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People bash silverflint because they don't like silver??? (How can you hate silver come on)


actually this has inspired me to make art. i will channel my anger into sth beautiful

you thought i was done but no


he is very Bad but he is also VERY GOOD. just like his captain. :’)


Rare Teaser of James Flint in Season 1 of Black Sails !

Flinthamilton Fic


It’s my first fic for the fandom hooray. I was BLOWN AWAY by Black Sails, and I had to write something for these two. Enjoy!

James did not know it could feel this way.

The times he’s been with men in the past were quick, hot, dirty. In the farthest depths in the farthest back part of the ship in the dead of night, when no one was around or awake to think about what two people were doing in the dark.

The encounters were dry, painful, sporadic. A hand here, another there, rubbing this, poking that. Always fast, never slow. James and whoever he was with couldn’t bear look at each other. When they were done, they would stalk back to their barracks, and never say another word to each other the whole time they were deployed.

James thought that’s how it would always be, that that is what someone like him deserved. If it was immoral, he thought, what right did he have to have it feel good?

Then he met Thomas.

James felt the air shift after they shared their first laugh together, he felt the earth move when they kissed the first time. Supple lips against his, an anchoring, comforting hand at the nape of his neck, guiding him, teaching him, accepting him. Accepting James and everything he was, awaiting everything he would be. That night at the table, a low warmth seeped deep in his belly, rising in his body to his chest while he defended Thomas. It spread to his arms when he placed his hands on either side of Thomas’s torso when their lips deepened. This is as far as the warmth will go, James thought, and that would be enough for him.

But oh, oh, how wrong he was.

He realized how wrong he was when they were in Thomas’s room in London, gilded and pristine and quiet, dimly lit by two candles. Both men already free of their clothes, their hands smoothed their way across each other’s skin, Thomas’s impossibly soft under James’s hands. His hands, though they trembled slightly, ran over the other man’s body with a type of reverence James didn’t know he could express. His eyes fluttered closed when Thomas moved to sit behind him and run his hands across his back, he couldn’t help but groan when he felt lips dot along his shoulders and down his spine.

“You have the sky on your back,” Thomas whispered, breath curling over James’s skin as he spoke.

“What?” James whispered, voice ragged.

“Your freckles, they’re like stars. You have millions of them, all over you,” Thomas said, dotting kisses anywhere he could find.

James chuckled roughly, “I-I believe they’re from my skin being terribly pale, Thomas,” his ability for dry wit was stunted while Thomas left more open mouth kisses on his back.

“Nonsense, they are stars, and they are beautiful.” He kept moving kisses across his back and the back of his neck, moving to kiss the top of James’s arms while his hand stroked his forearm, making goosebumps rise along the skin.

“I want nothing more than to float away in them, and learn every constellation,” murmured Thomas, moving so his lips met James’s, moaning while it deepened. The red headed man let himself be pulled back among the plush sheets as Thomas moved so he was on top of him, legs on either side.

“You’re breathtaking,” whispered Thomas, trailing kisses down James’s chest, his hands dragging along the place his lips just were. James closed his eyes, and reveled in the this feeling, a delicate closeness he never knew was possible. Thomas moaned when he reached James’s hips, the strong muscle and bone moved under his teeth as he dragged them. He let his lips roam down James’s strong legs, grateful that the other man moved his legs so his lips could bless his inner thighs. James groaned and threw his head back.

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Thomas/James/Miranda week: fic snippet

Oops, it’s Thomas/James/Miranda week! My mid-week offering is a chunk of a WIP, which I’ll hopefully finish before the week is up.

As a daughter of good breeding, Miranda had naturally been subjected to the customary lessons in etiquette, dancing, music, needlework and, of course, drawing. Her elegant still lives graced many a relative’s and admirer’s wall, and had drawn enthusiastic praise.

Fruit and flower arrangements found a fresh vitality under her critical eye, coaxed into lilting asymmetry and bursting, obscene displays of ripeness.

Once, she had charmed an admirer with naught but a coyly presented sketch of a pair of plums. Thomas had inquired after the state of the man’s own plum orchard, as he put it, amid peals of delighted laughter.

“Is he feeling inadequate in the face of how thick and juicy you made them look? Maybe he is missing one of his own,” he had wondered and borne with good grace the pinch Miranda had administered to his arm in response. (Then she had proceeded to tell Thomas in detail about the man’s plums. None had been missing, to be sure.)

The human form, however, was her favourite motif. There was a special indulgence that she lavished upon her subjects; exaggeration poured with abandon into every stroke. Her sketches of people tended to veer into caricature with their lively emphasis of all things out of the ordinary - a large nose, a double chin, a foppish gesture -, and had thus quickly been ruled unfit for display among polite company by her governess. Thomas encouraged her to keep a rotating selection framed on a dresser in the chamber connecting their rooms.

It was a week into their affair that Miranda first sketched James.

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Flint lost his boyfriend and his literal first reaction was to flee from service and declare independence from England and later declare war on them.

I’m not saying he’s Scottish

But he’s Scottish


Okay … I need you, Black Sails Fandom.

I found a big series of Black Sails season 1 promotional videos with a video centered on each character in the series, putting in video the photos we saw in the promotion of the season 1. That is. .. magnificent.

But I NEVER saw these videos before and never saw any gifs or screenshots on Tumblr on these videos … so I wonder if anyone saw them one day … I’m uploading all videos. For now it’s just Eleanor’s.

Spread the word, raise the black, please !!!

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