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C I N D E R  (animated feature, 2012)

⇢⇢⇢ even in the future, the story begins with once upon a time

so it’s been two years since i made t h i s, before winter was even released, and i wanted to remake it with some of the great new animated films that have come out since.

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Hair Routines

So my Truth or Dare post seemed to be fairly well received! I really liked making that one and I joked in another post about Thorne’s hair routine, and here we are. I kind of want to extend this to morning routines?? But IDK. Let me know.

Cinder: Obviously those messy ponytails that are mentioned about a million times. In terms of washing, she has to wash her hair every other day or so to keep it from getting too greasy. She learned to do it fast because Adri constantly pestered her for taking too long or raising the water bill.

Kai: As prince and emperor, he has to always look good, so he does all kinds of stuff. Shampoo, conditioner, gel, split end protection, whatever. Even more complicated than Thorne’s daily rituals. Haircut-wise, he was adamant about keeping his hair longish, because that’s how his mother liked his hair. 

Scarlet: She has to brush her hair. Every. Single. Night. Curly hair and farmwork do not mix (I’m assuming. I don’t have curly hair so…). Her grandmother used to brush her hair for her, and before that her mother. Most evenings after dinner and chores she makes Wolf do it, or he’ll offer. Often he will brush as she tells him about her day or how the crew is doing. He brushes as gently as possible. Also, she owns pretty much every curly hair product known to man. Occasionally wears a braid or two on heavy farm work days. 

Wolf: Owns exactly one comb and one bottle of shampoo. His hair hates laying flat and he sometimes has to borrow something from Scarlet.

Cress: After living for years on the satellite with her ridiculously long hair, she tries to keep her hair as low maintenance as possible. She keeps it just long enough to tie back when she visits hot places or needs it out of her face.

Thorne: SO. MUCH. PRODUCT. His hair could literally be hit with a rock and NOT MOVE. He and Kai trade hair tips and tricks (Kaiswell, anyone?). He constantly has a military style haircut and NO facial hair because they didn’t allow that when he was a cadet. Plus, his dad has a big bushy mustache, and Thorne doesn’t want to be associated or even look remotely close to his father.

Winter: Her hair routine is fairly simple. Levana didn’t allow her a lot of staff so she did a lot herself, learning from the netscreen in her room. Before her dad died, he also taught her how to wash and braid her hair properly. When Winter and Cinder were kids, they would do each others’ hair, so Winter got some practice. Sometimes braids Scarlet’s hair when they’re together since she understands curly hair.

Jacin: He does very little with his hair. All the guards had pretty much the same haircut and style. Like they even had to have all their ponytails at the same place or they would all get in trouble. Basically all he does is wash it, comb it straight, and maybe tie it back.

Iko: Even though she’s an android, she LOVES experimenting with crazy hairstyles. Sometimes she even wears wigs. She also uses her netlink to look up new hairstyles or techniques to try on the girls (and the guys). She and Cinder have a standing salon date every week. Cinder fake hates it but secretly she enjoys having that to look forward too, especially during really stressful weeks. If any of the other girls are in town they join. Iko has two specific salons, one on Earth and one on Luna, depending on where they are. She is loyal to them and refuses to go anywhere else. She knows the name of every person who works at those salons.

This concludes my TLC hair routine post! Shoot me an ask if you have a post like this that you want to see. I love writing these. Thanks!

anonymous asked:

Hello almighty "Natasha!" I've read in a lot of your head canons that Cress and Thorne live on the Rampion after the revolution. But do they ever have a house of their own? Do they eventually settle down when they've aged or do they have a small house/timeshare that they visit while the kids are still growing up?

Hello to you, too, dear sweet anon! Your greeting made me grin; I love it! :D

  • Cress and Thorne do indeed live on the Rampion after the revolution, and I have trouble seeing them anywhere else, even in later years when the kids start coming.
    • By that time, Thorne Shipping Industries™ would be a healthy, but young business and they couldn’t very well put it on hold to settle somewhere and raise their family. Not without risking all they’ve built and the very livelihood they’re using to support that family!
    • Of course, the option of buying a place to give the kids some stability was discussed. But since doing that would mean that either Cress or Thorne would have to stay there with the kids while the other took the Rampion on the necessary business trips, the discussions didn’t last long.
      • Neither of them wanted that kind of separation!
      • Instead, they made the decision to make the Rampion the best home they possibly could and to just raise their family there.
  • Over the years, Cress and Thorne have lavished heaps of time and money on the extensive remodeling projects that make it more cozy home than utilitarian military ship.
      • In the beginning, when they were still paying it off, that meant cheap paint and bargain furniture to spruce up the living areas.
      • In later years, as the business—and the family—grew, that meant major structural changes like knocking out walls in the crew quarters section to give the kids bigger rooms and adding an extra bathroom to accomadate the primping needs of three teenage Thornes (plus their father…who is just as bad).
      • By the time they’re done, it’s just as comfortable and almost as well-equipped as your average house!
        • Just about the only thing it isn’t equipped with is a backyard, a fact that Cressida Thorne will always pout over since that was one of her parents’ primary arguments as to why she couldn’t have that Great Dane she wanted.
  • Theoretically, Cress and Thorne could buy a house and take it easy when they’re older and they hand the reins of the company over to their children, but I doubt they would.
    • They’re probably like one of those old retired couples who sell their house and bounce around the country in an RV in all their newly found free time.
  • That said, I can imagine them buying a permanent docking space in one of their favorite cities, where they can park the Rampion for a quiet week or two when they don’t feel like traveling.
    • It isn’t quite like having their own house and their own land, like Wolf and Scarlet, but it’s a nice change for them. It gives them a place to stop and catch their breath in between adventures (because of course they’re still having those), but it lets them keep the ship in which they’ve made so many memories. It’s a win-win!

The war had not been gentle. They were each a little broken, but they were alive. They were together. And that would be enough.

(absolutely inspired by the way Eliza sings the line at the beginning of That Would Be Enough. art credit the the amazing @taratjah.)

The Lunar Chronicles + Hamilton Quotes
  • Cinder: I've seen injustice in the world and I've corrected it.
  • Kai: They're asking me to lead, I'm doing the best I can.
  • Thorne: I prob'ly shouldn't brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish.
  • Cress: Helpless, look into your eyes and the sky's the limit
  • Scarlet: Uh...France.
  • Wolf: Ev'ry day you fight like you're running out of time.
  • Winter: I am the one thing in life I can control.
  • Jacin: Geniuses, lower your voices.
  • Levana: I will kill your friends and family, to remind you of my love.
  • Iko: You want a revolution, I want a revelation.
  • Dr Erland: Immigrants, we get the job done.
  • Konn Torin: Talk less, Smile more.