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Babysitter (Step Brother AU! Chen) Pt. 1

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Type: Angst Fluff

“Mom I don’t need a babysitter” you groaned as she huffed throwing more clothing into her suitcase. “Honey a month alone isn’t good for you” she says"I’m 18 I spend all day at school anyways" you mumble as you leave the room. “Invite Hyesang and Soonae over for the weekend. Chen doesn’t get here until late tonight” she called as a smile came across your face.


“Jongdae” your friend Soonae said as she looked at your step brother’s Instagram. He was a decentlu paid musician. He was a token singer in a band. “Your brother is so hot” she whines as she rolls on her back “he’s a douchy guy” you tell her as she scoffed. “Doesn’t mean he’s not hot. I mean look at his abs” she continues as she shoves her phone into your face. ‘He does have nice abs’ you thought to yourself. “His bandmates are even hot” Hyesang says as she lays on your bed with her phone in her hand.


“So why do we have to come?” Chanyeol asked Jongdae who closed the trunk of the car. “My stepsister’s obsessive friends are there. I can’t take it all so you guys are coming with” he said to Baekyun, Kyungsoo, and Chanyeol. “Plus you never know if you’ll get lucky” Jongdae says as he climbs in the passengers sear “sleep with an 18 year old? Its only one weekend” Kyungsoo stated amazed by his friend’s statement “yeah but they stayed over all the time when theu were younger. One of them stared at me all the time when they stayed over for dinner” Jongdae says as he buckles up. “My stepsister is off limits though. The other two you can go to town on” he then says as Chanyeol starts the car.


You sat in the living room with your friends as you watched reruns of The Return of Superman and Infinity Challenge when loud voices filled your ears. The front door unlocked as Jongdae peaked in before the door slammed open. He hadn’t really stepped into the house in 4 years. Hadn’t really even seen his sister in person since then either.

He followed her on SNSs to please his stepmother and he was glad he did. He watched his dorky 14 year old stepsister grown into a woman. He watched boyish shirts turn into dress clothing. One pieces turned into two. He thought you was growing up nicely. Not that he would tell you.

You turned and made eye contact with him “kid” he said as you rolled your eyes and got up. “Whatever I’m going to bed” you say as you leave. Your friends smiled at the group of boys before they bowed and took off running to your room. “One whole month of this place so make yourself at home” Jongdae says as he heads back to his room with his bag.


You woke up the next morning and instantly headed to the kitchen as you were starving like every other morning. You glanced over in the living room seeing two of the boys from last night passed out. You walked into the kitchen and nearly jumped at shirtless Jongdae there eating. “Close your mouth baby girl I know I’m good looking” he teased as he took another bite from his cereal. You walked over sizing up your stepbrother as he looked you in the eyes. You leaned close as if you were going to kiss him before you grabbed the box of cearal from behind him and stepped away. He scoffed “don’t get your hopes up” you tell him “also this is my cearal. Go buy your own beagle boy” you tell him as you grabbed a bowl.

“How’s school going?” he asked honestly as you poured milk into your bowl. “Really? Small talk” you say to him as he shrugged. “4th in my class” you say as he nods “barely getting by?” you asked him as he chuckles. “Hard to concentrate with all the hot girls” you instantly rolled your eyes. He smiled “you’re growing up fine” he flirts lightly looking you over. “You’re seriously hitting on me?” you asked him as he puts his bowl down and walks over to you. He pinned you to the counter behind you. “You never think of me?” he asks quietly as his hand grab you hips. Forehead bumping against yours “I’m a minor-” “oh baby girl. You’re dancing on that line” he said as he leaned in to kiss you before you turned your head.

“You’re my brother. And a player. I’m not playing your game” you tell him as you shove him off. “I’m not wasting myself on you” you tell him. He smiled before his face changed “if you go to college you’ll have to learn that most guys aren’t into virgins or they might go after you for it. They have games where you take as many girl’s v-cards as possible” he said seriosuly as you looked at him in digust. “What? Its true” he asked “go to hell. All you guys are digusting” you tell him as you go back your room with your cearal.

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Heyyy!! Can I request a scenario in which Akashi and the rest of the GOM have a meet up and Akashi brings his S/O to introduce them and his S/O ends up getting a lot of attention, causing him to get jealous? How would he handle it? Thank you, love!!

Thank you for the request~!

‘Hello Generation of Miracles, I wanted to introduce you to my lover, s/o. Please, be nice to her, she is important to me.’ Akashi said, looking at his former teammates carefully, waiting for their reactions to his beautiful girlfriend. 

‘WaaAH, S/occhi is soo pretty~! My name is Kise Ryouta, but you can call me by my first name~!’ Blonde model exlaimed hugging your body close to his big one, taking your breath away. Akashi’s eyebrow twitched. 

‘Ym..nice to meet yo–’ You couldn’t even finish your sentence because somebody started to feed you. 

‘I’m Atsushi, I hope you like sweets I give you, s/o-chin He patted your head affectionaly, resting his head on the let shoulder. Akashi’s frowned. 

‘Oh I like them, than–’ 

‘What is you zodiac sign? I’m Midorima Shintarou, by the way.’ Midorima asked, pushing up his glasses, with small blush on his cheeks. 

‘I’m (zodiac sign), why are you asking Shintarou?’ Current situation was getting weirder and weirder, but you wanted Akashi’s friends to accept you, you needed to make them like you. 

‘It is becau–’ 

‘Don’t listen to this bullshit, s/o, let’s play basketball, okay?’ A tanned, navy haired guy, irreputed Midorima, smirking right at you. Akashi only took a deep breath. 

‘I can’t play well, you know’ You smiled apollogically at them, taking a step back. You felt really uncomfortable, but you didn’t want to show it. 

‘Don’t worry, s/o-san. We can teach you, and I know you will be able to play really good.’ You nearly jumped when you heard a gentle voice next to you. You looked at the boy who has small smile plastered on his face. ‘Sorry for scaring you, my na is Kuroko Tetsuya and this guy is Aomine Daiki. It is pleasure to meet you.’ Kuroko patted your back and went to grab a ball. 

Akashi looked like he wanted to kill someone with his own, bare hands. 

S/occhi will be in my team~!’ Kise yelled hugging you once again. 

‘No, s/ochin will be with me.’ Murasakibara said childishly, glaring at Kise. 

‘Pff who would want to be with you, s/o will be in my team. In winners team.’ Aomine flashed you a smiled, and then everyone started to argue with who you should be in the team. 

The quarrel got more heated and suddenly ball was flying in your direction. You frooze, mentally prepared for pain, when Seijuro catched the ball, and put his hand on your waist. His, now, heterochromic eyes shined dangerously as he angrily glared at Generation of Miracles. Everyone looked at him seriosuly scared, because second Akashi was… unpredictable. 

‘If one of you look, touch or even flirt with my girlfriend once again, I will make sure that nobody will know where your dead bodies are.’ He scanned trembling basketball players in front of him and smirked to himself. He kissed you on the lips and you smiled at him upon reassuring that everything is fine. He nodded at looked at his friends once again. 



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I’ll never understand how he’s just casually??? So goergeous?????

No Need To Stay Pt.2

Here’s the second part^^ If you haven’t read the first part, click the link below to be re-directed to it. To read more of my scenarios, click on the masterlist link :)
Part 1

Hi~ Can you write an angst scenario where Jungkook runs into his ex and you can see that he really looks happy. Later on in the day you ask him if he still has any feelings for her and he doesn’t give you the answer right away because he’s shocked, so you decide to break up with him if he still has feelings for another girl. - Anon

You weren’t paying attention to where you were running to. All you knew was that you had to get away from Jungkook. Being around him right now just made your heart hurt, but at the same time not being around made your heart hurt. There was no way you were going to win. While running you could feel your phone constantly vibrating in your hand. You knew it was Jungkook, but that made you not want to pick up even more.

After running for a while you finally slowed down. Instead of going home, you continued to walk around. It was better than going home and just crying all night long. After that run you were too tired to cry, and also your eyes dried up from running. It was getting really late so you decided to go home. Some how you made it home without getting lost. You went straight into your bedroom. After everything, you felt like you couldn’t face Jungkook anymore.

Two Week Later…

You haven’t seen or talked to Jungkook since that day. For about five days Jungkook was trying to get a hold of you. He called and texted you every chance he got, but you just ignored it. You really didn’t want to break up with him, but you just needed a break. You needed time to get your thoughts and his feelings organized. After those five days, the calls and the messages stopped. You didn’t hear anything else from him. You were on your way to work when you saw them together. They were just sitting at that same bakery from that day. 

“So he does really love her. No wonder he stopped trying to get a hold of me.” you thought

You tried to hold it together. You knew this was coming, you were prepared. But nothing could ever prepare you for the pain you were feeling now. Before there was a little bit of hope that he didn’t love her, but it’s different now. They’re back together. There was no longer any room left in his heart for you. You tried, you really did, but you couldn’t hold it in anymore. Who can blame you though? The one person you thought you were going to spend your life with, the one person that made you fall so deep in love, is still in love with someone else. There was nothing more painful. With every second that passes by, you felt your heart break a little more than the second before. Why him of all people? Why did it have to be Jeon Jungkook? 

When you got to work, you dried your eyes and walked in like everything was ok. The last thing you need was everyone and their mothers asking you if you were ok. No, you were not ok. You knew though, if someone asked you if oyu were ok, you would break. You would break right then and there. 

The day went by really slow. You didn’t say much to anyone. You just did your job and hoped that your acting was good enough that your boss wasn’t going to be down your neck about your mood. 

“You sure you could close down the store yourself?” your co-worker asks

“Yeah I’ll be fine. Just get home. I know your boyfriend is waiting.”

“Alright. Thanks Y/N! I’ll see you tomorrow! Have a good night and get home safely!” your co-worker yells as she runs out of the store.

You did the little bit of cleaning that was left and headed out. 

“Y/N?” someone asked as you locked the store

“Yes?” you looked up and to your surprise it was Eunju


The next thing you knew was the pain that was running through your cheek.

“How dare you?! How dare you take him away from me?!” she started to yell

“W-what the hell are you talking about?!” you yelled back

“Don’t act dumb with me! How dare you take Jungkook away from me?! He loved me first so get your hands off of him!” 

“What is this bitch’s problem” you thought

“What does he see in you anyways? You can’t compete with me.” she scoffs 

You didn’t say anything. Not because you didn’t have anything to say, but because you weren’t going to waste your time on this.

“What are you too stupid to speak for yourself now?” she went to slap you a second time

“Will you stop it now Eunju?” Jungkook grabs hold of her hand

“J-Jungkook! What are you doing here?” she panicked

“I always make sure Y/N gets home safely when she works the night shift.” he stated.

Tears starts forming in her eyes.

“Jungkook! You wouldn’t believe the things she’s been saying to me!” She cries into his arms

“This bitch…” (thought)

“Eunju. Seriosuly? Do you think I’m that stupid?” 

“J-Jungkook.” she stopped her teas and looked at him seriosuly

“Y/N are you ok?” Jungkook asks worriedly

“Jungkook! Don’t touch her!” she yells

“Eunju! Will you just stop already?!” he fires back at her

“What does she have that I don’t?! I’m so much better than her!” 

“Ok yes. I’ll be the first to admit. Y/N is not perfect. I’ll give you that. But I love her. And nothing will ever change that.”

“Jungkook.” you mumbled

“I’ll call for a taxi for you, Eunju. Go home and get some rest.” Jungkook says as he dials the number on his phone. 

After awkwardly standing there with Jungkook and Eunju, the taxi finally came. Of course she put up a fight to make it hard on everyone. After getting the taxi to leave with her in it, Jungkook turn to you.

“Y/N. I am so sorry. Are you ok?”

“Why’d you do that? Why’d you come?” you asked

“Because I love you silly.” he pulls you into hug

“But I saw you with her this morning.” you confessed

“Oh that? I met up with her to tell her to stop contacting me. I guess, like you, she thought I still loved her. She’s been trying to get a hold of me since. Guess she didn’t like that I chose you over her.”

“Why’d you stop contacting me then?” 

“I figured you needed some space. Eventually I was going to go straight to your apartment.”

“Jungkook I’m so sorry.”

“For what?”

“Causing all this.”

“It’s ok. I probably would too if I thought you still loved one of your ex’s…You’re still not in love with any of your ex’s right?” 

“Well…there is..” you said jokingly


“I’m kidding! No I’m not in love with any of my ex’s”

“Good because I might have to kill him” 

*you giggle as you kiss him*

“You think I’m joking.”

August 3:  AU settings day 

In celebration of Malec Week I thought I share a snippet from my Tattoo Malec AU. Hope you like it.

Today, Alec went alone to the tattoo studio.

The three weeks had been over quickly and the thought of going back to Magnus didn’t errupt anything spectecular in Alec anymore for which he was very glad. He had scolded himself everytime he’d thought about the tattoo artist in an inappropriate way and in the end, it worked. It was ridiculous to drool over a person he had just met and hang around for about two or three hours. And most of that time I hadn’t even seen him.

When he pulled the door open and stepped into the small foyer, he spotted Clary behind the counter, her head bend down staring intensely at her knees. She didn’t seem to notice him at all.

Clearing his throat, Clary’s head jerked up in surprise and her eyes widened when she saw her customer.

“Alec.” she exclaimed and stood up, holding a sketch pad and a pencil in her hands. “You’re here for your second appointment, right?” she put her things away and flipped open a journal. While she was searching through it, Alec took a look around, even though, nothing had changed. The foyer contained just a small sitting group in one corner and the counter. Behind that was a door painted in the same dark grey as the wall. It didn’t say to which room it went so Alec asumed it was for staff only. The other two doors in the foyer had a milky window, one labeled “Room M”, the other “Room R”. Alec didn’t know what was behind the latter but he had visited Room M three weeks ago.

“Okay.” Clary said and Alec turned to face her again. She was scribbling something down, then looked up and pointed with her pen at the door to Room M. “You can go in.” she smiled and went on writing.

Alec walked over to the door to knock? Just open it? Knock at the door. Just a second later a voice inside told him to come in.

When Alec stepped into the room he was again fascinated by all the pictures decorating the room. Secretely, he wished to have a some time to walk around and look at every single one of them, preferably hearing the story to each. Then, his eyes wandered from the walls to the man in the middle of the room, sitting on his stool beside his equipment and the hormone cocktail from three weeks ago kicked in again full force. Alec exhaled sharply I hope he didn’t hear that. As he laid eyes on the beautiful man in front of him. His hair was spiked in the same fashion as Alec remembered it, though this time it was devoid of any glitter. The shirt he wore had its sleeves ripped off, the color a warm grey. His jeans looked so tight that Alec seriosuly wondered if Magnus could move in them or if he just put them on on the stool and decided not to move for the rest of the day.

Alec just realized the artist was smiling when Alec finally forced his eyes away from the tight pants and what they were emphasizing so nicely. Magnus cocked an eyebrow as if he wanted to say “like what you see” which Alec would not be able to answer in a proper manner.

“Hello, Alec.” Magnus said instead, luckily.

“Hey.” Alec answered.

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