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Ballerina Yata Headcanons

(( @shy-canadian-snowflake drew a lovely and adorable picture of smol Yata as a ballerina so here are headcanons!))

~ His mother has a bunch of pictures so if HOMRA ever somehow met her…it’s going to be lots of embarrassment for Misaki

~ He started it in the first place because he saw them on TV and they looked so cool with their flexibility and jumps

~ They did think he was a girl at first because of his name but at the time he decided not to be bothered by it and just wanted to dance

~ He unintentionally uses some of his dance moves during battle occasionally, luckily for him, no one really notices

~ He sometimes practices when he’s alone

~ Anna caught him once so to make sure she keeps quiet about it he gives her lessons

anonymous asked:

munakata , nagare , yukari , tatara , kusanagi , mikoto , fushimi , misaki and yashiro what will make them feel jealous and what will they do ?

((My computer decided to randomly shut off right when I was writing Tatara so like….I’m really cheesed and Imma go give up on life and have these get really short ;-;))

Reisi - Probably someone touching his s/o in a little too friendly way. He’d show that his s/o is taken by kisses and hugs.

Nagare - Any flirting, making his s/o laugh and blush. He’d probably have Kotosaka attack the flirter.

Yukari - Same as Nagare. He’d probably just find ways to keep his s/o’s eyes on him and him only.

Tatara - I have no idea what could make this fluffball jealous, maybe his s/o talking to someone stronger and “cooler” than him. He’d just give his s/o lots of affection.

Kusanagi - Seeing someone obviously flirting with his s/o with not so innocent intentions. He has a strangely intimidating smile sometimes when he’s mad so he could probably scare the other person away.

Mikoto - Anyone getting a little too close to his s/o. He’d probably just pick his s/o up and put them in his lap.

Saruhiko - Anyone who can impress his s/o and make them laugh, they just seem a little too friendly. His s/o would probably just have to figure out he was jealous since he just acted grumpier than usual.

Misaki - If someone acts too friendly and close to his s/o. He kind of just glared at the person until they back off.

Yashiro - It’ll take a lot to make him jealous, maybe someone touching his s/o. He wouldn’t really do anything, probably just pout and maybe talk to his s/o.