series: nightwing


Its taken way too long but I finally made references for each of the Batfamily’s Pokémon. Including names and what Pokéballs they’re in…
Except I still haven’t found a name for Tim’s Alakazam or most of Bruce’s team. (Lunala didn’t get a nickname, as she introduced herself as Lunala to Bruce and there are no other known Lunalas in Gotham anyway.) 

Only one that’s missing is Jason’s Fletchinder Ember.. Cuz she dead. But here’s a pic of her anyway, as well as a pre-evolved Rocky (I was also working on drawing their pre-evolutions)

Fun facts:
- Bruce’s first Pokémon was an Eevee. He’s now a very old Umbreon who doesn’t do much fighting.
- Lunala likes to pretend she’s Bruce’s mom. 
- Some Gothamites already saw Lunala as a guardian of Gotham City, long before Batman even came along. She was rarely seen however as she spent most of her time in the bat-cave before a young Bruce Wayne fell in. 
- Damian’s first Pokémon was Goliath, whom he caught on his own as a Noibat. 
- Most of Damian’s Pokémon are based of his canon pets. Except David and Lil’Bruce. 
- He was given Lil’Bruce as an egg by Dick when he first became Robin. Since Bruce was thought to be dead at the Damian named the bird after his dad. 
- Dick’s first pokémon was Haly. The Popplio was given to him by the circus he grew up in. He named her after the Director, Mr Haly. 
- Rufus and Flamebird are the parents of Lil’Bruce. 
- Ace was named after Ace the Bathound. 
- Jason’s first Pokémon was Spike the Gligar, given to him by Bruce. 
- Ember and Phoenix are brother and sister. Flamebird is their aunt. 
- Shadow is a precious cinnamon-bun. 
- Spike’s collar is a part of Jason’s old cape. It was given to him after his trainer died. 
- Tim’s first Pokémon were an Eevee and a Pikachu. Both given to him by his parents. 
- All the bat-pokémon except Goliath came from the Bat-cave. They are probably related to Bruce’s Pokémon. 

A family doesn’t have to be normal. Sometimes a family is a broody vigilante who wears a lot of black and has an orphan addiction, a boy from the circus who used to like wearing scaly green panties, a badass computer geek, a zombie, an awesome ninja assassin girl, a sleep-deprived depressed teenager, a sassy blonde with a thing for purple, a teeny murderous 10 year-old, a cow, and an old immortal British butler who can beat up Superman.

Jason: We are gathered here today-

Dick: [sobs]

Jason: To honor the life-

Damian: And death

Dick: [sobs harder]

Jason: Of Blue, someone who meant much to us all. He was family. A victim of- uhh…

Dick: [sobs some more]

Damian: This is pathetic. I’m going to my room.

Tim: Don’t be so rude! This is a funeral!

Damian: For a fish

Jason: Shut up. Both of you. Steph, start the music again.

Steph: Sure thing, lover boy.

Jason: Blue was only 3 weeks old when he was tragically taken from us

Dick: [wails]