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I'm re-reading the acotar series, and I think I love Azriel more than Rhysand lol

OKAY I FEEL YOU. Az is just such a sweet little baby. He really is the absolute sun. He’s soft and gentle after everything he’s been through. And there are so many scenes where he refers to Illyrians as “them” or “they” and never “us” like he never fits in. It breaks my little heart. He is just the best ugh I cry

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Your thoughts about TV series like the "The Vikings"? Or the vikings in films like "King Arthur" or "Outlander"? I love your blog by the way ✌️

I enjoy Vikings as a TV series, although it’s not really historically accurate for the most part. Still, it is a good series with a good story, and I’m looking forward to the next season!

If you’re referring to the newest King Arthur movie, I think I watched the first 20 minutes before falling asleep. And the vikings in it didn’t really feel like vikings at all.

As for Outlander, I don’t believe there were vikings in the 1740s, but it is among my top 3 TV series, and I love it to bits! The latest episode had moments I’ve longed for since the end of season 2, and was definitely worth the wait!

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I just wanted to say a genuine thank you for making me realized just how bad the pjo and other series are. I still love them but there’s so much wrong with them and your opinions really helped me realized that even though they’re flawed (including the author himself) I can still love it ❤️ (tbh tho those flaws just let me headcannon more stuff in their place so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

yah i mean i guess i really don’t set out to criticize rick he just..makes it so easy i swear

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‘have you dropped bts for sbt?’ they ask you, with ur bts header & icon & url & ur unending love for park jimin

yeah the love for park jimin one is what clinches it

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What was Mccree's reaction after Hanzo's encounter, I think he'd run up to Satya to ask her what to do next ? I love this series it makes me smile so much thank youuuu

aaaa thank u so much im sO glad!!!!! and!! i think he would be more likely to get advice from a friend, since he doesnt know satya all that well? also i adore his friendship with fareeha sO

(the hanzo encounter in question: part 1, part 2!)

Ur fave is Autistic: Lemony Snicket

           -Likes books more than people.

           -Very literal; never uses a figure of speech without analyzing it.

           -Obsessive. Very obsessive.

           -Repetitive speech, a word which here means “has several catchphrases, and fills an entire page with the word ‘ever.’”

           -Keeps a list of “conversational openers” with him at all times. Said conversational openers are all awful.

           -Sees a dozen cookies and eats eleven, because it would be rude to take the last one.

           -One flashback has his girlfriend giving him social skills advice.

           -Would seriously consider wearing a diving suit to a formal party, just in case it floods.

           -Lack of nonverbal expression. All acted portrayals of him are pretty deadpan, but it’s especially noticeable if you contrast Handler’s normal mannerisms with his in-character ones.

           -Approximately half of The Beatrice Letters centers around him going to ridiculous lengths to avoid an awkward conversation.

           -Constantly uses fancy-pants words.

           -Actually, that’s more of a VFD thing

           -In fact, pretty much every major character is obsessive and loquacious. THE ENTIRE SNICKETVERSE IS AUTISTIC. EVEN THE INCREDIBLY DEADLY VIPER. ESPECIALLY THE INCREDIBLY DEADLY VIPER.