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Be My Princess peaked to the point that it got a sequel and I have no idea why Voltage didn’t take the opportunity to give the butlers’ routes or an app or something, literally everyone was asking for it and Voltage gave them prominent parts in the routes they were featured in, at least for male otome side characters. Not only that, but they were made attractive. Like what was the point if they weren’t going to go anywhere with it?

  • Fandom: "We want butler routes!"
  • Voltage: "Okay."
  • Voltage: *releases Butler Until Midnight*
  • Fandom: "No, that's not what we meant."
  • Voltage: "???"
  • Fandom: "We want the ones that exist."
  • Voltage: "Oh! You want us to make other characters into butlers!"
  • Voltage: *makes MFWP event where the guys are butlers*
  • Fandom: "No. BMP."
  • Voltage: "No BMP? Okay."
  • Voltage: *cancels BMP Party and BMP Gree*
  • Fandom: "THATS NOT WHAT WE MEANT!!!!!"

1/31 - Happy birthday, Joshua! Part 2/2 (click here for Part 1)

Thanks to the help of my wonderful friend Kotori, we made a small cake based on the one featured in first BMP Gree/Party bday story of Joshua’s. It was a fun learning experience hahah there was some trouble but it was well worth it in the end! :’D Now to eat some cake.

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lets change this up. what if the butlers had instagram & theo and zain. what would they post and how many followers would they have?? thanks <3 -anon

Claude: He would probably post about fucking stamps. His posts consist of pictures of tea packets he used for that day, Philip castle, and social gatherings at the castle. He wouldn’t have a lot of followers, and the few followers he had only came in case he ever posted pictures of Wilfred. I’d say at least 8k.

Luke: He desperately wants to be cool, and he probably got Instagram because Keith suggested it. His posts include horribly taken selfies, Keith, (he asked Luke to take pictures of him posing so he’d get more followers) and food porn about chocolate. Though his selfies come out shook, he’s still cute af, so that along with Keith earns him a good 20k.

Alberto: If Roberto just looked at Alberto’s Instagram, he would know when to escape, because a lot of his pictures include him tracking down his GPS on his phone with a caption that says something like, “I’m coming for you bitch.” Roberto usually hacks his account and posts selfies, and even though Alberto usually deletes them, he earns himself a good 1.5k followers because of it.

Jan: He takes a lot of goofy selfies before heading off to work, and he’s one of those people who takes pics of their breakfast but eventually stops after a comment that says, “Stop taking pictures of your goddamn food nobody gives a shit about your mushroom omelet ffs.” (He finds out later that it’s Joshua) He has 60k bc he takes some bomb ass selfies with some bomb ass filters, and because he also posts memes all the time.

Yu: Likes to take pictures of the Oriens environment, and also puts some deep ass quotes on his Instagram about unrequited love and shit bc he’s lowkey a Tumblr gal and a machine of angst. He doesn’t really take selfies but takes pictures with Alan or of Alan, and just for shits and giggles might sneak some pictures of Glenn too. He has 30k followers.

Louis: His Instagram should be a tumblr bc he puts the most aesthetic shit on there and it’s so pretty. He makes sure to put a consistent pastel color scheme and takes pictures of the garden, the china in the castle, and often videotapes himself playing the violin. He has 40k followers, because despite never taking selfies, his Instagram is organized and beautiful af.

Zain: He doesn’t take many selfies, but booiii when he does, he looks sexy af without even meaning to be. Usually, when he takes selfies, his black hair is brushed neatly, and his suit doesn’t even have the slightest wrinkle in it, he looks like the definition of a butler, and his smile is ever so seductive. He also takes pictures of what he’s wearing for the day, and despite not knowing a single bit about photography, his pictures come out perfect. He has 30.5k followers because girls eat up his sexy face like oreos.

Theo: He’s a teenager, you know he’s going to have selfies all over his Instagram. But the thing is, he doesn’t know he’s cute, he just wants his followers to know what he looks like, and he considers taking them down before receiving comments that he’s cute af, and then his face turns as red as his hair. Despite being embarrassed, his selfie game goes up 100%. He goes overboard, and ends up getting 70k followers and a modeling deal from four different companies LMAO.

Hi! these are the Voltage Characters Stories that I have read and I’m willing to do headcanon’s, imagines, and one shots about these characters. But I’m also willing to do writings about supporting character too eg. The King (SCM), Ryosuke Inui (KBBTB).

Be my Princess:
Edward Levaincois
Roberto Button
Keith Alford
Glenn J.Casiraghi
Wilfred A.Spencer

Kissed By The Baddest Bidder:
Soryu Oh
Eisuke Ichinomiya
Mitsunari Baba
Mamoru Kishi
Luke Foster
Rhion Hatter
Shuichi Hishikura
Hikaru Aihara

Star Crossed Myth:

Side Characters I will write about:
Ryosuke Inui - KBTBB
Koichi Samejima - KBTBB
The King - SCM

I will write pretty much anything requested but my favourite to write is angst ;)

Please request by posting them in my ask box, thank you!

Request from lovely @autumnlovesotome for @derederest ^^ 

Joshua from BMP (Voltage INC)

Purple lilies are a symbol of royalty. The lily alone represents innocence, purity and beauty and combined with the regal color, purple can only lead to a chic representation of royalty. Purple lilies are special flowers that are used on special occasions. They are a symbol of majesty and honor.