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Sing the past to me, ’cause I’m the one who wrote the song / I made it up next week so all the words will come out wrong / The past won’t keep you warm tonight, the future’s blown to bits / And everything that you believe is really full of –
—  Unnatural History, by Kate Orman and Jon Blum
Shows I Have

A current update on what I have in terms of downloads! These are all shows that might be hard to find since they weren’t that popular. 

Tower Prep *SD* (Cartoon Network, 1 season, 2010)
Unnatural History *SD* (Cartoon Network, 1 season, 2010)
Ojamajo Doremi *SD* (Toei, 4 seasons, 1 OVA, 1999-2003)
House of Anubis^ (Nickelodeon, 3 seasons, 1 special 2011-2013)

Hit me up if you’re interested and I can send a google drive link or seed a torrent.

^s1 MQ, s2-3 & special HQ

Mehet-Weret. Mixed Media. 2016.

Mehet-Weret is an Egyptian, celestial goddess who gave birth to the sun at the beginning of time. She is often depicted as a cow carrying the sun between her horns and her body as “a river of stars” (representing the Milky Way or nighttime sky). 

This is part of my Unnatural History series I will be working on for my senior exhibition.

The Book of the Renegade (4/?)

From Birth of a Renegade to Name of the Doctor, there have been many attempts to tell the story of the Doctor’s escape from Gallifrey with his granddaughter Susan. Of all these, one trilogy stands out: the sequence The Infinity Doctors, Auld Mortality, and A Storm of Angels. Unlike all the others, none of the individual stories in this unofficial arc are technically accepted as Doctor Who: they all feature an unidentified or “alternate” incarnation of the Doctor who has never – or, more accurately, has never yet – left Gallifrey.

Reading and listening to these stories gives no apparent link to the Time War, but The Infinity Doctors contains a few subtle references that reveal the connection to the Faction Paradox, namely Kate Orman’s Eighth Doctor novel Unnatural History. In a 2004 interview, Lance Parkin said the following about The Infinity Doctors:

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Sherlock vs. Unnatural History


  • has 9 episodes within 3 seasons
  • has more seasons coming though
  • has benedict cumberbatch and martin freeman

Unnatural History:

  • has 13 episodes
  • just 1 season
  • the guy who made the show decided to not make anything else 

Coil || Homage To Sewage

A heavy rotation of this month.