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Homecoming? He asked her to homecoming? She’d never been to a school dance, let alone HOMECOMING. She had have a dress and wear makeup and do her hair. Thank the spirits her father was okay with the whole thing. The city was at peace and, apparently, so was he.

It took several trips to the mall and endless guidance from her cousin Korra and her best friend Asami to finally pick out a 50’s style yellow dress and a pair of shoes from her mother’s closet. T-2 hours until the dance and she still wasn’t mentally prepared.

I know it’s really dumb, but I keep calling Kyle “Oatcitizen.“ I have no clue why.

I sense he wouldn’t take that too well if I ever talked to him. He’s one of my favourite reviewers, but I make him sound like a cereal bar.

(Oatcitizen bars! 30 grams of sarcasm in every delicious bite! Part of a criticizing breakfast. - Susie)


Kwongs was the nicest place in town, so of course she had to dress up. Thank spirits it was a Friday (and one in which her dad was very busy at work). It took her at least 30 minutes just to do her hair and makeup, and another 20 to pick out an outfit. By the time she was out the door, she had… an hour before they had to meet.

Not knowing what to do, she sat in her bed, finishing a few physics problems, waiting for her alarm to ring at 30 minutes. Kwongs was a far walk, but it would be worth it.


Observatorio Astronómico Nacional, San Pedro Mártir, Baja California

Hey Kai!

I can’t believe we’ve been apart almost a week. I forgot how lonely it is on air temple island without you and Opal. It’s sad to be around here when you’re not right around the corner.

Meelo misses having a boy around the house. Now that his hair is growing in, he wants your advice on how to cut it. Mine is getting pretty long, too. Soon I’ll look like a real master.

I can’t wait to hear back from you. It’s going to be a long few months.


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♪ Shalalala don't be scared, you better be prepared, go on and kiss da boy! ♫

“Oh my spirits IKKI! GET OUT NOW!” Jinora barked, pushing her little sister out of her room, blushing so hard her pale freckles were probably showing.

She turned around to see a stunned Kai, who she had left there. Just about to kiss. Wow.


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De todos os dias em que eu senti sua falta hoje foi o pior. Porque em todos esse dias eu levantei a cabeça, disse para mim mesma que não me importava mais e que não precisava ficar lembrando de você. Mas hoje… Depois de tudo que eu vi hoje, não consegui me segurar. Eu tinha que conversar com alguém e isso só piorou tudo! Eu não choro nunca mas no momento o que eu mais quero e chorar, embora eu odeie admitir, eu quero chorar mas sei que não vou e se você estivesse lendo saberia também que eu não me permitiria chorar. Eu não sou fraca! Não posso ser! Sinto sua falta mas sei que não se importa.
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The Ballad of Jack O'Hanley - William Josh Beck

Oan’s Pub, Rennes, 25.04.2012

Real. Sylvain Texier / Son Olivier Bastide