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I almost can’t believe it, but I’m actually posting two fics within the space of a few days!! This week has been crazy productive. 

So this fic is not a Christmas fic, but it is kinda Christmas-y, because I wrote this while listening to copious amounts of Christmas music. It has a very different feel from the last fic I posted, but I hope you guys like it~ 

Sterek, ~6k words, rated T

It happens on a Monday. Derek stayed up stupidly late the night before, reading a weird German serial killer novel Erica lent him, and overslept. He’s running late, out of breath and a little sweaty from jogging all the way from the subway, and when he yells, “Hold the elevator!” an arm obligingly snakes out between the doors and he slips inside.

The guy who held the door for him doesn’t even look up. He’s slouching back against the wall, scrolling disinterestedly through his phone, his other hand curled around a bouquet of flowers wrapped in crinkly paper. He’s got messy brown hair and a mole right by his mouth, four more in a cluster along his jaw, and, under the scent of cold air and wet pavement that’s clinging to his jacket, he smells—good. Really good. Warm and a little gingery.

The elevator doors slide shut. Derek’s so focused on trying to look at him without letting the guy know he’s looking that it takes him an embarrassingly long time to realize the guy just said something. To Derek.

Derek blinks. “What?”

The guy smirks. “Running a little low on caffeine? I asked what floor you want.” He nods at the elevator buttons, and Derek flushes. Right.


The guy leans forward to press the button, and Derek leans in a little after him, trying to subtly smell him again.

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Take Me Or Leave Me - Derek Hale

Summary: Based on the song Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent

Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 2,512

Author’s Note: I really have a problem with writing too many song fics but I’m not sorry about it lol. I hope the dialogue actually sounds like something Derek would say. I try to make it as true to the character as possible. Also, if you haven’t seen Rent, you really should. I love it so much.

Some of the words are lyrics from Rent


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It was Saturday night, and you and Derek were at the policeman’s ball. The ball was supposed to help raise money for the sheriff’s station. After all of the supernatural troubles, the station had been hit more than a few times, and it needed some financial help to fix things.

Derek wasn’t too excited about going, but you had a red dress in the back of your closet that was dying to be worn. The dress hit you in all the right places, and naturally Derek insisted that you change. You were always a little hard headed, and you weren’t about to let a man try to tell you how to dress. Besides, you knew Derek thought you looked hot in the dress, and he would be the one taking it off at the end of the night.

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Derek Hale Story (6)

He ask’s you on a date:

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You wake up in your room with a smile on your face, thinking back on a couple days ago when you confessed your feelings to Derek. Than you frowned a bit also remembering hurting Issac by breaking things off with him.You really hope he meant what he said about it all being fine. You arise from bed wearing short shorts and a baggy shirt. You go to the washroom, brush your teeth, wash your face and brush your hair. you stroll into your room grabbing something that’s clean to wear. 

You go downstairs into your kitchen grabbing a bowl and your favorite cereal. You dump the cereal in your bowl and pour the milk you grabbed from the fridge into your bowl, you pick up a spoon and dig in. You finish eating putting the now dirty dishes in the sink. You take your purse and phone in hand walking out the door heading to Derek’s loft. 

Walking to Derek’s was nice, nice weather, nice people. You saw Jordan outside a convenient store and waved not wasting time to chat, He waved back and smiled going about his business. You put in headphones listening to music as you finish your walk to Derek’s loft. As you get to Derek’s you take out your headphones. 

You swung open the heavy metal loft door and called out to Derek. Derek walks into the room with the cutest sexiest smirk on his beautiful face from hearing your sweet voice and seeing your gorgeous face. 

“Hey handsome” you greet him

“Hi, just the girl i wanted to see today” He smiles at you

You smile back at him. “oh really and why is that” you ask walking closer to Derek

“So i can ask you if you would like to have dinner with me and watch a movie tonight” He says

“Like a date” you ask sounding like an excited little kid getting new toys

Derek chuckles and nods his head. 

“Well it would be my pleasure” you say leaning in to give him a quick kiss on the lips. You kiss and Derek pulls away a few moments after. 

“Good, i was thinking i will pick you up at 7 and we can order anything you like and watch whatever you chose” He says

“Sounds good to me hun. we can order pizza, because well who doesn’t like pizza” You laugh 

“Yes that is true” Derek laughs too

“Any suggestion on which movie you want to watch” He asks 

you make a thinking face and say “Hmm i don’t know yet, we will figure it out later” you reply 

“Whatever you want babe” He smiles 

“Awe is the sour wolf going sweet on me” you laugh out

Derek comes closer to your face , lips an inch away from yours

“Maybe” He whispers against your lips and kisses you sweetly

“You better not tell anyone about me turning sweet” Derek fake acts like hes serious 

“Do not worry Der, I wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation” you say trying to sound as fake serious as Derek

“I would just deny it” He laughed 

You pouted. “Oh so everyone can think i am a liar,Thanks” You say laughing a little at the end of your words

“But I am good looking so all is forgiven” He Jokes

“Just a little” You reply to his joke and wink at him

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“You are adorable” Derek chuckles

“Well i must be something special because i have never seen you smile or laugh as much as you do with me” You say smiling with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. You feel very happy you can make this big bad sour wolf smile, laugh and just be happy. 

“You are special, Always have been” Derek says honestly to you blushing

“I believeth thee art blushing Mr Hale” You smile poking his cheek

“Sure i am Shakespeare” He responds 

You place your hands on his face bringing him close to your face kissing him. 


(gifs not mine) Sorry if its short. i have long parts coming! This is Part 6 to the Derek Hale Story. If you haven’t read the others you should as it is one big story just broken in small parts. 

LOVE YOU ALL <3 follow me! 


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OH MY GOSH. Please please would you write this for sterek....i’m a prince/ss and you’re my bodyguard and we’re so not supposed to bang but we kind of did anyways” au (bonus: limo sex is great sex)

okay okay okay SO. i wrote this prompt today, in like this huge rush of wow omg i am inspired. and then i realised as i looked over it just that i wrote “i’m a prince/ss and you’re my bodyguard and we’re not supposed to fall in love. kinda of thing. so i apologise but there is no limo sex. i kept trying to bring it around once i realised, but like, this just went in another direction. sorry. (i can write it? if you know, people so desire? could totes do like a part two?) but anyway here’s 9k of not limo!sex but bodyguard in love with a prince and bickering and affection ensues. just a heads up.


“Stiles, come on, we’re going to be late!” Derek glances at his watch again, looks towards the open door of the palace where Erica is leaning against the frame looking bored. “At least try and look like you’re a professional,” he hisses to her.

Erica rolls her eyes, but straightens up, sliding on her shades as she does, “You know he hates it when we stand on ceremony.”

“It’s not your job to pander to his every whim; it’s your job to protect him.”

“Hey!” Stiles appears from the front drawing room, dressed to the nines and adjusting his shirt cuffs. “I heard that, and it is an absolute lie. You are definitely here to pander to my every whim and desire.” He smirks as he gives Derek a once over (one that Derek refuses to let bother him), “And, you’re doing a fine job in that suit, I must say.”

Derek rolls his eyes, “Get in the car.”

“Is that any way to talk to your prince regent? The national treasure?”

Please, get in the car, your highness,” Derek adds, narrowing his eyes, “Better?”

“I can think of about fifty ways you could make it better,” Stiles leers at him, “Maybe if you took off your—”

“Alright,” Derek interrupts, places a firm hand on Stiles’ back and tries not to forcibly push him out of the front door.

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Original Imagine: "Imagine being Stiles’ older sister and meeting Derek when he comes back to Beacon Hills after you get bitten by the alpha. Derek takes you to the Hale house to train you and when you see that he lives in a burnt house, you offer him to stay in your room for the night and you end up having sex.“ 

Author: Sashka Hale 

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 2348

Warnings: A bit of smut, virginity taking, nothing hardcore, marking

“Derek, I’m serious. I just… I don’t want you staying here, okay? What if it rains, where are you going to drag your little werewolf ass to?” you said, thinking that his ‘little werewolf ass’ was damn fine. “Come on, just one night. At least you’ll get a proper shower instead of – I assume you bathe in the river.” You added.

“I also eat raw rabbits.” Derek said, still as broody as ever. But something else was there. Derek was grateful. He wasn’t showing it and his expression was stern and emotionless, but he was grateful to you. You were the first person in 5 years who wasn’t scared of him. You were the first person who didn’t push him away, who didn’t allow him to push you away.

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Alright but A/B/O-verse where everyone is matched to someone at a certain age, maybe 18, based on who they find themselves anchored to during playmating, it's usually pretty absolute, partners usually connect pretty quickly and spent the rest of their playmating timespan just with eachother, that's what's normal, and it's the same way for Derek, he and Paige decide after their first time together that they're it for eachother, they're in love and they were made for eachother and it never 1/?

matters to Derek that Paige is a beta, screw the rumors that say she could never connect to someone the way Alphas and Omegas can connect to eachother, these aren’t the Dark Ages where your biological orientation decides your fate, Derek and Paige love eachother ok? And they’re going to be mates! Real legitimate mates in just one month- …. and then Paige dies a few weeks shy of her 18th birthday and Derek is crushed, obviously he’s allowed to mourn but werewolf society is such that mating early is essential to your family/pack’s survival, and when Derek turns nineteen his mother gently guides him towards the idea of a mixer, it isn’t playmating, the stakes are higher, a bad match is a hell of alot more serious, but Derek can’t just be left ALONE, especially as the only Omega in the family, someone needs to care for him- despite society thinning out the traditional biological roles in modern times there were still stigmas that stuck and honestly, sometimes they were true Derek was always a lamb at heart who hates confrontation, can’t stand that he has such thin skin, and absolutely abhores being alone, he was about as stereotypical as you can get for an omega despite what his appearance said. 

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