series: demon knights

Demon Knights

Plot: In the wake of a cataclysmic event, societies have fallen, lives have been lost, and superheroes across the multiverse have all but completely perished.  So now, powerful mystic Doctor Fate must unite the few remaining heroes and anti-heroes throughout the dimensions with his group of mystics and warriors to combat the dark forces of the evil demon lord Trigon and his legions and attain a power so great it will allow him to rewrite reality in their favor. 

The Colony:  A small group heroes who by the grace of Linda Strauss, the first Doctor Fate, survived the devastation of Trigon’s arrival.  The question is, “why?”

-Sara Lance (Minerva/White Canary):  A highly trained warrior, former captain of the Waverider, and current leader of the Colony.

(Ex): The former captain of the Waverider and leader of The Colony, Sara Lance is a highly trained warrior/assassin with many skills and a chip on her shoulder, who will do everything in her power to restore the dimensions and save her family and friends (new and old), and given her previous experience with the Spear of Destiny (or Holy Lance, as it is alternatively known), she has become something of an expert on the restoration of reality.

-Leonard Snart (Saturn/Cold/Cryomancer): A meta-human from Earth-2 who awoke after a ten year deep freeze with cryokenetic capabilities.

-Wally West (Mercury/Kid Flash): A young speedster and former protege of The Flash

-James Olsen (Vulcan/Guardian): A photographer and art director from Earth-38 who moonlighted as the Natonal City based vigilante known as the Guardian

-Alex Danvers (Themis): A former DEO agent and second-in-command/interim captain of the Colony from Earth-38 and adoptive sister of Supergirl. 

-Cynthia Reynolds (Gypsy/Atlas/Sif):  A meta-human from Earth-19 who can manipulate dimensional energy. 

-Mari McCabe (Vixen):  a former Detroit based vigilante with the power to channel the animal spirit via the use of the mystical Anansi Totem.

Demon Knights:  An ancient syndicate of mystics and warriors who were tasked with the protection of the world from supernatural threats.

-Kent Nelson (Doctor Fate):  A powerful mystic who seeks to unite the Colony and the Demon Knights against Trigon’s forces, and avenge his fallen wife, Linda Strauss, the original Doctor Fate.

-Rachel Roth (Raven):  The empathic half human, half demon daughter of Trigon and Arella.

(Ex): The half human, half demon daughter of Trigon and Arella from the mysterious world of Azarath, Rachel Roth was destined to serve as a portal between her world and hell so her farther could emerge from his native underworld and consolidate his rule across the multiverse.  Having come of age, Rachel became the unwilling catalyst for Trigon’s destructive arrival that led to the unimaginable devastation of 50 dimensions, and the absolute subjugation of them all.  Now, Rachel, under the name Raven, will combat her monstrous father, and help in the restoration of the multiverse, even certain of her allies don’t fully trust her.

-Zatanna Zatara:  A mischievous sorceress, close associate of Doctor Fate and John Constantine, and tentative ally of Raven.

-Jason Blood/Etrigan: An ancient Arthurian era demon with connections to Accipiter and Stargirl/Merlin.

-Anna “Ystin” Castillo (Accipiter):  An amnesiac vigilante archer and transwoman with ties to the Arthurian era legend “Shining Knight”

-John Constantine (Hellblazer): The cynical albeit compassionate veteran occult detective who restored Sara Lance’s lost soul and the only one who has seen Trigon whilst traversing the depths of hell itself.

-Archangel Lucifer:  A mischievous fallen archangel and former ruler of hell who forms a tentative alliance with the Demon Knights to reclaim his throne from usurper Trigon.

You know, for all the largely deserved shit New 52 gets now, I think they deserve some admiration for their effort to push their non-superhero books into mainstream again.

Which makes it all the more saddening that none of those books actually succeeded.


SORRY FOR THE REALLY POOR QUALITY VIDEO it was the only one I can find.

This scene was really important to me growing up because it shows so perfectly the differance between a soldier’s sense of duty and a kngiht’s sense of duty.

Both charicters in this scene are following the orthodox moral code of thair respective (fictionalised and exagurated) societies. Both of them are displaying thair own idea of honour, justice and loyalty to thair King/President. And yet, they are so diametrically opposed.

(Side note: Sir Yestin is depicted in this cartoon as male, which was the case in comics at the time, but in the more recent comics he is afab bigender with male pronouns. But then those comics are set in the middle ages, so I take this as at some point during the early 20th century he decided to start male-passing while in cosutme so they would let him punch nazis and now he’s kind of stuck with it)


Villainess no.30: Morgaine Le Fey
The Arthurian legend herself. Morgaine has proved herself a great threat to our heroes time and time again. Her magical talents were showcased fantastically in the pages of Trinity where she very nearly won. She needs to steal others youth to remain immortal and hides her ancient body in her magical armour. Since the new 52 she has been seen in Demon Knights.

Oh, now you’ve decided that capturing an unwilling demon wasn’t the best castle defense strategy?! How about you just free me? Then I could, I don’t know, establish a library system, or invent the printing press? I really am FULL of love for humans at this point.

Etrigan (Demon Knights #1 by Paul Cornell)

Read this book. Seriously. It’s one of the few DCnU books that’s worth the $2.99.