series: selcas


Found these from playing with my photobooth… the top 2 are from tonight.  lol!

Bottom left- wearing a scarf cause my hair was wild from drying and I was waiting for a delivery man… lol!

Bottom right- just being goofy… X-D

Top two- tonight.  I put a combination of different oils (hair serum, coconut spray, some vitamin spray, and coconut oil) in my hair so wrapped a towel around my hair and tied it with a cute hair tie that I have.  I put so much in my hair so I’m expecting I’ll probably end up leaking oils.  lol X-D Hopefully the combination does something… we’ll see!

Why can’t I be this cute without the comic book filter??

Also, where is my manic panic?!?  Ordered it over a week ago… but when I try to cancel it on the gmarket page, it says it’s in delivery (I know it’s coming from the states but still!)

Guess I’ll try to be patient… in the meantime, I’ll slowly work on treating my hair from home~!

Now back to the Walking Dead… decided to pick that up and now I’m in the middle of the second season~ :-P