series: my sweet bodyguard

When ever you have a conversation with your AVID teacher about your future

Teacher: Have you ever consider on having a career?

Me: I think I would be an exchange student somewhere.

Teacher: Why be an exchange student?

Me: I might become a princess for marrying a really handsome prince.

Teacher: Was this a plan as you’re a little kid?

Me: Scratch that I’ll move to Japan.

Teacher: Why? 

Me: You never know if I might be the Prime Minister’s daughter.

Teacher: P-Prime Minister.

Me: Actually I want to go to the police academy in japan to be public safety.

Teacher: … 

Me: wait I want to be a scriptwriter who gets fired and has to work for a famous japanese boy band.

Teacher: …

Me: I’ll work at the planetarium and wait for a group of gods to show up at my workplace

Teacher: I don’t think any…

Me: I’ll work at japan’s first legal casino

Teacher: I’ll give you an A+ for a long and creative conversation

Lesson that I learned: Voltage Inc. can help me on my schoolwork and also shows me how to chose a career


Final result is out!

Scorpy won! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

We can get Taku’s story, Namba’s route, Kaito ikemen version and best of all MSB!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

Unfortunately, we cant get a sub bout’ the King of Heaven and it was soooo close…

Added Note: AND MPD’s sequels! EVERYONES’ SEQUEL! 😍😍😍 (sorry I forgotten about MPD 😖)
You know the great thing about the voltage fandom?
  • NO SHIP WARS!!!!
  • Because if you want to see a certain character end up with you, all you have to do is buy the guys route! It's simple!
  • And in general, when a person has a favorite, the rest of the fandom respects that!
  • I just love this fandom!