series: black sails


To give yourself over to another body
That’s all you want really
To be out of your own and consumed by another
To swim inside the skin of your lover
Not have to breathe
Not have to think
But you can’t live on love
And salt water’s no drink
We’re dying of thirst so we feast on each other
-Body of Water by Florence Welch

for @spacegaysian

Do you ever sit and listen to Avalanche as covered by Nick Cave for the Black Sails soundtrack on repeat and just stare into the middle distance, consumed by thoughts of Black Sails and, specifically, thoughts of one Captain James Flint, until a, frankly, worrying amount of time has passed, and then the song ends and you’re snapped out of it, and you’re like, “wow I need to get my life under control.” ??? Do you ever do that? No…just me? Alright. 

I’ve talked before about jacks arc being about learning to trust and value the women around him, but I also love that flint functions the best when has female partners who share his goal…

I think the points in the story when he flails the most are around mid season 2 and early season 3. When he’s attacking the fort mid season 2, he’s managed to completely alienate both Eleanor and Miranda, but gets his shit together once he actually listens to Miranda, gets Eleanor back on his side and gets the help of Abigail.

Then in season 3 his descent into suicidal insanity coincides with the death of one of his female partners and the other being sent off to prison. He regains his sense of purpose right when he gains the partnership of Madi and the queen.

Like, he’s amazing and respectful with women and also just seems to be able to work better with them. And I love that all of these relationships are genuine, mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances, not any sort of “man just needs a good supportive woman” bullshit.

anonymous asked:

(1) That post got me thinking - we've canonically seem Thomas in James' bed but what about Thomas' ? Imagine James feeling tiny under a shedload of blankets on this massive ornate four-poster. Imagine how much he'd love being there with Thomas and how empty it would feel with one of them there but not the other. Imagine how much James would look forward to being in that bed with Thomas when he's away and how devastated he'd be to realise it would never be slept in again after Thomas' abduction.

(2) Imagine Thomas’ bed being one of the things he misses most after James and Miranda, through an asylum cell and a plantation worker’s cot. And then, eventually, he winds up in this distinctly average bed, and James, who built the frame, is all “I know it’s not much but…” and then Thomas is crying because (a) it’s perfect and (b) he’d sleep in the dirt so long as James was still with him

o h……….. oh fuck my god that’s perfect……..i have nothing to add you can’t improve perfection…..