series: five


Still got many years ahead to grow together 🌻

My secret episode theory:  If there is a fourth episode of Sherlock, it will reveal that the entirety of series four is actually a hallucination on the plane during the five-minute exile, whereupon Sherlock will tell Mycroft to arrest Vivian Norbury and Culverton Smith, completely replace the staff at Sherringford and schedule him regular playdates with Eurus.  He’ll also forbid Mary to go anywhere near aquariums - just in case - and slap John’s phone out of his hand and stomp on it.  Then slap John, just for good measure.

After which he will rush to St. Bart’s and snog the living daylights out of Molly.

It’s time to say good bye, everyone…

Today is the day when everything changes…

I still can’t believe Regular Show it’s over, after 7 years, 8 seasons, 1 movie and 264 episodes, I’m going to miss this show so MUCH, but every good show must end someday, I’m going to cry so much, the show made me become a better person, I’ve been drawing RS since 2013 and I really improved my art style a lot, I meet new friends and that’s not all, I made a family with you guys, you’re like a family to me and I love all of you so much, so many thanks to my RS friends, followers, the cast, the crew and JG Quintel for taking me all on such an amazing journey, I can’t wait to watch the final episode, I’m so excited!!! ;w;

September 6 2010 - January 16 2017

I hope you guys like this, I’m so proud! :3

Imagine Loki has been banished to live alone in a forest for five hundred years for crimes committed on Asgard. This isn’t just any forest he’s been banished to, however, it’s yours. One you claimed long ago and he’s come ‘uninvited.’ You try to make him leave with a series of misfortunes as he tries to set up residence, but he doesn’t get the hint. Angered by his endless persistence, you begin observing him, managing the mysterious ability to do so without him being aware. Or so you thought….


The Great Master marveled at this little snake with no venom, who had learned to dance to make her father smile…and so she had. That night, Viper found courage, a power far more potent than venom.