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[170313] ‘Light’ Asia tour documentary «Light’s Shadow» premier

✩ He didn’t sell the DVD and gave it free to fans as gifts of White Valentine’s day. He thought the beautiful moments/memories he had with fans were priceless.

→ So touching, Xu Weizhou is our sweetest bae ♡ How can we stop loving this adorable kitten
‘Mars’: Behind the Scenes of National Geographic Channel’s Global Event Series
The six-part series from executive producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer will premiere Nov. 14 in the U.S. and Nov. 13 internationally in 170 countries and 45 languages.

Behind the scenes of NatGeo Channel’s MARS featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson, Elon Musk, Robert Zubrin and Andy Weir

Because Sherlock will be so groundbreaking and make television history, I really hope someone is making a documentary about it. I want to see the impact of Sherlock and John being openly gay, I want Mark and Steven to talk about what it was like planning it and making it happen. I want to see fans who have been helped by a gay Sherlock and John and what it means for their personal life.


dir. Mary Dore

SHE’S BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE’S ANGRY tells the story of the brilliant, often outrageous women who founded the feminist movement of the 1960s. They said ‘the personal is political’ and made a revolution: in the bedroom, in the workplace, in all spheres of life. Called threatening by the FBI, yet ignored in many histories, these women changed the world. (imdb)

I seldom invite people to have lunch or dinner with me. But they’re really chosen. Because i can’t spend time with people that i don’t enjoy. I can’t do it anymore as theatre. I make choices, and that’s such a beautiful thing about growing up. Learning to say no. In a nice way, you say no. I have this friend of mine, he was in the island, in fact 30 years ago when we first started, and we parted. We just went different ways in our lives. Once he came back to me, he said “Francis, you don’t like me anymore.” and i said no, it’s not that i don’t like you. We’ve chosen different styles of life. I still have these beautiful souvenirs of all the things we did together and how close we were and so on. But the truth is, it’s not that you bore me, but i don’t enjoy talking to you anymore and i don’t want to fight with you but you know there’s nothing in common between your life and mine nowadays. I would have never said that to him, but he asked me, so what could i say. I said the truth. But growing up has a bit to do with that too. Being able to tell the truth. To show who you are, even if it hurts.
—  Francis Mallmann

King George VI of the United Kingdom, the last Emperor of India’s funeral. It’s so sad because now his 25 year old daughter had to become our Queen Elizabeth II.  


Niki Nakayama is my new hero. She’s a badass lady chef who shows that you can be sensitive, people-pleasing and artistic and make it in the chef world!

this whole series is blowing my mind so far, but this episode features the only woman chef (1 out of 6). the episode addresses the subject of women in professional kitchens, and handles it very well. the existing prejudices or difficulties that one is presented with as a woman - in general, in Asian culture, and in the culinary world - affects the way that Nakayama cooks and presents herself to her customer, but seemingly to her benefit. she uses food as a method of self-expression, connecting herself to the customer in an authentic way.


also, new favorite documentary series. 


A Royal Family - The Royal House of Greece documentary (well worth the watch)

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Im a documentary lover too >.< haha is there any others you would recommend? And thank you (:

This ones are some that I’ve watched! Take a look :)

Animal Rights Videos:

Health and Food Videos:

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