series: daredevil

OK, everyone, sit down, I don’t usually do this but, look at this:

It says Deku, in case you didn’t know, now, this kid, this dumbass who can’t quit to save his own goddamn ass, he has been called that as an insult since he first got together with kids his own fucking age. Always. Deku, it was a mean nickname, a nickname given to humilliate him, to put him down. And this relentless jackass decides to give it a new meaning, to make it his.

Deku. Echoing from the schoolyard, from the bullies’ tauns. Deku. He hated that name, he wanted to shove it down their throats. And now he wears it like a badge. Let all the bullies know –all of them – the ones that use knives and guns, the kind that use mone (or quirks)– they have an enemy. Deku.

I’ll probably make fanart of that last page, because there’s too much justice in my heart right now. But the point I’m trying to make is: To take something meant to diminish you and make it yours, to wear it like armor… it takes a Man Without Fear