series: xoxo

Ask me anything! Literally:P y'all ❤ and stuff but let's interact bros ⭐️ pllleeazzzze I'm so
  • happy ask list for when you’re sad:
  • sunflower: if there was a door that went to a city that was a good representation of you, what city would it be and would you go through the door?
  • pink: sunsets or sunrises?
  • freshly cut grass: are you an early riser? if not, is this because you stay up late?
  • journal: would you dye your hair if you had the opportunity? why or why not?
  • painting: in what ways are you creative?
  • waves: is there one music genre you can’t listen to?
  • writing: do you write letters? if not, would you like to be?
  • waterfalls: describe your perfect date.
  • freckles: what’s something that makes you happy? describe the first thing that comes to your head.
  • dimples: would you rather be inviting on a hike or a night out?
  • blushing: describe a rad person you know.
  • watercolour: talk about something someone you are interested in can do that never fails to make you find them attractive?
  • pine: if you could only smell one scent for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • pink eyeshadow: pasta or pizza?
  • icy: homemade or takeout?
  • rosè: what’s your opinion on shyness?
  • clouds: list your top 5 songs at the moment and how they make you feel
  • silk: list songs you listen to for a jam
  • white sheets: where’s somewhere you would love to travel to? why?
  • black nail polish: what do you do to pamper yourself?
  • hidden beaches: do you prefer to hang out in a big group or one on one?
  • crossed fingers: using no negative words, describe your hair.
  • mocktails: cold weather or hot weather?
  • ❣️And if there isn’t a question here that appeals to you: ask me *literally anything* you want!❣️
  • all creds to @harryhubba I rly liked this prompt!
Nur nicht stressen lassen
Kurz vergessen machen
Auf dem Boden liegen
Smiths-Platten sprechen lassen
An Hände fassen - reden tabu
Depression war nie tragbar
Doch steht uns so gut
Wie wir Rotwein und Pillen mischen
So kleine Pupillen blitzen auf
Endlich taub
Dort im Mondschein erfüllt en’ bisschen Raum
Hier zu Haus - im Verlorenen der Welt
Immer leben für’s Fliegen
Doch sind geboren, um zu rennen
- und wir rennen
—  Casper. (Xoxo)
In recent news of
  • The Suriel: Word around the streets says that our own version of Serena Van Der Woodsen, Feyre Archeron, has been forced to go back to the Sprin- hOLD UP WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS NO BITCH LET ME GET MY GUCCI PURSE WE GOTTA GO SAVE MY BITCH