serious about coffee

         “I need to find another job, one that at least isn’t Starbucks. The people there are so fucking rude, and the management is all about smiling and being happy twenty four fucking seven. Like who the fuck is gonna smile at five in the morning, I’m definitely not. I need like a small cafe, something that isn’t so serious about coffee.” Mia spoke up as she reached for the food in front of her. “Don’t even get me started on the shitty customers.”

Dating Minhyuk would include:

• Finding yourself being dragged to the most childish places 24/7 Minhyuk is like “babe! A new toy store opened down the street! We gotta get there before all the plush toys r gone”
• As he’s telling you this he’s sitting on ur bed surrounded by a mountain of stuffed animals.
• Secondhand embarrassment. lots.and lots.of secondhand embarrassment.
• Taking a trip with monsta X and you and minhyuk are chanting the name of the place you’re going to over and over until Hyungwon slaps y'all upside ur pretty heads
• Constantly trying to beat him at games but he always wins and does this little snarky victory dance until u give him a pouty face and he promises to let u win next time (but he actually will never let that happen)
• Every time you are in the same room and hear the phrase “food is ready” y'all immediately bolt for the kitchen nearly killing each other trying to get there first
• Hanging out with i.m all the time until minhyuk is like “hey changkyun :) don’t u have to go see jooheon? Like :) right now :)”
• Joke wrestling until one of you gets super serious about it. The coffee table is flipped over. You’ve shattered a lamp. Kihyun is giving you a look only disappointed mothers give their shitty children.
• Judging aegyo contests between the members and picking jooheon every time just to see minhyuk get heated af
• Him being super flirty and cute until u guys are about to do the do and he says some nasty shit in your ear and you’re like “BABE. … …..say that again.”
• Really dumb pet names…like think of the cheesiest pet name…now think of an even more embarrassing one. That’s what y'all are gonna be calling each other 24/7
• The rest of monsta X going “oooOOOOHHH” in unison whenever u guys so much as touch each other
• Long philosophical talks about tv shows meant for children
• Walking beside him and kicking your leg up behind you to kick his butt when he teases u
• Him tryna teach your aegyo-less ass how to act cute and you get super embarrassed but the entire time minhyuk is just *heart eyes*
• You’re basically dating a large six year old and his dumbass friends
• Despite the 24/7 clowning you both genuinely care for each other
• He’s surprisingly a really good listener
• You could spend hours in his arms telling him about your worries as he twirls your hair around his fingers
• Both of you show sides of yourselves to each other that you’re too afraid to show to anyone else
• The relationship gives you the kind of feeling you get when its 3 in the morning and you’re talking with your favorite person about everything and nothing at the same time.
• basically lots of nonsense and even more love


In our secret garden, we stroll in silence
Awkward pause, then our eyes meet with laughter
Till we trade words, natural, flowing poetry
All the things we talk about, serious or silly
Coffee or tea, movie or book
Parades or museums, let’s take a look
Cycles to passions, seasons to reasons
Hopes and plans, let’s take a chance
A walk by the lake, we share
The night is young with the stars aflame
Long and long we sit and stare
Then your lips part, as you whisper my name
You say, “It’s fine,
let’s take our time”
Stay with me
And make a little rhyme

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For college blurb night: "Gee, you’re just a beam of sunshine, aren’t ya?” Where Y/N is in college and Calum isn't in college bc music career but on one of his breaks, he decides to visit you instead and stay in your small university residence because he wants to "experience" the life of a college student and he's so overly excited about it!


You gape at Calum, staring at him incredulously as he smirks at you. After realising he was really there, you fling yourself into his arms, Calum’s laugh ringing down the corridor as you do.

“What are you doing here?” You ask excitedly, moving to connect your lips with his, kissing him repeatedly. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He chuckles, walking you back into your room gently, one hand reaching back to grab his bag. “Tour break. Wanted to surprise my girl.”

“Well I’m definitely surprised.” You smile, kissing him one last time before pulling back. He grins, eyes scanning around the room. “I’m sorry it’s a mess, we would have cleaned up if we knew you were-“

“No you wouldn’t.” He rolls his eyes, smirking as you shrug. “Take it this bed’s yours?”

“How did you know?”

“Six million cushions on it.” He jokes, kicking his bag beside it before dropping down. “Where’s you’re roommate?”

“Faye? She should be back soon. She had a lecture this afternoon.”

“Are they boring or interesting? Are any of your lecturers scary? Do you have to applaud when they finish speaking? Also, do you take a Starbucks with you or a bottle of water? Speaking of Starbucks, how often do you go? Do students really need that much coffee? Is there a party this weekend? Can we go? I-“

“Whoa Cal.” You laugh, cutting him off. “Why so many questions?”

“Just wanna know what college life is really about.” He shrugs. “You know, since I won’t get the chance.”

“Oh yes, poor Calum. Too busy being in a famous band on their second headline world tour to go to college.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah I do.” You nod, just as Faye bursts through the door. “Hey Faye, this is Cal.”

“Hey! Y/N’s told me all about you. You’re studying Chemical Engineering right? That’s so cool. How was your lecture? Do you need coffee? I can run out and get you-“

“Gee, you’re just a beam of sunshine, aren’t ya?” She laughs, reaching out to shake his hand. “Pleasure to meet you Calum. Y/N’s told me all about you too.”

“He’s over excited, I’m sorry.” You grin at her, Faye simply shrugging, falling onto her bed with a sigh.

“I’m not a child.” Calum mutters, both you and Faye smirking.

“Never said you were.” You point out, turning back to face him. “Now Romeo, were you serious about coffee? Because I could do with one.”

“Oh I see. That’s all I’m good for. Coffee.” He jokes, standing up and wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “Faye? I was serious, do you want anything?”

“Nah, I’m gonna catch up on sleep whilst you’re gone. You kids have fun now.”

“See Cal, that’s what college is all about. Irregular sleeping patterns.” You joke. “You’ve got it down already.”

“Very funny.”

college!5sos night with @tadpolehemmings and @cliffwoes 

The Tune Without The Words

“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” - Coco Chanel

The Tune Without The Words

~6.6k words, Kurt/Blaine, AO3
wing!fic; It’s not Blaine’s wings that make him special.
This was supposed to be fun and light and intimate and yet, totally important warnings: Wings as an accidental and yet not even vague allegory for homophobia and racism. Not medically but emotionally graphic discussion of Blaine’s wings being clipped/removed at his father’s behest. Bullying. Brief mention of contemplation of suicide. Loss of a parent mentioned (canon - Kurt’s mom).

It’s raining when they meet.

Or - it’s not raining. The sky is open, the sidewalks are flooded, and people are sodden and miserable. Kurt has given up on his umbrella and has pulled his coat tight around him, the thick coif of his hair now dripping hairspray into his eyes and down his face, and he thinks he’s discovered a previously unrecorded level of bone deep misery as he pushes wet hair from his face and tries to ignore the wet that trickles down his spine to soak the fabric of his underwear. Rain, they’d said. He’d take rain over this unholy deluge every damn time. This isn’t rain. It’s Armageddon. They’re all going to die. Manhattan may actually wash out to sea. He pulls open the door to the college library and slips inside, mostly - if not exclusively - to escape the rain.

He doesn’t even realise he’s spoken aloud until a rich laugh makes him glance around, his eyes settling finally on a man shaking rain water from the feathers of his wings. He seems equally bedraggled, although his hair is at least still perfect, or is from a distance. His wings, though, are full of separated, misaligned feathers, the rain drenching every layer and dripping to the floor as he spreads and flaps them once, gently. Kurt knows he’s staring, can see the man gazing back at him, and he feels the blush that creeps into his cheeks, tomato red in his pale skin. He’s never seen wings up close, though, although he’s seen the documentaries and read the books. Seeing them in the flesh -

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Hi Katie! Coming to MN for Christmas to visit family. They live outside of St. Paul/Minneapolis about 15-25 min. Any suggestions for Christmas enjoyment? Coffee shops to read in? Places to enjoy lovely meals?

oh gosh, yes! christmas in minnesota is one of my very favorite things. here’s a list of things i think anyone visiting minnesota during the winter should do:

- ice skating at the depot or at the landmark (or on any of our 10,000+ lakes, really).
- sledding at the orono public golf course.
- watch the holidazzle parade.
- grab a donut from bogart’s.
- see ‘a christmas carol’ at the guthrie.
- try cross-country skiing at theodore wirth park.
- wine-tasting at lucia’s.
- wander around rice park.
eat at brasa.
- take a tour of christmas lights.
- visit one of many breweries.
- …or do both at the same time and drink beer while you take a tour of christmas lights.
- hang out at the minneapolis institute of art.
- grab a coffee from any of the following:
      - spyhouse
      - five watt
      - bull run
      - urban bean
      - bob’s java hut (so serious about this one)
      - claddagh coffee
- …and then take a walk around one of the lakes (my favorites are calhoun, harriet, and lake of the isles).
- visit a christmas tree farm in lake elmo or somerset.
- free yoga at the union depot.
- go see the beautiful holiday flower show in the sunken garden.
- visit a winter farmer’s market.

hope this helps, friend.



For thetourguidebarbie and her weird coffee tastes

And cuteasahybridpuppy of course

This is surely our thing, love(s)…

They had been together for nearly 2 years, after meeting in the offices of Burberry in New York. She was a human resources manager and he was the head of business development for North America, brought in to shake things up in the staid company. It was…lust at first sight. Both completely swept away by the other. Gradually the initial white heat of their passion for each other developed into the most significant relationship either of them had ever had.

He had initially only been contracted to work in New York for 18 months but since he now had a reason to stay and he was in no hurry to return home to England his job was now permanent.

They had officially moved in together after 3 months, although in reality they had barely spent a night apart since their first one together. It was too soon their friends had said, his feeling that he was being trapped and hers that she was jumping blindly into something with a notorious womanizer. They had proved them all wrong, going from strength to strength and it was rare these days to find someone who doubted Klaus’s devotion to Caroline, or her delight in him.

Not that they were without their ups and downs, such a passionate couple was bound to experience some turbulence. Added to which they were a meeting of two cultures: Caroline a true American girl from Virginia, her origins as a small town beauty queen by no means limiting her ambitions or achievements, and Klaus from old money in the old world.

Learning each other’s language had been a long running joke. “You’re so British!” she’d exclaim to him after he used a word she found “cute” to which he would usually reply “actually, I’m English, like the language, love.“

Some things, however, remained touchy areas, and the trickiest, most troublesome bone of contention was drinking habits. Not the type to do with tequila vs. gin or English beer vs. American beer (“is that what you call this stuff? Should be done for false advertising,” Klaus had muttered on tasting it during an early date to a baseball game).

Oh no, this was way more serious. It was about Caroline’s coffee drinking habits. She was a Starbuck’s devotee, and was rarely happy until she’d had her fix of “non fat mocha with a shot of sugar free peppermint syrup” or similar each morning.

“For fuck’s sake, Caroline, what’s wrong with a simple bloody coffee?” Klaus had vented one day after getting her order wrong yet again. “Why on earth does it have to be so complicated? It’s not like you can actually taste the coffee with all this shit in it.”

“That’s how I like it,” she replied instantly defensive. She occasionally felt that he was so much worldlier than her and looked down on her slightly unsophisticated tastes, and perhaps her morning drink choice was a little microcosm of that aspect of their relationship.

“Have you ever tasted proper coffee?”

“Of course I have! I live in New York!”

He had scoffed and the next week he was whisking her away to Rome, where they spent a breathtaking 4 days exploring the sights. Frenzied activity was interspersed with calm moments sipping coffee at pavement cafes, watching beautiful Italians stroll by. Caroline loved it, but the strong, short espresso left her cold, and she guiltily picked up a venti non-fat latte with sugar free caramel syrup on her way through the airport when they arrived back in NYC.

Klaus was far from giving up. For their 1 year anniversary he took her to Paris. They sat in the sun on the Left Bank eating croissants and drinking coffee (more bitter, short black coffee for him, grande crème for her). The City of Lights was a hit with her, the coffee less so.

By now Klaus was reaching his wit’s end. He’d be damned if he was going to waste any more money on that awful muck she called coffee.  He’d taken her to some of the most beautiful places in the world, home of delicious, proper coffee and still she could not be persuaded from her love of the sweetened, flavoured stuff she favoured.

Then inspiration struck, if he couldn’t talk her into real coffee, then he’d get her into tea. And that was how Caroline Forbes found herself seated in the tea rooms of Fortnum and Mason on The Strand in Piccadilly, perusing the most enormous tea menu she had ever seen.

“Can I get a mocha?”

Frowning, Klaus looked across at her and sighed in exasperation. “Sweetheart, here we are in one of the most famous tea houses in the world and you want a coffee? Come on try a cup of tea. Go on, I dare you,” he teased her.

“Ok, when in London, I guess.  Order me some great tea, Klaus.”

“We’ll have a pot of the Orange Pekoe please, and another of Assam I think,” he instructed the waitress, handing back the menu and smiling reassuringly at Caroline. “You’re going to love this,” he told her with the gleeful air of someone delivering a great treat.

The tray arrived shortly, laden with two tea pots, and all the accoutrements.  Caroline looked at it with mild incredulity. “All this for a cup of tea?” she asked. “Are we going to sing ‘God Save The Queen’ first as well?”

“Hardly,” he replied drily, “if you really want to see a tea drinking ceremony you’ll have to wait until we visit Tokyo. This is nothing in comparison.”

Caroline rolled her eyes but tucked away the knowledge that he was already planning another trip away.

Watching him prepare the tea for her, pouring her a cup through the strainer and encouraging her to try it without milk to appreciate it’s flavor, reminded Caroline once again of the reasons she had fallen in love with him in the first place. This ruthless and somewhat forbidding man wanted nothing more than her happiness. He wanted her to have as many experiences as he could offer her, and he spared no expense or effort to provide her with opportunities to try new things. Noticing the care he took to get everything right for her, so she could judge for herself whether she enjoyed it or not made Caroline realize how incredibly lucky she was. Of course he was lucky too, she reflected, she was a bit of a catch herself.

“Actually, this is good,” she said, savouring the perfumed taste of the delicate Darjeeling tea.

Klaus positively beamed in response.

“Could you get me some honey for it?” she requested, as the smile slid off his face and he realised he would have to think again.

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Hey I'm going to be in Minneapolis for a bit! Any coffee shop or bar recommendations?

oh my gosh, yes!


- spyhouse
- five watt
- bull run
- urban bean
- bob’s java hut (so serious about this one)
- claddagh coffee (it’s actually in st. paul, but i’m putting on here anyway)
- anelace coffee (brand new - haven’t been here, but dying to go)


- eat street social
- union
- republic (great for beer lovers)
- lucia’s (great for wine lovers)
- the butcher & the boar
- burch steak
- parlour