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Signs described in 2 words

Aries: Going places

Taurus: Food-Sexual

Gemini: Needs stability

Cancer: Mother Hen

Leo: Queen Af

Virgo: Likes Parfume

Libra: Party Pooper

Scorpio: Mysterious Door

Sagittarius: Serious Funny

Capricorn: Money Addict

Aquarius: No Homo

Pisces: Lovely Flower

Winter Break: Part Fifteen

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Daniel Bruhl, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, Emily VanCamp

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: cliffhanger….??? (; enjoy x

btw, you should all go watch Sebastian’s Highway Monolouge if you already haven’t. It’s a very eye opening sort of thing.

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Your older brother laughs the hardest you’ve seen him do in a while, and holds your phone higher above your head as you jump up and down, trying to use him as a lift upwards.

“Stop texting and start interacting!” he replies, moving his arm away when you catch his wrist.

“I was texting Max!” you argue, your angry façade beginning to crack.

“Come on Seabass,” Chris chuckles, “give her the phone back.”

You all were standing in the airport, security guards surrounding the section the seven of you had taken in addition to Anthony and Joe Russo.

“Actually,” Joe says, making you stop jumping up on your brother. “Now that we’ve finally got a break from filming, let’s talk about an internship.”

“Finally,” Sebastian says, then looks down at you. “See, this is what happens when you look up from your phone.”

You roll your eyes, but give up and sit down across from the Russo brothers.

You’d been texting Max all about how your strange phone call with Tom had gone yesterday. He hadn’t texted nor called since he’d hung up, and you had only texted him once in the last few hours. A simple ‘hey’ had never been replied to.

Max said to fuck him – forget him all together and listen to your brother, or literally, but angrily.

You’d opted to neither.

Joe begins, giving his brother an acknowledging look, “We want to get you as soon as you graduate. It’ll be 2017 when you do, so with you being completely free for us to have all the time during filming for Infinity War, you can stay with us until when the filming is over.”

If you come with us though, you won’t be able to talk to anybody about where you are and who’s filming there,” Anthony speaks, sounding contrary to his brother. “You’ll be keeping secrets from the cast and, obviously, the public.”

“What do you mean from the cast?” you ask, glancing around. Mackie was sleeping on Scar’s shoulder, who was reading a book, and Elizabeth was listening to music with her body leaning against Chris’. Emily was sleeping as well, even though it was only nine in the evening, and Sebastian was still standing above you, but with his arms crossed over his chest and your phone grasped firmly in his right hand.

“There’s some parts of the script that cast members don’t know about,” Sebastian tells you. “For example, a lot of us didn’t know who would be playing T’Challa until Chadwick was right there in front of us in costume.”

“Chris and Mackie also didn’t know about Sharon being Peggy’s niece,” Anthony adds. “It was to keep their reactions genuine.”

“So being your intern would be going places without my brother and keeping secrets from my friends about the movie,” you clarify, and the Russos nod. “Cool, sounds like fun. Count me in.”

Joe chuckles, as Sebastian flicks your shoulder. “We’re telling you this because we know you two like to stick together.”

You give a soft exhale of amusement. “Seb and I aren’t tied at the hip.”

“Oh yeah,” Sebastian nods in agreement, “unless she’s in a country that isn’t America.”

You roll your eyes at him. “I’m okay with traveling with you two and not telling anyone about the script or the places we’re going.”

“Good,” the brothers say in unison.

“So I can come with you right after I graduate?” you ask eagerly.

“Well, we’re going to have to work out the details,” Anthony says.

“And alert the Studios we’re going to have a younger Stan with us,” Joe adds.

“But yes,” Anthony nods, and smiles at you. “You’re going to be our intern.”

You grin and Sebastian claps you on the back.

“Thank you,” you say to them gratefully.

“You’re welcome,” Joe replies, “but you’re going to need to start doing some reading and we’ve got homework for you to do.”

“What is it?”

“You’re going to need to see at least three movies every month until you graduate and analyze them for different filming techniques. We’ll give you more details once we’re in Georgia,” Joe explains, “but we want you to have a basic understanding of directing from a viewer’s perception before we give you it from director’s view.”

“Okay,” you nod, and then smile. “Have any movie recommendations?”

Received: 11:37pm

Tom fucking Holland: hey

You wake up with your head in Sebastian’s lap and legs over Scarlett’s, a blanket over your back and your brother’s arm resting on yours.

Your left arm aches from being under your body and your hand is cold and hurts like pins and needles as you shift your weight off of it. You look up, trying to stay still, and are met with the dim light of the plane’s night mode. The window is covered in condensation, but you can tell it’s still dark out.

Your phone buzzes in your back pocket, and you gently ease it out without disturbing Scarlett’s hands, that are resting on the blanket near to where your phone is.

The screen is bright, and your battery power isn’t too great, but you read your notifications.
Twitter is what had made your phone buzz, a tweet from William Shatner lighting up the screen, and under it are a few more, evidence he’d gotten into another fight with a fan, and you clear them out from your bar.
Unopened messages surprise you, because you’d been sure you’d texted the groupchat goodnight before falling asleep, but you remember that your friends are six hours behind you, or however long now that you’ve been flying since ten pm.


Max: she told me this hours ago



Chris: we already talked about this Forest, only you have the lowest IQ to get accepted there

Forest: stfu

Jamie: aww im so happy for you

Max: she’s going to be working with Marvel after she graduates


Max: because you didn’t answer her texts moron

Damon: okay well its not my fault I was in a car accident and have been sleeping like a dog the last two weeks

Chris: that’s because you pop pain pills like they’re Reeces pieces

Damon: im allergic to peanut butter.

Forest: dogs are supposed to sleep? Someone tell my dog that

Chris: your dog never freaking sleeps holy shit

Jamie: you should probably get that checked out


Chris: WE KNOW

Forest: WE KNOW



Max: pretty sure Elizabeth Olsen called you hot once

Forest: I remember that

Chris: he cried

Damon: did not

Chris: did to

Damon: did not

Chris: did to

You chuckle at them all, but don’t text them back, mostly because as much as you’d love to tell them all about the internship confirmation, your phone only had so much power left in it.

Tom’s text is the one you had left for second, and your finger hovers over it, debating upon opening it.

Your iPhone decides for you, and opens the conversation without you touching the screen.

Tom fucking Holland: hey

You sigh, Sebastian’s arm rising and lowering as you text back: hey.

You turn all notification settings off, silencing your phone completely and put it under your shirt so it doesn’t slip away, and you nestle back up on Sebastian’s leg.

He shifts, woken by your movement, and his hand goes to your hair.

“You okay?” he mumbles, mostly incoherent and voice heavy with sleep.

“Go back to sleep Seb,” you reply quietly, and you hear him exhale, drifting back off into unconsciousness.

You listen to the sound of his breathing and the dings from the airplane until you’re dozing off, unable to see your phone light up once again.

Tom fucking Holland: can we talk when you get here?


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I just think all the time like, if we lived in a society where homelessness and drug addiction were treated by an approach that did not define success as ‘earns money, lives independently’, we could get so much more done

Is it failure if a guy who is street homeless for ten years and has a really serious addiction, goes to live in some lodge for the rest of his life, is able to deal w that addiction, plays a role in the general social life and support system of that lodge, but never has a full time job or lives independently of that lodge

At the moment homeless services say yes, that is a failure, he’s never been successfully transitioned out of the service. For me that basic idea is the root of maybe 90% of my current stomach grit political conviction.

I struggle like a lot of other lgbt ppl with the idea of healing community, bc so often communities (even by design) exclude as much as they include, and I find the consensus intimidating or threatening as often as I find it exciting or democratic, but the idea that we’re all best off as single renters or couples in essentially atomised households is baffling to me

The signs and their hidden secret

Aries: can’t pronounce the word incense correctly

Taurus: meme lord

Gemini: afraid of the dark

Cancer: still loves watching shows for really young kids

Leo: probably hates apples or something

Virgo: is a serious hoarder

Libra: fucking addicted to maple syrup

Scorpio: can’t kill a single thing, not even a gnat

Sagittarius: loooooooves history

Capricorn: is OBSESSED with themselves

Aquarius: cant sing for shit but hides it by purposefully singing bad jokingly

Pisces: most likely killed a person


The pricks dragged him along. Violet felt betrayed. It was her home, her sanctuary, and they let him invade it. The worst part, he didn’t even had the decency to look pleased with this invasion! Not that he was angry or unhappy, no. He simply looked like he was at home, as if he supposed to be here, among people she considered her friends. There wasn’t any awkwardness in him, any tension. Was there something that made him uncomfortable? Probably not. She sighed and tried to focus on the conversation.

‘I checked with the banks to see accounts of your peeps from that auction thing and found some interesting stuff’. Hank smiled roughly and continued, ‘Some of them are not as fat as we thought them to be. First goes Covington. Girl’s broken. And there’s a cherry on top. She has some serious gambling debts. Her addiction is far from paying her bills. Then we have Homily. The family is fine, but twins’ father restricted their money income. They do have some, but being unemployed they can’t afford to be as carefree as they once were. All three of them are highly interested in additional money so hypothetically they could mastermind the thefts’.

‘You think they payed someone to do this?’ Raven asked. He seemed genuinely surprised by the idea.

‘Duh. Can you imagine Covington and her heels stealing something in the dead of night?’ Hank chuckled.

‘I guess I can’t’, Raven replied with a toothy smile that told the story of what he actually could and could not.

‘And what exactly are you doing here?” she asked him, finally reaching the stormy peak of her annoyance.

‘Consulting’, Jack replied, effectively dismissing any quarrel that might have begun between them. She snorted, glaring at Raven. Consulting, her ass.

‘Speaking of consulting, has the game started yet?’ Raven asked innocently.

‘What the game has to do with consulting?’ Violet frowned.

‘Nothing’, Raven said, turning her TV on. ‘I just want to watch the game. I think your colleagues here won’t mind that as well’.

She didn’t mind that too but she did mind him managing their entertainments. Her colleagues here obviously didn’t have the same problem because ten minutes after both were consumed with the game.

‘See, the evening was quite nice,’ Raven said smugly long after.

‘It totally depends on what you compare it with’, she retorted.

‘And what do you compare it with?’ He lifted his eyebrows.

‘Relaxing bath, candles and wine’.

‘There’s no logic in it, you compare something we did together with something we haven’t done yet. So. You take the candles, I’ll prepare the bath’.

‘Get out of my apartment!’ she yelled, laughing softly at his boldness.

‘Your loss. And please while yelling try to use people-friendly decibels next time’.

A Question For My Tweaker Family

Can anyone explain the sudden, sharp dizzy spells I have been having? It happens when I don’t smoke it used to be minor..but they are progressively getting stronger.

1. I am coming down
2. My Fiancé and I have been smoking a quarter every other day….so a ball a day on average for about 6 weeks and started with T’s telling the dealer I was getting too much and giving some back..yeah I know, I know…didn’t last long though)
3. Both suffer extreme anxiety
4. Same symptoms
5. I’m 28 pounds under my natural body weight, she is about 10-15)
6. Staying Hydrated, able to eat on it now,like normal well….almost (fact with a fact) it gives me the munchies sometimes)
7. Craving sweets when not on (obvious)
8. About 3 months of heavy coke abuse prior to mid November.
9. I think that’s all that matters….can anyone please help? And if not seriously repost…I just need to know, you may message me or comment. Thanks
10. Oh wait there was one more…I have…6ish grams right now. Last sesh was early this morning and it was a little dawg sesh. Took it pretty easyast night..
11. Oh one more…other than the weird dizziness, I just feel sleepy and hungry when i comedown, no real cravings…(long timr drug user, have always gone hard as fuck with a drug and then go back to just pot, then I choose another, cycle continues occasionally with a new drug,not much left to try.
QUESTION ENDS THERE…CONTINUE FOR BRIEF BACKSTORY) my Fiancé and myself have been using almost everyday for…well… sometime in November and a couple of times in october, our first time was at the very end of July when our drinks were drugged…we don’t remember the first 3 days… however it ended up being about 6 days total, I do not remember my first time hitting it but I do have a blurred memory of the high. During those 5 or 6 days I have very little memory though the two people responsible were of Hispanic decent and around my age, one male one female. I thought they were so nice, they kept giving me green bars (I am prescribed 60 of these a month and have been on Xanax for years they don’t fuck me up or make me black out) on a near sober day I took ONE and it FUCKED ME UP! And then memory is hazy as hell. Oh and I only had one piece of penutbutter bread and a Modelo, and water…they attempted to steal my car…they had been up for 9'days according to them…I can only account for 5-6 of those though.

Thank you if you took the time to read this and may be able to help.

I just had a huge realization that I need to be fully medicated, numbed almost, to be able to draw. Cause that’s the only time I am calmed enough and have any sort of focus to actually work on something. i hate myself so much and i hate the doctor that prescribed these meds to me without telling me they cause serious physical addiction…


7 Things We Can Learn About BTS From Gayo Episode 5

1. It’s physically impossible for them to be normal.


i didn’t even realize kookie was imitating Bang PD here, THAT LITTLE–

but yeah. no chill. whatsoever. 

2. They’re great at acting out charades.

min suga is actually a god at games and somehow looks painfully adorable while doing them. actually he’s just always adorable. and causing me pain :’)

i swear he’s the cutest baby turtle in the universe and anything and everything he does is sooo lovable (except for when he spits fire cuz that shit just BURNS MY SANITY TO THE GROUND)


anywho, just look at how well the hyung line acted these out. obviously for this one, they’re acting out when you got a 7% on an exam, which made you laugh hysterically in excruciating pain, and eventually led to you giving up on life.

i like to call this “The 3 Stages of Failing an Exam” by The Hyung Line. poetic, isn’t it?

and in this one, obviously the beautiful jin is graciously approving of namjoon’s stunning “contemplating about life” face. but yoongles is just laughing at the stupidity of it all like “pshh bishes we all know i’m the most attractive of us all.”

3. They’re not so great at guessing charades. 

when tae suddenly bolted up from his seat to answer, the members got so excited like “WHOA, TAE’S ACTUALLY GOT THIS WHOAAA–”

“just kidding. he don’t got this.”

jimin finds their inability to play this charades game absolutely hilarious while hobi on the other hand looks like he just wants to give up and eat a taco. 


4. BTS love is a beautiful, violent, speshul kind of love. 

the abuse is so real.


jin and namjoon seemed way too happy to finally have the opportunity to exert their hyung dominance over their dongsengs. but hey, that’s one thing us fangirls have in common with them – they seem to like pain too :’)

5. They teach us how to achieve the perfect beach body. 

you can start off ambitiously hardcore like hobi and bench a pillow or two if you’re really up for the challenge 

but be sure to take a breather in between sets and go easy on yourself by lifting a yoongi to cool down.

or you can just practice your kungfu skills cuz that’s always a great work out

(side note: i can’t stop laughing at this screenshot cuz IT LOOKS LIKE KOOKIE’S KICKING HOBI IN THE FREAKIN HEAD IM CRYING)




6. They love punishments. 

“teamwork makes the dream work”? yeah okay why don’t you tell that to hobi



but at least we got some adorable hobi cuteness out of this (which the bts members approved of immensely) 

i mean just look at this baby chipmunk


7. BTS stands for Biggest Trolls (ever) - Seriously. 

hobmunk says the closing ment and even goes as far as sharing his wonderfully slobbery candies with us while the rest of the members get a kick out of his oblivion

and of course that little shit park jimin can’t hold it in anymore and eventually reveals the secret to hobmunk

son, you just got TROLLED.

summary - they have negative chill. charades are hit or miss for them. it’s either tough love or no love, bruh. as real men, they always exercise plenty to stay fit . hobmunk is a master at dealing with consequences of life. 

and last but not least, they are the biggest bunch of trolls that we can’t help but love and adore. please love these trolls lots and lots ♥

I’ve been running low on markers because they are all slowly beginning to dry out, somehow. I had to mix markers, pencils, and paint for the white in the eye, because my white gel pen ran out. Anyway, @royalwrecker has me in a serious addiction to merformers and I thank @cosmicdanger for letting me use the ref of the pups. This is for you both, and I hope you like it.

anonymous asked:

No but caffeine literally is a drug, you actually can get addicted to coffee and soda. If you drink them on a daily basis and suddenly stop you go through withdrawals.

I know but because it’s readily available no one considers caffeine addiction a serious issue but for ppl more at risk for stimulant addiction (like me) it’s awful