If they ask for gluten-free, they could have Celiac’s disease.
If they ask for sugar-free, they could be diabetic.
If they ask for vegan foods, they could have egg or dairy allergies.
What may be an inconvenience for you may be survival for them.

With that said, soy is also a common allergy and its own nutritional profile is insufficient for most of the foods it’s used to substitute.
Soy is not the be-all, end-all for a vegan lifestyle, and it will not compensate for a diet lacking in most commonly available sources of B-vitamins, fats, iron, and proteins. You will be at risk of blood deficiency and other nutritional deficiencies this way, so do your research on rich fat and protein sources, especially omega-3’s.
Avocado, chia seeds, coconut, flax, hemp, mushrooms, peas and antioxidant-rich foods are a good place to start enriching your diet.

If your concern is animal cruelty or environmentalism, this is why it’s important to look for labels like “cage-free,” “fair trade,” “free-range,” “grass-fed,” “organic,” and “sustainably sourced.“
Support local farmers whose businesses are too small to afford the certifications, help them pay for the care of their animals and families.
Support bees, beekeepers work hard to maintain healthy hives and protect them from predators and colony collapse. Honey is more environmentally friendly than agave nectar for this reason and because agave farming takes food resources from two endangered species (the jaguarundi and the Mexican long-nosed bat).

With fish, especially, read the labels. Cod, flounder, grouper, haddock, halibut, marlin, monkfish, orange roughy, scallop, seabass, shark, skate, snapper, shrimp, swordfish, tilefish and tuna are overfished. Farm-raised salmon are fed corn and chicken feces, from chickens that were also fed corn (chickens are insectivores). Most seafood is threatened and pending endangerment. Look for "sustainably sourced” fish if you want to responsibly eat fish.

I am not a vegan myself, but I do care about healthy living and about the health of animals. I may eat animals, but prey animals evolved to depend on predation for regulating sustainable populations. Killing animals for food is natural, but it doesn’t have to be preluded with abuse and disrespect, and I avoid overhunted meats if I can help it.

I also understand that the cost of organic ceritification makes eating healthy expensive, so this is just to share some food awareness as I understand it.

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wait how is being unintelligent a disability? i'm not trying to be belligerent, i just don't understand :(

being unintelligent isn’t a disability, but demonizing the conventionally unintelligent by making intelligence seem like a huge important factor that everybody should care about is ableist because it disproportionately affects people with disabilities and implies that they are worse or lesser for not reaching unrealistic neurotypical expectations

This is important

As most of you already know there has been this issue about a youtuber who’s name is Marina Joyce. If you don’t know anything about this it would be great if you started looking it up cause more people need to know about this.

Everyone has been asking her to drop hints if there’s something wrong

The following images are something that really made me worry 

Now this is MY tweet and MY screenshots. This is my account on twitter I twitted this and this and took a screenshot and it’s 100% real

If anyone can call the police leave a note or something please do it.

This is a very serious matter and if you can you should help.

And honestly even if we all are wrong for worrying mentioning this to police will NOT do any harm if something it only can help 

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i think being sorted into ravenclaw has less to do with how smart you are and more to do with how eager you are to learn...

yeah we know but it was also a joke like not everything on this blog makes 100% sense like. slytherin isn’t actually all about hating muggleborns, is it? but we implied it was as a joke

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Hey, love your blog!! Call me stupid, but which house did you mean would stand for ableism? I know it was a joke and everything, I just wondered. :)

ravenclaw! now obviously this isn’t true (i’m disabled and in ravenclaw) but the idea is that their big important thing is how smart somebody is, and that’s a totally bullshit and ableist way to assess somebody’s worth, even in a school