Guys, Listen.

It’s 4 days until the 4th of July.

Last year we went on top of a parking garage downtown to see the fireworks, This family was there, too. They had water balloons and invited us to join in and play. Of course, we were like hell yeah. So, after it was all over, they said “Next year, same spot, you guys bring the balloons.” We never got their names or anything, It’s closing in on a year later, I have 400 water balloons in my room to get ready for the occasion. It’s time to see if they remember their promise. 

Serious issue right now

As some of you know, I’ve been working for the past three months trying to save the money to get back to college. However, working at McDonald’s isn’t cutting it and there are no other job opportunities in my town. I only get paid every two weeks and my check isn’t all that impressive, not even three hundred dollars.

That being said, I’ve set up a Go Fund Me account ( If you could donate, even just a little bit, that’d be fantastic and greatly appreciated. I seriously can’t afford to miss another semester, and, going at the rate I have been, I won’t have enough to register in the fall. So, please, if you can, please donate! I honestly need all the help I can get.