series: fairy tail

A Change of Habit

(Man, I’m just noticing things everywhere and it’s a little concerning that I’m becoming to unnecessarily vigilant)

But Guys … since when does Natsu not except a compliment on a battle?! All he’s ever really opening strived for was to be acknowledged as strong and powerful (And to beat Erza, but that’s a different goal)

So when Arcadios compliments him on his battle with Sting and Rogue

“He couldn’t care less.”

And in addition to Natsu change in behavior:

I’m thinking back to when Day Break came about and how he didn’t want to sneak around.

But when he and the others go to save Lucy from prison …

He shushes her

Since when does Natsu care about sneaking around? He’s never been afraid to go and “Take ‘em by storm”.

And what about him being such a firm believer in the whole, “You don’t die for your friends, you live for them.” thing? That seemed to have slipped his mind when he was fighting f!Rogue.

All I’m saying is that it seems that when Lucy is involved, Natsu goes against his own habits and beliefs .

And I’m pretty sure that’s significant.

heros-and-legends  asked:

Um hi I just wanted to say I love your art and was wondering if you could possibly draw something for me , See um I wrote/still writing a fan fiction called love like war , you probably don't know my story but I was just wondering if you could draw a Sean or something like that , um so ya if you could that be great :)

Thank you! This i probably not what you had in mind but I liked the idea of Lucy and a pet dragon ^^