Well the wait is finally over! Fresh put of the parlor (only a few hours prior) here are our two tattoos commissioned by none other than the super amazing Nijuuni/Nijuukoo/Erin. I we’re still a little pink and sore, but it was well worth it. We’ll add more pictures once the ink settles in- if I can get Axel to stop dancing around like a madman. THANK YOU, AGAIN @nijuukoo FOR THIS WONDERFUL PIECE OF PERMANENT ART! WE LOVE IT!!!


Final Fantasy XIII Chapters | 5. Gapra Whitewood |

“Don’t touch anything. Control your emotions. If you want to survive, you forget about sympathy. How can I explain? Think of it like a strategy. Focus on your ultimate goal and shut out everything else. Still your mind. Move on instinct. Let doubt take over, and despair will cripple you.”


Final Fantasy XIII Chapters | Ending |

“When prayers turn into promises, not even fate can stand in their way. -  We held the light of hope in our hearts, and achieved the impossible. Now we live on, to greet a new dawn.”