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….but how can i pick only 3? :(

Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)

Not to mention that he’s blue haired (what i love) and really good looking i love his character development. He went from a bad guy whose only goal was revive Zeref to a broken guy and finally to such an awesome, smart and strong man. I also adore his love to Erza. Childhood crush which has become a deeply but also tragic love. They cant be together because of his sins, and even he can’t be happy, he want Erza to be happy and this is beautiful!  

Hakuryuu Ren (Magi)

The next character with dark past and a great character development. I just can’t say how much i love Hakuryuu. Everything he did was for the sake of his country and family so i can’t blame him for his mistakes. He had a good intentions. Also his love to Morgiana is really sad and tragic. That girl breaks his heart three times. I feel pity for him. Hakuryuu really deserves some hapiness. I hope he will find it someday.

Rin Matsuoka (Free!)

Durning the half of the series he’s an asshole but at the end he becomes a kind and good friend. I also love his interactions with Momo (xD). Not to mention he’s hawwt af. 

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since you are doing headcanons do you mind giving me some married alikou ones? i'm in need of otp

I’m always in mood to write for the otp so here you go :)

  • Alibaba and Kougyoku had two wedding ceremonies: one formal in Kou’s tradition where everyone was invited to see their Empress marry and one more private (with only family members and some selected friends attending) in Balbadd’s tradition.
  • Before the wedding, Kouha gave Alibaba the talk of “if you ever hurt her I’ll cut you down”.
  • Post wedding, Alibaba keeps helping Kougyoku running her Empire when it’s needed but also has his trading company so he travels a lot. When he’s far from home he always cries to his friends how much he misses his beloved wife. He also keeps with him a portrait of hers so he won’t feel that lonely without her.
  • Kougyoku also misses him a lot but she’s able not to show it as much as him and carry on with her duties.
  • When Alibaba found out that Kougyoku was pregnant was so happy that was running around telling to everyone “I’m having a baby”. Everyone looked him questionably bc he’s a dude so how could have a baby? so he corrected himself “My wife is having a baby, and it’s going to be the most beautiful baby in the whole world”.
  • While Kougyoku was pregnant, Alibaba became even more caring towards her. He didn’t let her to overwork herself, didn’t let anyone smoke in a room she was in, he even carried a blanket around in case she was feeling cold.
  • As for Kougyoku during her pregnancy she wanted to eat the most random things at the most random times. She stopped various meetings because she wanted to each a specific food and sometimes she woke Alibaba in the middle of the night to bring her something specific to eat (something that Ali did with no complains). Once he ever travel all way to Sindria just to bring her a watermelon xD
  • They have three kids: two boys (their godparents are Aladdin and Morgiana) and a girl (her godfather is Judal).
  • All the children love to mess around when poor Koubun is babysitting them and also enjoy visiting uncle Kouen and Kouha in the island they are living. So, the whole family goes there for vacations once per year. These days are Alibaba’s nightmare because while he looks forward to spend more time with his wife and kids, he still considers Kouen intimidating and he knows that Kouha is too protective of his sister.
  • Their boys want to be warriors one day, and Alibaba loves to tell them stories about his youth adventures (surprise! he also consider writing a book about them xD). But he always changes stuff in order to look cooler in the stories and Kougyoku always corrects him. Once he asked her “Why don’t you let me look cool in the stories for once?” and she answered him “ It’s because I fell in love with the dork in you anyway”.
  • Judal is teaching his goddaughter how to troll her parents so Ali and Kougyoku had some problems with her behavior for a while. But when Kougyoku discovered it, she beat Judal for teaching her kid improper stuff so now finally the little girl is once again behaving just fine.
  • However, recently their little princess got a crush on uncle Hakuryuu and told her dad that “When I grow up I’m going to marry uncle Hakuryuu who is even more handsome than you,dad”. That almost send poor Alibaba into depression. For a week, he was sulking into a corner repeating that “nobody likes him”. Until Kougyoku told him that for her he would always be the most handsome man and that their daughter is just during a phrase.
  • Even now, that Alibaba and Kougyoku are many years married they are still very intimate with each other. Sometimes they can’t find enough time to spend together but they steal each other’s kisses on the corridor or hold hands when no one is looking.  

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Headcanons+ a scenario for modern au sinbad as a single parent.


  • Sinbad would be very nervous about the idea of being a father
    • not something he ever expected
      • despite the number of women he’s been with
      • always makes sure to use a condom
      • makes sure they take a morning after pill to be doubly sure
    • very cautious about such news
      • highly skeptical
      • needs to know that the child is his without doubt
        • aware of his status in the world
        • people will trying to latch onto him due to that
      • will not allow himself to believe the claim if the woman doesn’t agree to a parentage test
  • he would be overly prepared for the life change
    • reading many parenting books in his spare time
      • often falling asleep with the books atop official documents
    • training himself in preparation
      • putting diapers on bags of flour
      • making a list of areas dangerous for the baby
        • planning on securing them
  • he would be very involved
    • wishing to be just like his own parents
    • having them with him at all times
      • conscious of how he behaves in front of them
        • toning down on his drinking and flirtation of women
        • even becomes more conscious of sleeping around
      • often having them with him while he works
        • reading to them documents, asking their thoughts and such even as a baby
          • not allowing his position to have him neglect his child
    • not a fan of leaving his child be with others
    • very overprotective
      • aware of his many enemies
        • they would try to take advantage or harm his child
      • always leaves them with one of his eight generals when he has to be away for extended periods of time
        • Hinahoho being first choice due to the most experience with children
        • Ja’far being second as he helped raised his siblings (Kikiriku)
        • Drakon third as he cares for the soldiers under his command
        • Masrur being fourth as he took care of other children as a slave
        • Yamraiha being fifth as she looked after others at Magnostadt
        • Spartos being sixth as he has experience with structure
        • Pisti being seventh as she has some experience with her nieces
        • Sharrkan being eighth as he has no experience with children (no maturity)
  • he and the eight generals would be very involved in education
    • beginning tutoring lessons at a very early age
      • not wanting his child to be uneducated as he himself was
        • Yamraiha, Spartos, Drakon, Pisti, and Sharrkan being first tier tutors as they were formally educated
        • Ja’far, Hinahoho, and Masrur being second tier tutors as they were informally educated
      • Sinbad would want them to understand the value of knowledge
        • how powerful a well versed individual can be
        • that battles can be won with the right words
          • never having to lift a finger or send a soldier
  • he would also have them involved in recreational activities
    • preferring activities that taught strategy, survival, personal responsibility, leadership, social skills, and strength (mental and physical)
      • feeling those lessons should be taught and understood
        • wanting them to understand how their individual actions have not only the power to affect them, but others as well
      • his eight generals helping in this area too
        • each general being responsible for some skill/virtue to be taught
          • Hinahoho: swimming and hunting
          • Drakon: military affairs and honor
          • Ja’far: stealth and preparedness
          • Sharrkan: swordsmanship and friendliness
          • Spartos: spearmanship and fortitude
          • Yamraiha: magic and imaginative
          • Pisti: animal handling and courage
          • Masrur: martial arts and consideration
  • he would be nurturant, but also authoritative
    • son or daughter, they would both be treated the same
      • though he would be a bit harsher with his son than daughter
    • most of the time, stepping back and letting them take their own risks
      • encouraged to explore and be creative
    • however, he would also be firm when necessary
      • both having to accept responsibility for their actions
        • wishing for them to understand what happens when one’s word is given
          • how it must always be honored
          • the importance of before acting and speaking
      • both coming to learn the dangers of having too much pride
        • where being too cocky or arrogant can lead them
    • he would still be reminded that they are children
      • not trying to torture them with his punishments
        • aware that many find his reactions/responses to be cruel at times
      • wanting them to understand that certain things can’t be overlooked
        • even if they are royalty
          • sometimes money and status aren’t enough to save a person


Sinbad would stand before his child, looking down at them, before explaining to them the importance of achieving things through their own determination and hardwork. He admits that being his child casts a very large shadow upon them, given all of his accomplishments over the years, but how they shouldn’t allow that fact to discourage them–instead, they should use that as a motivation in their own endeavors when making their mark upon the world. Due to this, Sinbad encourages them to go off on their own adventure, when they’re a bit older, and experience the world for themselves, without people aware of their lineage, before they become too tied down by their duties as heir to the Sindrian Kingdom. He warns them that the world is equal parts dangerous as it is beautiful, and reminds them to remember their teachings, as well as to remember that a word once given must always be fulfilled. He then hoists them up, placing them on his shoulder, voicing how he isn’t too worried about when that day comes for them to leave home on their own for the first time, feeling that they’ll be fine, before requesting that they write to him, telling him of all the adventures that they’re sure to have.



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Sinbad, Kouen, Muu fluffy scenarios?

Can you do fluffy scenarios for Sinbad, Drakon, and Solomon?
Hell yeah I can! I just hope you don’t mind if I pair these together.

Solomon is really hot, but I do not know how to write him for the life of me

Sinbad had always been a needy lover, his hands never leaving your body to its’ lonesome, but this was a bit much. You sat between his legs while he rested his head on yours, his body acting as a muscular wall of protection against nothing in particular. The sun beat down making the already warm cage of a human unbearable yet he refused to let go. At first he had been pouting about you neglecting him, but now the bastard was just enjoying your suffering. For what felt like the 50th time you struggled against his strong arms and like the 49 other times you attempted he just laughed and held you tighter. In an annoyed tone you pouted “ You really are the worst.”
Promptly snuggling his face into your hair Sinbad chuckles, “You really don’t know what buttering someone up is, do you?”

Drakon was the perfect height for a lot of things, but shoulder rides were probably the best. From where you sat you could see half of Sindria, or so you claimed. Your excitement never ceased and for that he was thankful. If something as simple as giving you an extra high piggy ride could bring a relentless smile to your face then, as cliche as it seems, he was happy. Though what he didn’t find a as endearing was how you wriggled about as a bee flew near you, repeatedly kicking Drakon in the face as you screamed for him to get it away. He could most certainly live without that.

Kouen may not of been the most romantic man to walk the earth, but he might as well have been the heaviest. His body had somehow found its way on top of yours throughout the night, and now you thought you might just die. Years of training had left him well muscled and unbearably hefty. He was draped across you, the only things left free were your arms which beat uselessly at his back, because sadly he was a heavy sleeper. Suddenly the breath filled into your lungs and your life flashed before your eyes as he rolled over onto his back, you going with him. Great. While you may have been saved from the unpleasant fate of your lover crushing you to death, your hands were now trapped instead.

Muu was the epitome of a gentlemen, he held doors open for you, pulled out your chair, but apparently giving you the last bite of your shared dessert was undoable. What had first started as a speculation of who would get the last of the cake had now turned into a war. At the moment you possessed the cake. Muu on the other hand had the advantage of being ungodly tall and a natural born warrior, but you were not going down without a fight. When you tensed up to run he lunged for the slice of heaven you held, his broad shoulders bumping into you causing you and the cake to fall. Coming back to his senses Muu saved you from what would have been a painful accident, but the cake wasn’t as fortunate. The two of you starred down at the sad sight somberly agreeing to just by two slices next time instead of trying to be romantic.

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Babe hit me up with judal fluff headcanons Your soul sis ;*

I have a feeling I know who this is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

I did do this before along with NSFW, but I’ll do it again!!! (and maybe plus new things)

~He wouldn’t express his affection for you lovingly, more in a rough way like pulling you into heaty kisses and unexpected cuddles.
~Because he is a tsundere, when he feels like cuddling he will simply hug you tightly without warning, not allowing you to question him.
~He likes to stay close to you and pester you, and hates other people close to you.
~Secretly feels insecure about the relationship but would be too stubborn to admit it, probably needing you to assure and comfort him.

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I started hating Sinbad because of what he do, I was justifying his actions by convince myself that he do all of this for the sake of protecting the people who loves them, but after the latest chapter he broke everthing

Hi anon .. sorry for taking long time to reply you ><

Actually I’ll never hate him even he’ll do very awful things from now on !! maybe it because I’ll never hate or change my mind on any character I love .. because I’m thinking logically and not Ideally !! Nobody’s perfect .. most of the decisions that any human make are selfish and too greedy .. but, only now he thought of himself, and that’s great .. I respect all of his desires .. at the end, it’s exactly like Ugo said .. He is only an ordinary human ..

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Your headcanons give me life, himegimi. Have you any about Ja'far and Yunan (separately or about their interactions)? Thank you, have a nice day

I’m glad that you enjoy my headcanons dear anon <3


  • Many children in Sindria are poor refugees and immigrants from other countries and they don’t know how to read or write. That’s why Ja’far (with Sinbad’s blessing) has opened a school teaching all these kids. Since there are a lot of kids, there are many teachers helping them but still everyone calls Ja’far affectionately “sensei”.
  • Ja’far likes to complain how much he would like to use a break but once he was given vacation he didn’t know how to use it. He actually kept going to the office doing paperwork despite being “on vacation” because otherwise he wouldn’t feel right.
  • Ja’far used to complain about how immature Pisti and Sharrkan and their pranks were but post time skip he really misses them.
  • He actually misses all the Sindria family members that aren’t living with him anymore.
  • Ja’far was touched when Masrur choose him to be the godfather of his child. Now every time he visits Raem Empire, he enjoys babysitting Masrur’s kids.


  • Yunan lives so far away from civilization that his fashion sense is always outdated. Also, he sucks when it comes to use any new technology gadgets.
  • When Yunan talks to people sometimes he casually mentions that he has died eight times already and people end up freaking out. Yunan isn’t sure why they have such an extreme reaction.
  • Yunan knew Scheherazade for ages and she was actually one of the few people he invited over when he was feeling too lonely. Those two shared an unusual friendship and now she’s gone he carried on his friendship feelings to Titus.
  • Yunan feels guilty for Sinbad’s correct state. He thinks, that he should guide him to a better path since he was the magi who actually chosen him.
  • Yunan is totally a cat person. He might live alone but he feeds at least dozen stray cats (and he has adopted some of them).

About Yunan and Ja’far’s interactions, those two have surely meet since Yunan has visited Sindria in the past. I doubt that they have spend enough time to build a strong relationship.though. Still, I feel they could relate to each other since both are feeling affection towards Sinbad and want to help him.

Have a great day,too anon-san :)

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Headcanons and a scenario for the Kou bros + Kouens daughters wedding😊.

Headcanon (Koumei):

  • Koumei would be relieved
    • glad that marriage negotiations went well
    • able to bring his niece some happiness about the situation
      • his niece not happy that her personal feelings were dismissed in favor of the Empire
        • though she had been aware of her role as a princess since childhood
          • had even been told of her intended since she was two years old
      • the marriage helping to broker an alliance between the two kingdoms
    • least he could do to help soften the blow
      • having searched for a suitor that would be able to deal with his niece’s personality
        • while searching for one that would benefit the Kou Empire
      • also one who was unmarried
        • making her the first wife
          • setting the standard for other wives to follow
        • solidifying her status in the line of succession when it came to heirs
          • possibly she could come to care for him over time

Headcanon (Hakuryuu):

  • Hakuryuu would be saddened
    • aware of his niece’s feelings toward the whole situation
    • considering how the Kou Empire solved the issue of heirs without need for marriage
      • however, like her he knew this union wasn’t about love
        • just another move in expanding the Kou Empire
          • a move that was years in the making
    • he would be very proud of her
      • finding it admirable that in the end she agreed for the benefit of the Empire
        • something he himself was unable to do years prior
          • understanding the burden Kouen dealt with given his position
      • hoping that she was able to find some happiness at least
        • wishing that she’d have children quickly
          • preferably sons so that they king could have heirs
            • then her husband would find his interests elsewhere
            • it was the best that could be hoped for
        • he would make it a point to go visit her
          • knowing how it felt to be an outsider in a former enemies lands
            • planning already to bring her things from her homeland
              • so she wouldn’t be so distant from her home

Headcanon (Kouha):

  • Kouha would be upset
    • feeling the man wasn’t deserving of his niece
      • didn’t feel that many were
    • rather they’d’ve simply force the other kingdom to submit
      • not as if the Kou Empire didn’t have the power to conquer them
      • shouldn’t have to sacrifice their niece to get them to bend to the Kou Empire
        • even if he was aware this was the best course of action
          • an open declaration would cause trouble with the International Alliance
      • still, would not challenge Kouen’s decision
        • aware that his brother had always been a skilled tactician
          • also aware of their position as princes and princesses of the Empire
            • personal feelings taking a back seat towards their duties and responsibilities
    • would have a chat with his niece’s husband at the reception
      • planning on laying down some rules with him
      • wanting the newlywed to understand his place
        • nothing more than their pawn
          • his job to produce heirs with his niece
            • if she allowed it
        • wants him to know what will happen if he ever hurts his niece
          • he is not his brothers
            • will make it look like an accident 


Koumei, Hakuryuu, and Kouha all stood at the end of the aisle, watching as Kouen walked his daughter down the aisle and towards her new life. Koumei could barely look at his niece’s gaze, knowing that her marriage now was partially his own doing–having been the one who was tasked by his eldest brother and King to find a suitor for his daughter; aware that arranged marriages were par for the course when it came to being in their position, such things were set in place long before they were born. Still, he did his best to find someone who came from a good lineage, going the extra mile to look into their family–seeing in their home life was well, how they interacted with their family members and those close to them–to make sure his niece would be wedding someone who had a good set of values instilled in them. Koumei even asked her on several occasions the type of men she might be interested in marrying, wanting her to have some say in such a life decision, which was more than others received. In the end, he made the best decision for his niece, while also being beneficial for the Empire. He hoped in time, she would come to accept the choice and even come to care for her new husband.

Hakuryuu hoped the gloominess he felt internally wasn’t being displayed outwardly–the unfairness of the situation weighing on his heart heavily. The navy haired prince finding it almost cruel to subject his niece to a custom itself that hadn’t been required within the Kou Empire for generations, finding it easier for the princes to start producing heirs around the ages of thirteen or fourteen years of age. He also felt bad for his brother Kouen, being in such a position to where the best course of action was to marry his eldest daughter off to a kingdom their Empire had been enemies with for more generations than he could remember–in this moment, not envying his brother’s position as King. Still, he found himself admiring his niece’s resolve towards the situation, putting her own desires aside for the sake of their people…willing to be carted off so far away from her family and homeland for the interest of their two nations merging. A look of earnestness crossing his face as he made the decision to visit her as often as he could, making sure to bring things from their homeland so she wouldn’t feel so far from home.

Kouha couldn’t stop the slight frown that appeared on his face as he looked toward the groom and his family. This man didn’t deserve to be in his niece’s presence, less alone her hand in marriage; wondering why Kouen didn’t just give the order for them to invade and force the other kingdom to submit to Kou rule. Well…he knew why his brother had not chosen such a course of action…an open declaration of war, without solid reason, would cause trouble with the International Alliance. Kou had already suffered greatly due to the Civil War and Gyokuen, so he knew that this union was simply a part of their royal responsibility for their country. Yet, knowing this didn’t make the youngest prince accept the situation, in fact, he planned on having a heart to heart discussion with the man afterwards–he wanted to make sure that his niece would be treated with the respect she deserved and what would happen to him, or any other wives he took after his niece, if anything was ever done to harm his beloved niece.


I really hope you guys are liking these ^^;

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No matter how old Sin I can't imagine him having female love interest. He's such a dick to women I just can't. I thought he turned to be womanizer in his 20s, but nah.


I can’t see Sinbad having a female love interest in canon, it just doesn’t fit well in my opinion. Even then, the only male love interest I can see with him is Ja’far— and that’s only because Ja’far has been putting up with Sinbad for several years now and knows how to handle it.

Maybe in an alternate universe, there is a female character that is compatible with Sinbad. A female character who knows how to deal with people like Sinbad.

Do they currently exist in Magi? In my opinion, no.

One of Sinbad’s key traits is his womanizing habit. You can’t just ignore it, it’s there. Even when people were pairing Sinbad with any female character he interacted with *cough* Hakuei *cough* I felt so bad for the female character. Because honestly, I immediately ask myself: “What kind of self-respecting woman would willingly be in a relationship with Sinbad?”

I’ll admit that Sinbad is attractive, but his personality? Haha, no thank you.