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Why Do I Need To Hustle?

 How do you count from 0 to 1 million? You start at 0 and you keep going 1 by 1 until you reach 1 million. This is the same technique you use to get from where you started to where you want to be. There are no shortcuts, there are no loopholes - you just have to do the work.

Hustle is the hard work you put into your craft. Hustle means trying again when you’ve failed. Hustle means working while everyone else is sleeping or partying. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, write a book or make more money - you need to hustle to get to your end goal.

When the going gets tough - the tough get going. When the journey is challenging remember that this is the universe testing you to see if you’re worthy of that which you are working toward. Hustle is the remedy to any ill-feeling along the road to success - just keep going.

If you feel like everyone else is doing it better than you, or if you feel that you’re not as good at whatever it is you’re trying to do - you can get better if you hustle. Putting in more hours into your craft is the best way to ensure you get better at it and ensure your success.

Hustle means not playing 5 hours of video games a week, hustle means not partying with your friends, hustle means not scrolling through news feeds and getting your ass to work. Those distractions will always be there, but the time to put into your craft will not - choose how you deploy your time carefully.

When you want something bad enough - you will hustle for it. If you haven’t reached your goal yet and are wondering what you can do to speed up the process - hustle. Along this path to your success keep in mind why you started and what you want to see at the end of it.

Hustle, or the goal will never be achieved.

Peace & positive vibes.


What’s Luck Got To Do With It? 

 The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there - he climbed from the base to the summit and that is why he can enjoy the view. There was no luck involved in this climb, there was no overnight ascent to the summit and he never gave up - this is why the man is at the top of the mountain.

This a metaphor for success - you start at the bottom and you climb to the top. There is no short-cut to get to the top - you have to put in the work and be committed to getting to the end goal. Yes, the climb will be difficult - but the view from the top will be worth it.

I came across people in my early journey that accounted everyone’s success to good fortune or luck. After studying the habits of successful people I have seen that there is no such thing as luck. 

When you work hard for something opportunities will present themselves along the way - this is the concept of creating your own luck. The harder you work - the luckier you get. 

Instead of envying those at the top of the mountain you aspire to climb - study their methods and use them in your own ascent. You’ll never get to the top of your mountain if you sit at the base complaining about how hard the climb will be. 

It may takes months, years or decades - but as long as you’re climbing you’ll get there. What’s the alternative? You set up camp at the base of the mountain with the others who aren’t committed and you make each other feel better by making up stories as to how the others got to the top and why you can’t?

You don’t need luck when you’ve got hustle.

Peace & positive vibes.


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