serious boyfriend material

How kontim probably went down
  • Conner: *sad about being a clone*
  • Tim: hey you alright??
  • Conner: yeah
  • Tim: you sure?? Are you sad because of the whole "I am just a clone" thing??
  • Conner: no... Maybe??? I mean I don't even know what I'm made of???
  • Tim: *completely serious* I do
  • Conner: *slightly confused* what???
  • Tim: *leans in close to whisper* boyfriend material
History reaction when you stain the bed sheet


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You wouldn’t believe how gently he’d take care of you that day. He even offered to wash the sheets and when you said no, he still took it from your arms and took it to the washroom, even though you protested against it. He’d tell you that it was duty to take care of you and you’d just smile shyly at him. Even if you wished for a better boyfriend, you wouldn’t get it, because he is some serious boyfriend, no, husband material.


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You would wake up before him and start panicking when you’d see the red stain, and in that panic you’d just want to get rid of it, but pulling the sheet would mean waking him up. In all that panic you’d knock something over and before you could catch it, he’d already open his eyes. Oh no!, you’d think to yourself, quickly sitting on the stain, but too late. He’d just sigh and pull you back into his arms. „I really don’t care, don’t be shy.“


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 He’d tease you all day, even though it was just a speck on the sheet. He didn’t care how much it was, he didn’t even mind that it happened, he thought it was normal. But that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t tease you about it. „Japan flag!~“, he’d coo all day, earning stern glares from you. „Red on white, did you design their flag?“


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 He would act like a complete gentleman about it. Your cheeks would be dusted red and you wouldn’t be able to look him in the eye all day, and he would constantly try to comfort you about it, saying how it wasn’t a big deal, and how he didn’t think anything less of you because of it. He told you that you couldn’t control it and that it was fine by him. At the end of the day you still felt shy about it, he made sure that you could at least talk to him normally.


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I think Yijeong would be confused, even flustered when he’d first see the stain and you’d cover it up so quickly, blush creeping up on your face. He’d just stare at you, eyes wide open as his face got redder as well. „I spilled ketchup!“, you’d say as you’d leap from the bed, clutching the sheet. He’d just nod and you’d leave the room. After he’d get himself together, he’d find you and hug you from behind saying:“Ketchup, ha? It’s perfectly normal.“, he’d giggle and kiss your cheek.

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One Day & Thank You

S.coups Boyfriend Vibes!!

I decided that I would make a “Boyfriend Vibes” spam of my bias of seventeen, S.coups.

First of all can we just talk about how cute pre debut Seungcheol is? >.<

I’m still getting serious Boyfriend material vibes from this dude, tho.

aw omg

he looks so peaceful.

okay but #jeongcheol

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Look at the way he looks at him.

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When y’all face time

I feel like he’d be a great listener.

When another member catches y’all kissing and he low-key wanna cut a bitch.

why is he so handsome?

when he sleepy aw. or high

when you’d get sick he’d make you S.coups S.soups! ;)

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