unnecessary online fights. Watch it with your hearts prepared otherwise we will turn out to be an overly sensitive fandom again. 

I wish I knew more about their back story together, but guessing from jonouchi/joey’s shitty home life, him and honda/tristan probably had that in common and that what united these two punks

once Krem’s confident with the little stuffed nugs he makes, he starts on bigger, more ambitious sewing projects: a bumble bee for Sera, a mabari for Stitches, a halla for Dalish…

and for the Chief, a giant teddy bear– it’s two and a half Rockies tall, and the Iron Bull loves the shit out of that thing


“I love you, G.”
“I love you too, passerotto.”
“More than anything?”
“More than anything.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Rooney.”

conversation I overheard between two bros in my class
  • bro 1: man I bet we'll end up fucking one day
  • bro 2: haha yeah man that'd be so funny
  • bro 1: I'm serious like imagine when we're wasted it'd be awesome
  • bro 2: yeah like out of everyone we're so the most likely to bang
  • bro 1: ... but we'd have like a girl between us man
  • bro 1: ... so it's not like... gay
  • bro 2: yeah obviously man there'd be like ten girls

Bi-Bros: We love both brothers. We love their bond. 

Brothers have a difference in opinions, fight or disagreement. Dean speaks up his mind. 

Bi-bros: Why are you so mean Dean? I hate you? Listen to Sam and follow him. Sam, stand up for yourself and teach Dean a lesson. 

Dean gets reprimanded by Sam and the show and is put back in his place (aka, Sam’s doormat) 

Bi-bros: See? All Dean needed was some tough-love. He finally came back to his senses. You go Sammy. Oh, we love both brothers, we swear.