serious bangs

Providing more goober horses.

Wanted to do some expression practice for fun and figured why not post it.

I love it how when things got real, Shikamaru, Sasori and Deidara took off their tops

It’s like…
You gotta strip

To get serious!!!

Say it with me!
You gotta strip

To get serious!!!

One last time!



Jenna Joseph is so pretty 😍

EXO and their kinks (smut)
  • Chanyeol: Dirty talking, there’s nothing else that turns him more than this. Just imagine him biting his lips, all turned on and dirty talking to you...
  • Kris: Everything related to BDSM. Be careful, it's not just a game; for him this is something serious.
  • Tao: Banging you from behind. This can turn on any guy but for him it would be a condition. There’s no sex without it.
  • Sehun: Cosplay. Imagine all the different characters he would be. Sexy police officer, a hot CEO, or whatever your imagination says ;)
  • Xiumin: Sex toys, specially swings. You know hot it is having sex on swing? Well he would definitely show you how great it is.
  • Kai: Exhibitionism. He won’t care if there’s a lot of people around you, it doesn’t matter if it's in a dark alley or at school. If he wants it, he gets it.
  • Baekhyun: Ripping off your clothes before having the best rough sex of your life. You should buy a new closet.
  • Luhan: He is the role play kind of guy. Cosplay is not enough. He wants to live every situation.
  • Chen: Bondage. Pretty similar to Kris. He would enjoy giving you pleasure: pain and pleasure come by the hand and he would definitely take you to many places with this.
  • Kyungsoo: Marking you and grabbing your hair. Just imagine the sexy scene where he is biting your neck, and running his hand through your hair, pulling it a little. The closer your body is, the better.
  • Lay: Definitely making you cry out of pleasure. And passing out because of it, makes things even better. Pleasure is his middle name.
  • Suho: He likes it sexy and his weakness would probably be his girl wearing stockings. He would do it really slowly but with a lot of force. Don't underestimate him “Oh yeah babe”
Give Away(Underworld!AU)
  • (Inspired by Empanadadooblez Underworld!AU)
  • *the gods gather for a banquet as Saitama stands off to the side with a stern, serious look*
  • Bang: Kuseno, so that is the man your son has chosen? *nods towards Saitama*
  • Kuseno: It is
  • Bang: Saitama's very serious, do they really seem bonded?
  • Genos: *glances back from the group of gods he's speaking to, smiling and waving towards Saitama*
  • Saitama: *tries to keep his serious face but blushes bashfully as his ears twitch quickly and perk up*
  • Kuseno: Yes, I believe they are