Ben baya yorulmuşum millet. Baya baya ama. Bu sebeple kendimi bir haftalık inzivaya çekiyorum.  İnziva derken de sanırım ciddi anlamda kaçıyorum buralardan biraz. Sosyal medya ot çöp değil ya, direkt ülkeden gidiyorum sşlfkls. Valla bak. Yedisinde kaçıyorum. On dördüne kadar Avrupa’da kebap yabacağiim. Uzun zamandır hayalini kurduğum ufak tatilime çıkıp, döndüğümde de buraları fotoğraflarla süslemeyi planlıyorum. Yokluğumda eşilk etmesi adına eski postlarımı bırakayım. Bir şeyler hazırlamaya üşendim, yanı sıra kendimi nimetten sayarak özleneceğimi düşünecek kadar şımarık bir insanım biliyorsunuz.

Velhasıl, bana şu bir haftalık tatilde biraz huzur ve şans dileyin. Azıcık kafamı dinleyeyim, toplayayım, mutlu geri döneyim, mutlu devam edelim. Kocaman öperim.

Tamam hadi gitmeden bunu bırakayım:

Herkese serin akşamlar olsun Temmuz boyunca!



Needed an exercise before getting back to work.

Weed seemed like a logical choice. Something serine.

I really wish Yoshihiro would do call backs to the fact that Weed was named after weeds so that he’d always have friends at his side if he felt alone.

You might see another one of these in the future but under more dire circumstances. 8′)


Buradaki varlığın hâlâ yağmur gibi; taze, serin ve huzurlu
Şimdi, seni sevmemek için ördüğüm duvarların arkasında bile

Deniz kum güneş sıcak nem yerine yaylada serin serin kalmayı tercih ederim.

Yaşlandık mı ne yaptık tehey.

The Signs as Types of Geography
  • Aries:a volcano, can have rough explosions but can also just ooze hot feelings down a mountainside.
  • Taurus:a peninsula. A land mass with 3/4 of its sides surrounded by water. There's only one way to come and go and no one can argue otherwise.
  • Gemini:a archipelago, also known as a chain of islands. All the islands are of one country but each island could have its own aesthetic to it. Each one is slightly different from the other.
  • Cancer:the coastline. The only danger there would be burning your toes in the hot sand. They are as serine as the calm waves that crash on the rocky shore.
  • Leo:mountains, or rather, Mount Everest. Leo loves to overreact and make mountains out of mole hills. Mount Everest may seem an amazing form to some, but to Leo, it is an enormous unintentional killing machine.
  • Virgo:vast plains. Everything is in the open and there is nothing to lose. Flowers and different types of grasses decorate the virgin of the skies.
  • Libra:the African savanna. So many different things pass through and this is nature in it's most raw form. You can clearly see predator from prey.
  • Scorpio:the sky. It is the most intense thing in this universe next to the ocean. The sky decides whether we stay inside, or go out. It also decides whether we, as humans, are active or asleep.
  • Sagittarius:the forests. So much life between the trees and so many things to do. Humans as well as animals find whatever in the area very useful. Nothing goes wasted in the forest.
  • Capricorn:a canyon. Very difficult to find your way through but there is definitely a method to the madness. Sometimes they feel like giving up and just living in the canyon forever while other times they feel as though they should hike on and never give up.
  • Aquarius:a lake. A serine body of water, separate from the rigorous ocean. Only disturbed when a physical body touches its surface. Loves to be left alone with only the contents of life already living under and around it's surface.
  • Pisces:the ocean. Much more intense than the peaceful lake. But with a salty tinge. The salt being the small hint of intensity that Pisces people keep bottled up inside only to be let out as a tsunami when things boil over and the tectonic plates collide creating friction.

Kuroko no basket isn't just a sport its a life style! Just think about basketball,once you do that then you know anything is possible.

Damn the rap  part “ Hey Mama”  by Nicki Minaj

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Shu by BlueRoseArkelle
Via Flickr:
TuT Sorry for all the picture spam, this will be the last one for today, I promise! *U* B-but thank you all so much for all the favorites recently, I really really appreciate it!!~ T///U///T GAH! So in love with him and just so so happy to have him as a doll again. For anyone that doesn’t know, Shu is a character of mine that has been with me for many years and has become my most treasured and beloved character. My first ever BJD was his previous shell, but I realized that particular sculpt wasn’t quite right for the age/time period I wanted for him as well as for proportion reasons. It worked out that Soom had just released Serin/Rico around that time and I had a super strong feeling that the sculpt would be perfect for Shu so I took a big gamble and went for it. It was really heartbreaking not having Shu with me during that time, but i’m so so soooo happy to have him back again and i’m so glad that I took that gamble because I love this version so much more in every way <333 ^///w///^ Hehe, but anyway, he looks like a wayward little dark angel in these pictures…or something like that…! xD Well an angel dressed like a hobo, but whatever haha what is fashion even Shu doesn’t care xD o__o Also, whoa, my dolls have legs?!? You’d never know that from my lack of full-bodied photos xD //shot I don’t really have much space to take semi-decent far-away photos, but I really wanted to take some so hopefully the ugly corner of my desk isn’t too derpy looking OTL But seriously, even though this body isn’t his I just have to take this opportunity to bask in the glory that is Unoa legs. SERIOUSLY. UNOA LEGS. ASDFGHJKL- — Shu (boy) is a Soom OE Serin in "Cream" White skin on a modded Unoa 1.5 body in Fresh Skin. Resin color matching and faceup by me.

rebbykins asked:

since i can't get to the post about the pointy hats: Clearly every Halloween Ser dresses in robes and a pointy hat, just like he REALLY wants to but knows he shouldn't. Halloween is when he's allowed to break the rules. (idk if Halloween even exists in your story, but i think it should)

Pff.  Turn the pointy hat into a hood and give him a plague doctor mask and then you’d have what he’d ACTUALLY wear for Halloween.  He’s a dramatic little shit like that.

Then again, he wouldn’t spend much time partying cuz of his heightened senses making it not that fun.  Most likely he’d spend most of the time patrolling the skies.

Ser turned, already recognizing the melodious voice he’d committed to memory, a spike of dread hitting his heart.  He turned.  He didn’t want to turn.  He thought it was possibly the worst idea in the history of ideas at that exact moment, but he still turned.  There the man stood, bundled up as usual, only his eyes showing.  As usual the mere sight of him sent a shiver up Serinal’s spine, and he took an involuntary step back, the dread that had hit his heart spreading across his face.

For a moment he simply stared at the shorter man, eyes darting over his face, or rather the cloth covering his face.  Then, without a word, he darted into the crowd at a breakneck pace, stumbling as he bowled over a potbellied man in red robes, but catching his footing and speeding away.

In the tall man’s wake, a single, oddly shaped tan hat fluttered to the ground, landing softly at the minstrel’s feet.

Before the man had even fully turned, Ferrick had started rambling again, “I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is-” but he stopped when he saw the look on the man’s face.  Was that… Fear? How odd.He was about to inquire why the man looked so scared when the tall fellow took off running, barreling over a heavier man in his speedy escape. 

Ferrick stood there, blinking for a moment.  How very odd.  He glanced behind him, but didn’t see anything of significant danger.  Was that man running from… him?  No, that couldn’t be it.  Ferrick didn’t even know the man… But it seemed like the man knew Ferrick.  Did he forget to cover his face this morning? He patted the side of his cheek.  Nope, covered like usual.  Perhaps the sight of his uncovered face would incite that sort of reaction, but he was wearing his scarves and facial cloth.  Why did that man seem so afraid of him?

He pondered this for a moment, and then he noticed the hat that had fallen at his feet.  “Hmm?” He bent over and picked it up, brushing off a bit of dust.  Had that man dropped it?  Ferrick glanced up at the crowd that the man managed to part in his mad dash.  He could just walk off with it… But then again, he has no need for a hat.  Besides, his curiosity was perked.  Might as well try to return it, then perhaps he could find out why that man ran away from him like a Zubat outta hell…

He walked in the same direction the man had ran, making his way through the crowd.



Most noticeable is that Ser’s jacket got an update.  Which is mostly due to the fact that it got enchanted by a changeling blacksmith to give him bonuses on dodge rolls.  And translucent wings come out of his back when this happens.  It looks fuggin sick.  Also he named it Muninn after one of Odin’s ravens.

Second, the patch.  Let’s just say Ser wasn’t the only one to get a goodie that session.  Another player got an ancient sword of legend which turned him into a badass overnight.  So the wings and sword are effigies to these two things.

Third, since it’s been a few months, Ser got a haircut.  That’s why it looks so flyaway right here.  : p