series: quotes

My father slapped my heart, 
but my mind is what broke.
I am the name of the nameless.
I am the voice of the voiceless.
I am the love of the hopeless.
I roam and roam, 
not knowing that
I am rootless.
—  born a bastard (when your protector, neglects you) // @abillionlittlethoughts

i like to think that the reason you didn’t let me come back everytime i came running was because you didn’t want to put me through that pain again,

and not because you’re fucking her now,

not because you’ve found someone else to fill the heart shaped hole in your chest so you don’t need me around to do it anymore,

something in me likes to think that somewhere in you there is a boy who regrets the hurt he’s caused and the scars he’s made and not just a boy who wears girls down until they’re just skin and bone and then heartlessly wanders off to the next.

i devour your presence