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I’m getting a bit troubled at all the rants about Senshi/Shitennou every time a new episode comes out, saying like “the only interaction they ever had was in one colour spread that Naoko drew back in 1993!”

Here’s the thing: Senshi/Shitennou has been around since 1993, in various media and multiple forms. IT. HAS. BEEN. EXPLORED. WITH. It’s not just one colour spread.


1993, manga - The colour spread yada yada Naoko wanted to explore a bit more on their relationships yada yada. Rei/Jadeite and Venus/Kunzite scene in the SM manga happens.

The *same year* in 1993, SeraMyu: The first Sailormoon musical came out, called Gaiden Kingdom Dark Fukkatsu Hen. Senshi/Shitennou were explored in there, most notably Venus/Kunzite.

1993, a few months after the first SeraMyu, Sailor V manga: Naoko decided she liked the Minako/Kunzite interaction in the musical and added the subplot about Saitou (who resembles Kunzite) into the Sailor V manga.

1995-ish, Sailormoon manga: Casablanca Memory, a sidestory about Rei was published. In there included a blink-and-miss reference to Jadeite.

1995, RPG game: In the Sailormoon RPG ‘Another Story’, they expanded the Senshi/Shitennou relationship in the Silver Milennium by having a plot where the girls search for the Shitennou’s stones in order to heal Mamoru. Once again, Venus/Kunzite and Mars/Jadeite had the biggest hints in the game.

1997, Sailor V manga: In the last chapter of the Sailor V manga, Naoko once again included another Venus/Kunzite hint. Note that this scene was written after Sailormoon ended, so obviously Naoko was still interested in the Senshi/Shitennou pairing somewhat.

2003, PGSM series: The Senshi/Shitennou romance was lightly touched upon here (and even with the Shitennou playing an active role here, they still didn’t end up with the Senshi). Naoko was heavily involved in the series, hence she must have influenced some of the creative decisions.

2013, SeraMyu: La Reconquista SeraMyu once again flirted with the idea of a Senshi/Shitennou relationship, however this time only Mercury/Zoisite was given any importance. Same thing, Naoko was heavily involved in this musical.


Another thing I’d like to stress upon is that Senshi/Shitennou happening in SMC is NOT going to invalidate any of the old!anime couples like Kunzite/Zoisite, Nephrite/Naru, etc. Just like some versions of Sailormoon does not have Senshi/Shitennou, there will some versions which will have it. SMC just happens to be ONE version which have Sen/Shi. That’s it.

I know that some people aren’t fond of the idea of Sen/Shi – their concerns are totally legit! I totally understand! But I’m trying to explain where the Sen/Shi shippers are coming from, and that they’re not shipping something out of thin air, like how people are claiming it to be.

Manga!Kunzite musings

See, I’m actually intrigued to see how Crystal interprets the Shitennou’s pre-brainwash personalities. It’s something that we, the viewers/readers, were never privy to, and with the announcement that their respective crystal’s qualities will be the foundation to their personalities is something that have caught my interest.

Take Kunzite for example, I always thought that the soft-coloured crystal (which is usually used for healing and romance) was a misnomer for such a cold and cruel villain. But what if his pre-brainwash personality was actually concurrent with the crystal’s qualities, and Beryl/Metalia just corrupted or inverted these qualities to become a sick, twisted version of himself? The opposite of healing and love is – you guessed it, destruction and apathy.

Like I said before in another post, another observation is that the Kunzite crystal has an affinity for the Planet Venus and Aphrodite. This itself is a very intriguing aspect of Kunzite as it is rarely addressed in the fandom. Since Naoko had a thing for crystals, it’s not far-fetched to assume that one of the reasons why he was paired with Venus was because his crystal namesake is naturally aligned to Venus.

Note that another love interest of Venus, Danburite, is also named after a crystal that is associated with love and healing. Kunzite and Danburite seem to also have a strange history together, dating back to the Sil!Mil.

In their past lives, Danburite (or known as Adonis back then) was sent to Earth as a Venusian soldier to aid the Earth forces against a war. In the present time, Adonis/Danburite would go on to continue serving the 4 Generals under the Dark Kingdom operation, as hinted in the Sailor V manga.

I’ve always thought that it was a bit strange that a person with Venusian origins, would defer to an Elysian even after being reincarnated into the modern world. Why were Danburite and Kunzite working together in the first place? Was Kunzite’s influence on Danburite stronger than the incarnation of Venus, Minako Aino herself? Danburite was also hinted to be jealous of Venus and Kunzite’s past relations (just like Beryl with Serenity/Endymion), was that the reason why he went to the dark side in the first place? And in his utter rage for not receiving Venus’ love, he bonded with another corrupted individual with similar characteristics as him – Kunzite? But unlike Kunzite, Danburite kept his powers of love, but used it instead to trap and control women into submission. Whereas Kunzite’s qualities were reversed when he turned evil, Danburite’s were simply magnified.

The dynamics between the three have the potential to be something complex, but sadly Naoko decided to keep things vague instead of expanding further on the matter.

Another thing I’d like to note is that when Kunzite regains his memories temporarily, and when he reverted back into crystal form, the change in his personality seemed closer to his crystal’s namesake original qualities. He is much less apathetic (looking more serenely calm) and often have a smile on his face. He also played an important role in exposing Metallia’s weakness, allowing Sailormoon and Tuxedo Mask to turn the tides and defeat her ultimately. 

I really hope Crystal does Kunzite justice, because manga!Kunzite is one of the better developed male characters in the series. And that’s not me delving into yet another unsolved mystery – was Saitou-san in the Sailor V manga the civilian identity of Kunzite or not?

Until next time! (and perhaps I’ll try to tackle the whole Saitou-san = Kunzite debacle, but I’m pretty sure it’ll once again boil down to “we will never know for sure, fuck this!”… yeah)


Hello…Today I share with you a tutorial I made a mine that came from china wig, and with different hairstyle than I wanted. 

I undid the wig completely and was adjusting his odangos, fringe and appliques.

Tutorial Here:

And soon…my sailor moon crystal cosplay :)

Most of my friends complains the new style being too skinny and ugly. Okay so here I make some adjustment. For the first frame, I just make the hair smaller. Second one, the new faces in profile are ridiculously done, so I have to reshape them to make them look right again. For the last one, I make the hair smaller and modify the anatomy of the left hand and arm abit. I think they look better now. Sorry for being anal about the new art, it is quite not up to the 2014 animation standard in my opinion.


The staff of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal anime announced on Tuesday that idol and singer Shoko Nakagawa will voice the role of Diana in the series beginning in episode 20, which will premiere on April 18.

As a fan of Sailor Moon herself, Nakagawa commented on the role, saying, “I actually personally own a cat named Luna, and I’m very happy to be playing the role of Diana, the extremely cute daughter of Luna.”

Nakagawa also performed a cover of the Sailor Moon song “Heart Moving” for the Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon The 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute album.

In addition, the staff announced that the television broadcast of the anime’s Dark Moon arc has been scheduled to begin airing in July. The broadcast of the Dark Kingdom arc will premiere on April 1. The 19th episode, titled “Time Warp -SAILOR PLUTO-,” will premiere on Saturday on Niconico

Animator should know there is a pause function in video player. People can spot every ugly frame. This frame is… ridiculous, who approved this frame (this is just one of the bad frames actually)? After watching the first episode of Sailormoon Crystal, it looks like a low budget and rush production. Ironically, more people are involved in the drawing than the 90s version.

You people don't know anything. Better shut your mouth.

Frankly speaking, I am getting tired of animation wars here. Here I am, reading complains about SMC because I am sharing all the things I read here to my fellow animators since I’m the only one who is in tumblr and you know what guys, all of them said one thing. “THEY SHOULD TRY AND DO WHAT WE DO HERE, THEY WOULDN’T SURVIVE FOR A DAY.”
Do you actually THINK that animation is that easy?! Do you think animators do not care about QUALITY?! Man, SMC is NOT the only show that Toei air. Remember that animators are human and we do make mistakes. Does that mean we are untalented? Does that mean we are lazy?! No! 50% of the animators in our company doesn’t sleep for a day just to finish one scene. ONE FUCKING SCENE!

You people are treating us like a trash! Like how Toei treat us! Screw all of you!!

We are not the ones that make SM because we are (mostly) assigned for specials and movies but please, PLEASE be considerate to us. The animators. Do you think that bashing us will make the quality better? No! You people who hates the quality of SM makes those people (the in betweener) little about themselves. Making them feel useless as shit!

I’m sick how people see animators like a bunch of lazy and untalented people. It’s hard to be part of Toei, especially ToeiPh because they are looking for people who really are talented and seeing all this makes me feel that I am part of that untalented shits, hah.