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do xoxo have enough fans to have shitty fanfic written about thsm

yeah they fuckin DO

tyllian and lukillian are the juggernaut ships in the fandom,,, there are the hardcore tyllians arguing w/ the hardcore lukillians over which ship is real and then a minority of fans trying to convince everyone to let tyxkillianxluka into their hearts (to little success)

a bit of a recurring trope in xoxo fanfic is making AUs out of the band’s concept albums (the most popular of these is Blood Diamonds cuz it already has a romantic plot)

xoxo fic also definitely has a bit of a stereotyping thing but tbh what fandom doesnt. like ex: killian either gets characterized as a super innocent blushy soft boi or like a Mega Dom Sex God there is NO IN BETWEEN

also killian has occasionally stumbled across top/bottom discourse and it made him rlly annoyed he was like “SWITCH ERASURE” and ty’s like “wym switch erasure ur a top” and killian’s like “NOT 100% >:/” and ty’s like “if ur so bent out of shape abt this just tweet that ur a switch then” and kil’s like “I CAN’T DO THAT DO U KNOW HOW MANY OF OUR FANS ARE CHILDREN” and ty’s like “children who r writing about u having kinky sex with me” and killian’s like “please shut up”

also luka once wrote xoxo crackfic and published it online under a pseudonym but won’t say what it was and singlehandedly drove the entire fandom insane trying to figure out which awful crackfic was actually written by luka 


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