series: smot

edsworld butt their gay fanfik

here is a fanfoc i wote in clas it was hela hard 2 do so i hope uenjoyyzz!!!!!! XD XD XD XP ^^;; ^^;;

add said laid on the coch holding a ham floverd Sprite ™ he begun to fell aslep when sudenly math came and scared him from the behind!!!!!!!!! add did scream loud and spiled his ham fleverd Sprite ™ all over maths pant jeans math was sad and a ter fell down across his face as add crid “DO NOT CRY MATH I WILL BUY YOU A NEW PAIR OF PANT JEANS” add yelled math did a smil and crid happy tears as he huged add and took off his shirt they kised and did the very gay twogehter on the coch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the end

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