series: quotes

Do you know how old Niko was when he first killed for me? Fifteen. He was fifteen when he killed Jack’s homicidal buddy. Why do you think he is the way he is? All Zen and so fucking bottled up? It’s because he’s a time bomb. He killed a man to save my life when he was fifteen, lived through dragging my ass back to sanity after two years in Auphe Hell, ran with me to escape the sons of bitches, and lost me again. And then again and fucking again.
—  Cal Leandros (Slashback by Rob Thurman)
Good morning sunshine! Let that fire that burns within you illuminate the world.
I drew your name in the sand
And watched the waves wash it away.
I wish it would pull my memories of you away too.
Drag it off to some foreign beach and let it wash up for someone else to find.
But theres no where else for memories to go.
Theyre trapped like a letter in a bottle.
—  A.P