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I just listened to the commentary for “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” and what’s really interesting to me is that GRRM speaks up whenever Michelle Maclaren makes an observation about the show which differs from the books or asks a question about a character or event which George then elaborates on if not all of the information is there in the show.

When Michelle Maclaren talks about a potential romance between Jaime and Brienne, George doesn’t say a thing. He goes along with it. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s very interesting.


Game of Thrones Season 3 Commentary by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Gwendoline Christie and Bryan Cogman


The Stark kids commenting on S01E03
  • (I just had to share this.)
  • *Scene where Ned says goodbye to Catland*
  • Sophie (Sansa): Oh noo, dooon'ttttt
  • Isaac (Bran): This is the last time they see each othuhh
  • Maisie (Arya): *sobbing noises*
  • Sophie: It's so saadd.
  • Isaac: I know..
  • Maisie: It's really sweet though. REALLY SWEET.
  • Isaac: I know.. it's like *awwwwww*
  • Maisie: It's really a believable relationship as well. It looks like they've known each other for years and years.
  • Isaac: And like genuinely love each othuhh
  • Sophie: Yeah, they're my second favorite TV couple next to Dany and Drogo.
  • Maisie: Awwwwww.
  • Isaac: What about you and Joffrey? Where do that come in? *chuckles*
  • Sophie: Probably ..not the best matching, I'm gonna have to say. *laughs*
  • *Ned and Cat kiss*
  • -Suddenly there's COMPLETE silence-
  • Isaac: Ohh, that's it. Before he gets that *breaking neck sounds*
  • *Ned and Cat part ways*
  • Sophie: Ohhh, look at his faaaacceee

Once I was reading some comments on the av club’s review of Game of Thrones–last season, some time—and this guy was replying to a woman who was uncomfortable with the Joffrey/Ros death scene.

He said, to paraphrase, that GoT would make women uncomfortable bc it’s “obviously a show aimed at men.”

Think about that statement in this context. The sexual violence against women makes women uncomfortable–but it’s there bc the show is aimed at men, so making women uncomfortable is okay. Besides the very basic sexism of that notion, this dude was basically saying that entertainment geared toward men SHOULD HAVE SEXUAL VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN BC THAT’S WHAT APPEALS TO MEN.

Alan: I think the audience was very happy to see her [Sansa] show at least some will for revenge there. For however briefly.
David: Were you in the message boards again?
David: Everyone denies looking at them, but you know… I actually don’t.
Alan: But I really don’t.
Dan: You do. When people come in the room and see you looking at them, you turn it off really quickly and turn on the porn.

Game of Thrones audio commentary (1x10)


Game of Thrones season 1 audio commentaries

S1E01 - Winter is Coming; Commentary by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss

David: The fact that these guys are able to act while flexing their abs so severely is really impressive.

Dan: We’ve seen the number of crunches that they did before they shot this. I’m surprised that they didn’t all throw up.

David: They’re not actually breathing during this entire scene. They’re just flexing and yet somehow it works.

*both laugh

Dan: It must’ve been painful *laughs

Arya and the Hound

GoT s4, Ep 9 ‘The Children’

Rory in the commentary mentions Sandor feeling very unwell & Brienne interrupting him while he’s taking care of his personal needs around the corner.

So that infection had really gotten well into his system & he knows he’s not fighting at his best :(

Rory at 4:17