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So out of curiosity, where exactly does “Ike is dumb” come from, anyway?

Is it his inexperience and lack of knowledge of the world and of war at the beginning of FE9? At the beginning of FE9, I would like to note, he’s seventeen and fairly sheltered. Is it his blunt speech and mannerisms? These do persist through both games, and if anything he’s worse about it in FE10 than he was 9, but bluntness is hardly a sign of stupidity. Is it his dweeby “I fight for my friends” Brawl line? (Because I, uh, don’t know what to tell you guys about that one.) Is it the whole “Ike loves meat” thing? That’s not a sign of intelligence either way and it isn’t nearly as prevalent a joke in canon as it is in fandom. Is it that he trusted Nasir? Video game characters don’t have the same frame of mind we do, re: this dude isn’t playable and makes shifty remarks and has a weirdly detailed design ergo he’s probs gonna betray us. Is it Ike’s design? I heard a lot of “omg Rambo” talk when his FE10 official art was first released – he’s a large man, and clearly built for fighting, but it seems silly to essentially say that since he’s got muscles he has no brains. (I mean, Tormod says that. Tormod. I love Tormod, but come on.) That Ike picks up just about anyone who wants to join his army? It’s a video game. We need those characters so we’re not even closer to that I have played this chapter seventy times I swear if I don’t beat it I am throwing the Wii out the fucking window stage. 

Back in Ye Olden Path of Radiance Days (the dark ages of 2005), I saw a few people say that Ike was stupid because he doesn’t remember meeting Soren, but there’s a canonical reason for that in RD, so it doesn’t hold water.

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I drew these after reading bits of Path of Radiance’s storyline for the first time in a while. I had completely forgotten how much… louder Soren was in it. (In the English translation at least. I hear he was quite a bit less aggressive in the Japanese version.) I couldn’t help but imagine him doing expressions and gestures every time he opened his mouth.



I’m so happy! I finnaly managed to colour that picture. 

Since months there was the sketch of it in my drawing folder but I never had time to finish it. Now it’s finally done~

har~ *me is happy* *and kinda proud of herself* xD

btw. I’m planning to do a second version of that drawing. you know what I mean if you know the second version of the sketch,haha xDD

anyway, I hope you like it^^

Artwork by Crescentia-Fortuna/ Nayuru-le-Cat