series: aliens of mass effect

some of my favorite things about voltron: legendary defender
  • It does a good job of staying true to the spirit of the original series, without being afraid to do its own thing.
  • A lot of the people who worked on this show also worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it shows. The art style and humor both remind me of Avatar but, again, the show never feels like a copy.
  • It’s much better than the original in terms of female empowerment. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Allura in the original series (although I love her even more in the reboot), but it’s nice to have more than one female character who actually contributes to the story for a change. Going into detail would be stepping into major spoiler territory, but trust me when I say that the “girl power” element is definitely there.
  • Diversity in the main cast! Out of the five main human characters, only one of them is canonically Caucasian. (That would be Pidge, by the way.) Hunk and Lance are both drawn with obviously non-white skin tones, Shiro is drawn with Asian features and has a Japanese name, and Keith (who, I’ll admit, does look kind of white) also has a Japanese surname. Even Allura (who was pale and blonde in the original) has a new character design that reminds me of Storm from X-Men (dark skin, white hair). I really like this change, especially since the Voltron pilots are supposed to represent the entire human race.
  • This show also has one of the best depictions of PTSD (in terms of accuracy and of handling mental disorders respectfully) that I’ve seen in any animated show, ever. I feel like a lot of shows that are aimed at a younger audience are afraid to deal with the long-term emotional and psychological effects of the traumas their characters go through, but that is not the case here. There’s even realistic portrayals of flashbacks and panic attacks induced by a certain character’s PTSD episodes. I hope that in future seasons we’ll get to see more of that particular character’s recovery process.
  • The soundtrack. It’s beautiful. Kind of reminds me of Mass Effect?

In conclusion: This show is the best thing that has ever happened, and if you haven’t seen it yet you’re seriously missing out.

My Monster Crushes

(not all of these are “monsters” exactly, some are aliens or robots, but they’re all nonhuman so…)

I’m doing this because…well i’m bored and it sounded mildly entertaining. I’ve never listed these all together before. And it gives us more things to fawn over together, so here we go:


  • The Arbiter (Halo series)
  • Abe Sapien (Hell Boy)
  • Alucard (Hellsing anime)
  • No Face (Spirited Away) (Probably my first monster crush ever)
  • Baron (The Cat Returns) 
  • Bumblebee (Transformers)
  • Odo (Deep Space 9)
  • Data (Star Trek: Next Gen)
  • Neytiri (Avatar)
  • Night Crawler (X-men)
  • Prince Sidon (Zelda: BOTW)
  • Jaal Ama Darav, Evfra De Tershaav, Vetra Nyx, Peebee (ME: Andromeda)
  • Garrus Vakarian, Thane Krios (Mass Effect series)
  • Jasper (Steven Universe)
  • Elias (Mahou Tsukai no Yome)
  • Chaka, Nem (Stargate SG1)
  • Beast Boy (Teen Titans)
  • The Cat Shepard (Nocturna)
  • That nameless robot who tries to protect Sheeta (Castle In the Sky)
  • Francœur (A Monster in Paris)
  • Alex Mercer (Prototype) (I know he’s sorta human but he counts in my book because of the virus mutations)


  • Xenomorph (Alien (quadrilogy???)
  • Yautja (Predator)
  • Turians (Mass Effect series)
  • Angara (ME: Andromeda)
  • Elites, Hunters (Halo series)
  • Big Daddies (Bioshock series)
  • Navi (Avatar)
  • Seekers (Advent Rising)
  • Were-Tigers
  • Reptilian Monsters (especially snake monsters)
  • Amphibian monsters
  • Shadow based monsters
  • Whale/Shark mers
  • Intelligent gelatinous beings (not necessarily humanoid)
  • Insectoids
  • Constructs (If you’re not sure what this is go look up ‘Golem’ in a D&D book)
  • Monstrous grub or slug creatures (I’m weird okay this isn’t news anymore, i barely make the front page at this point)

War is My Life: The Turians | Part II of The Mass Effect Alien Race Series | listen on 8tracks

“War is my life; it’s in my bones. But that kind of passion is deceptive, can make you seem reckless when you’re anything but.” - Primarch Victus

Turians are a race that inspire. I have always imagined Turians to have songs that promote courage, valor, and honor. Turians are the heroes of the galaxy with resilient minds to see their missions through and lead their people to victory–at any cost.


01. War Hymn by Brian Tyler | 02. Dragons Win by Steve Jablonsky | 03. Arrival by Neil Davidge | 04. StarWaves by M83 | 05. Axios by Nathan Lanier | 06. Optimus by Steve Jablonsky | 07. Never, Never, Never Give Up by Explosions In the Sky | 08. Fearful Odds by M83

A fanmix dedicated to the Turians; this is part of a series of fanmixes dedicated to different alien races from the video game franchise Mass Effect.

For We Are Many: The Geth | Part I of The Mass Effect Alien Race Series | listen on 8tracks

“Geth build our own future. The heretics asked the Old Machines to give them the future. They are no longer part of us.” - Legion

Geth are the connectors; they are a race that promote harmony, community, and unity. While Geth obviously give me a electronic vibe, they are also a reminder that even a robot can advise us that without the things above–we breed nothing but chaos.


01. C.L.U. by Daft Punk | 02. Arrival (Norin & Rad Remix) by Neil Davidge | 03. March of Legions [unused] by Big Giant Circles | 04. Dance of the Droids by Sync24 | 05. Coney Island Dreaming by Clint Mansell | 06. Open Eye Signal by Jon Hopkins | 07. Ddmmyyyy by Soap&Skin | 08. Derezzed by Daft Punk

A fanmix dedicated to the Geth; this is part of a series of fanmixes dedicated to different alien races from the video game franchise Mass Effect.

fun fact: the Mass Effect series cut female aliens from the original game due to dev time constraints, showed one female Krogan in the third game, showed (and then killed off) one female Turian in a downloadable expansion for the third game, and never showed a female Salarian or Drell

so when people herald Bioware as the vanguard of video game progressivism, remember that this is their track record