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Since .D becomes a cop, wouldn't he be able to track down his biological parents? Or maybe look out for those kids that were his foster siblings when he was adopted by that one crappy couple? I mean, I'm not sure he'd want to get in contact with them, but wouldn't he be curious?

He might have moments of curiosity but i don’t think investigative motions (if any) would extend beyond looking them up. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant time for them so they’d all kinda just rather forget it and hope everyone’s lives turned out nicer after they were removed from that house.

As for .D’s biological parents…let’s just say that had i a comic, i had in mind for something like below to occur sometime in the future >u>

“Oooh, Charlie! I figured out who is following me on tumblr!”

Charlie pauses. I feel the change in bindings. “Okay?”

“I asked lots of people and it turns out there’s a fetish for feet!”

“For feet.”

“Uh-huh! And they do really weird bindings on feet so! I’m kinda wondering if I should wear shoes now because if someone had a fetish about me it would be really weirdy!”

“You could ask the magician.”

I scratch my head. “I could ask Honcho about shoes?”

“No. If he has a fetish for you.”


She snickers. “You’ll be fine, Jay. It’s hard not to like you as it is.”

“Oh. Okay!” And I’m smart like a Jay so I don’t ask if Charlie runs the blog of feet fetishes at all!

Web-Series and tips for new RPG players

So I typed up this huge post in response to a new player asking for tips, but it turned out they deleted their blog! So here are some helpful web-series for anyone else new to or looking to get into tabletop RPGs (specifically D20 systems).

  • Dawnforgedcast posts sessions on his youtube channel and has a lot of helpful tips/tutorials videos. When I started thinking about GMing my first campaign I watched his [Pathfinder] Basics and all of his Dungeon Master Basics videos. Check out his channel - he has a lot of content spanning different topics regarding tabletop gaming (mostly D20 systems).
  • Wil Wheaton has a weekly video series where he dishes out short, concise, and really helpful Game Master Tips. His tips are not focused on the mechanics of running a game, but the entertainment side. How to set a scene, how to get players invested, mood/atmosphere stuff which is all very important in running a game. These tips are great for any system.
  • Titan’s Grave is a great video series if you want to watch how a session plays out with great production value. It’s definitely more fun to watch (imo) than some of the sessions posted on youtube, but you should keep in mind they’re all pretty experienced RPG players and entertainers so this all comes very naturally to them. Again, they have a huge budget so they have props you’re mostly not going to have and they also have post production magic to add in sound effects, art, music, and to make the session appear smoother than what yours might feel like.

Bonus Web-Series!

  • Felicia Day also has her own web series where her and other guests play different tabletop games. I still haven’t checked this out myself, but I keep getting recommendations for it.
  • I’ve only seen one episode of Critical Role, but i loved it! They are voice actors who play D&D. While I have only watched one episode, it is so far my favorite web-series of this genre.

Not a web-series, but great resource: /r/RPG on reddit. Just lurk or do random searches. I, myself, read through a lot of the GMnastics

If you haven’t already picked up the core rulebook the great thing about Pathfinder (I don’t know about D&D) is that Paizo has everything online. I’m not sure about D&D.

Let me try to explain to how helpful this is… The Pathfinder Core Rulebook standard retail prices is $49.99. The bestiary? Well, that’s going to cost you another $39.99 for the first one alone. Dungeons and Dragons Player Handbook? That’s also got a retail price of $49.95 (whether that’s 3.5 or 5th). So being able to access every book that Paizo has released for Pathfinder free of charge is a HUGE money saver and is incredibly convenient. It removes a huge barrier to entry for new RPG players.

It looks like Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition is on sale for $27.51 on Amazon right now, though.

I think that the Dungeons and Dragons board games are an AMAZING baby step/introduction to tabletop RPGs if you guys are willing to split the cost or have the disposable income. My friends and I played The Legend of Drizzit before we played our first Pathfinder campaign which helped introduce some of the basic concepts for combat in a D20 system.

If you are reading this and you have more questions feel free to shoot me an ask and I’ll try my best to answer it or find you an answer.

Please specify if you’d like your ask to remain private, otherwise I will probably assume you’re okay with it being published.

There are a lot of tabletop blogs on tumblr that I are 100% willing to help you. From my experience, the tabletop RPG community has been one of the most welcoming and accepting online communities I have engaged with.


W’s 30 Days of Sim Making

Day 3 - Favourite Character - Rowena Ravenclaw

Whilst it’s hard to pinpoint a favourite character from the Harry Potter series - undeniably my favourite book series - I thought it’d be nice to create one of the characters that wasn’t in the movies (otherwise I’d end up making a recreation of the actor who played them!) I’ve always considered myself a Ravenclaw, so I decided to create the house’s founder.

Kenshiro from Fist of the Norh Star. Just a quickie I made, wanted to try out my new 127 x 178 canvas panels.

I need to read the manga and watch the anime again, this is still the best series ever :D.

Tools: acrylic paint on 127 x 178 mm canvas board

EDIT: Fixed a couple of things, should look better now.


Knitting Nerd Status: Perhaps a bit obsessed. xD

Anyway, let me know what ya think of this idea! I’m excited to start this series. :D