serious boyfriend material

How kontim probably went down
  • Conner: *sad about being a clone*
  • Tim: hey you alright??
  • Conner: yeah
  • Tim: you sure?? Are you sad because of the whole "I am just a clone" thing??
  • Conner: no... Maybe??? I mean I don't even know what I'm made of???
  • Tim: *completely serious* I do
  • Conner: *slightly confused* what???
  • Tim: *leans in close to whisper* boyfriend material
Got7 as University Roommates

• sophomore
• never understands the lessons so he instead comes to you for help
• you both major in different subjects
• he’s friends with nearly everyone on the campus
• social butterfly
• never wears a shirt
• goes to the university parties mainly for the hot girls
• you have to help him into your dorm when he’s drunk at 1am
• clingy & sometimes shares bed with you so people think you both are dating
• forces you to eat organic food and drink organic tea

• senior
• angry old cat man
• cooks for you often which is the best food ever
• rambles on about the stupid freshmen (most likely bambam)
• extremely intelligent
• hits broom at the ceiling when the other neighbors are too loud
• everyone think he’s hot and so do you
• literature student
• oversleeps in which you have to wake him up sometimes
• walked in on him naked too many times

• junior
• quiet emo boy
• is really antisocial but is closer to you
• can only cook ramen noodles
• likes hugging you
• non-existing in class since he never talks
• talks a lot in private
• bumps rap music at 9 pm causing people to come knock on the door
• playboy
• every lady wants a piece of him
• probably gay

• freshman
• gets shoved into the janitors closet by mean seniors (JB)
• burns toast which causes everyone in the entire dorm area to smell it and know it was him
• dabs every second
• flirts with girls who thinks he’s like 12 and cringey
• migos plays at his dorm as he and Yugyeom dab viciously
• “hey baby girl, the party’s over here ;)”
• begs the professor for a curved grade
• doesn’t know why he’s in university
• takes like 10 hours to find one decent outfit…for the morning.

• sophomore
• serious boyfriend material
• has perfect grades in all of his classes
• gets hit on even by his female professors especially Jackson
• reads a book everyday
• dines at a local university cafe and drinks iced coffee with a book in his hand
• mature and sexy
• asks you about your day and tries to see if you need help with anything
• competitor
• is up drinking wine at 1am which irritates you since it brings the light bill up
• you secretly like him
• compares his grades to yours

• freshman
• everyone questions his sexuality
• makes you smile when you’re sad
• always hugging or cuddling with you
• laughs too loud but it could brighten anyone’s mood
• probably dating JB
• asks you for help in his classes
• thinks you’re cute
• forehead kisses
• blushes at compliments
• teachers pet
• sunshine
• makes horrible lasagna but you eat it anyway though it isn’t supposed to be brown

• freshman
• irritating
• tall giant everyone knows
• gets beaten secretly by Jinyoung
• dances entirely too much
• a shy pimp
• hit the class
• gives you piggy bank rides
• major height difference
• you steal his clothes which he thinks is cute
• whines when you don’t cook
• in university because his mom said so


One Day & Thank You

S.coups Boyfriend Vibes!!

I decided that I would make a “Boyfriend Vibes” spam of my bias of seventeen, S.coups.

First of all can we just talk about how cute pre debut Seungcheol is? >.<

I’m still getting serious Boyfriend material vibes from this dude, tho.

aw omg

he looks so peaceful.

okay but #jeongcheol

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Look at the way he looks at him.

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When y’all face time

I feel like he’d be a great listener.

When another member catches y’all kissing and he low-key wanna cut a bitch.

why is he so handsome?

when he sleepy aw. or high

when you’d get sick he’d make you S.coups S.soups! ;)

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Okay, I really really hate going into fandom drama. But seriously, as a primarily MakoHaru shipper…

Shut. Up. The RinHaru mook was great.

-It was cute as hell. What did you expect from 6th grader, hopelessly romantic Rin, if not blizzards of sakura blossoms and dragging Haru around trying to impress him? Rin is some serious boyfriend material. And sappy. So sappy.

- The blood drinking scene and illustration were sexy af. Seriously. It looks like an illustrated Harlequin novel. Or Twilight. I love it. (Rin, such a precocious little thing, weren’t you, what kind of dream is that?)

-It’s hella funny. It’s like KyoAni sat down and thought, what should be the conflict here? Someone stranded in outer space? Someone about to get arrested and thrown in jail? Someone drowning while chained inside a sinking airplane? Someone about to die inside a burning building? Nah, we’ll make freaking Kisumi the villain and then have Haru dunk him in a tank head-first. Oh, and drinking Haru’s blood makes you buff as hell. What. even.

-It was a great metaphor for Free!-era Rin wanting to share the world with Haru, show him all kinds of sights and expand his horizons, and Haru coming out of his shell and discovering that world. It’s beautiful.

And God, the people calling it abusive… 1. Haru *asked* Rin to bite him. In order to help him. It’s like calling Makoto abusive for accepting Haru’s sacrifice in the MH mook. It’s like calling Rei abusive for accepting android!Nagisa’s parts in the Reigisa mook. It’s not abuse. Rin even offered to stay behind and probably get killed for Haru to escape ffs. 2. It’s a dream. No one drank anyone’s blood in real life. Get a grip.

If I’m disappointed by anything, it’s the lack of Makoto and Nagisa, because… damnit, Rin, they’re your friends too, how could you leave them out of your dream like that? But yes, all in all, everyone has the right to their opinion, but could you stop spreading the hate? It doesn’t do the Free! fandom as a whole any justice, and it doesn’t do the MakoHaru shippers any justice. Just enjoy the fact that we got more material on our boys, or if it’s too much for you, go reread the rest of the mooks, that’s sure to lift your spirits! :D