series: doctor who and the avengers


Imagine going to a high school or college where magic is real as well as every character of your favorite fandoms.

Unexpected Witness

Unexpected Turns Part 2

A Superwhoavengelock Imagine

Warnings: fluff, murder, blood, fire

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Word Count: 3307 (oops)

A/N: So the first few parts will kind of center around one fandom at a time. This one is Sherlock-centric. That’s just how the story made sense to me. Sorry that this part took so long, but it is a long one. A lot happens. I’m really excited for this one. I plan on it being another kind of long one. Maybe ten parts or so. I hope y’all like it! Let me know what you think!

Read Part 1 here!


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