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Now THAT‘S what I‘m talkin‘ about!

I’m not even joking, I seriously think that this is the sort of design they should have gone for in Marth’s remakes.

I mean, okay, it’s silly but Shadow Dragon and New Mystery are such dull-looking games that I think a bit of early 90′s goofiness would have at least made them more visually interesting.

Besides, given the ancient Greek/Roman theme that the original Fire Emblem had going on in terms of its world and its design (as we can see in the names of places and legendary weapons) as opposed to the French mythology in the Elibe games, the Nordic influences in the Jugdral saga, or the Arthurian undertones in Path of Radiance, I actually think that going with this sort of look with the old school tunic and circlet and what have you might’ve made Akaneia stand out just a bit more.

Archaneia Top 10 // 06 // Palla
“Oh dear. So you want me to tell you that isn’t so? It’d be easy for me to say that, but how about you took some time to think what’s really your strong point? […] Don’t worry. You’re very good at finding other people’s strengths. You just need to turn your eyes to yourself. You can do it.”

New Mystery, Cataria Support 2

And once again, it’s biases. Team Mom/Cool Big Sis, Pegasus Knights, Green Hair, and now a variety of costume things (thigh highs, slit dresses, it depends on the artwork)

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