Elisabeth Sladen and Brian Miller (who were married from 1968 until Sladen’s death in 2011) both appeared in Classic Who and New Who: she as Sarah Jane Smith, he as Dugdale in Snakedance, a Dalek voice in Resurrection of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks, and a tramp in Deep Breath.

Though their time on Who did not overlap, they appeared opposite each other in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode The Mad Woman in the Attic:

Series 8 Spoilers

Run down on episodes and their titles: 

(Doctor Who Online posted these, and have been confirmed to at least be ‘working titles’ if not the real thing, by spoilerhounds. I’ve added a small description of what I’ve read about each episode from spoiler websites.) 

8.1: [Untitled] - But we know it involves Vastra, Jenny and Strax, the Doctor on a horse, a ship and alien gadgets. Written by Steven Moffat.
8.2: [Untitled] - Rumoured to feature Daleks. Hints given were 'behind enemy lines’ and 'lasagne.' 
8.3: Robots Of Sherwood* - Thought to be the episode being filmed next. Not much known so far, but title is confirmed. 
8.4: Listen* - Written by Steven Moffat. Apparently the introduction of Danny. Features a weird nameless monster with eyestalks instead of eyes. Thought to be linked with the Weeping Angels somehow. Spoilerhounds say that the monster listens to you when you talk to yourself and then turns what you say into reality. Filming of this episode included a dark forest and Danny aged, in a space suit. 
8.5: Time Heist* - Introduction to Ms. Delphox. Involves a bank on an alien planet, probably relating to an alien burglary. Written by Steve Thompson. 
8.6: [Untitled] - No information.
8.7: Kill The Moon* - Thought to be confused in position with another episode, titled ’Coal Hill Disaster.’ Not much is known about this episode.
8.8: Mummy On The Orient Express* - Title thought to be the confirmed title. Not much is known on this episode yet. 
8.9: Flatline* - Said by a spoilerhound to be a smart title when you know the plot behind it. 
8.10: [Untitled] - No information. 
8.11: [Untitled] - No information. 
8.12: [Untitled] - No information. 
8.13: [Untitled] - Series 8 thought to have single running episodes. If there is to be a two-parter, it will be the finale. Not much is known on the finale yet (it’s probably not even written yet) but a spoilerhound has said it won’t feature Daleks and will centre around something else entirely. 

Other Information

  • There seems to be a theme of cyborgs/cybernetic technology in the episodes so far. In episode one, a man was spotted with some sort of metal attached to his face, and again in episode five. 
  • Spoilerhounds say the Master is returning and is already cast. 
  • Episode one might be one hour long. It is said to be better than the Eleventh Hour. 
  • There will be a theme running through the entire series that not everything is what it seems. Deception and lies. (Possibly for Clara’s own good?)
  • Thought to be fourteen episodes in total, including the Christmas episode. 
  • If everything runs smoothly, the first episode may air at the end of August. 

I actually didn’t mind Death in Heaven that much but one thing I hated was this

I really didn’t care that she was throwing the keys away. I wasn’t afraid for the Doctor because of this

Moffat himself wrote out the need for a key to open the TARDIS. It even works for Clara, which Moffat also wrote

So this all seemed like an empty threat. Sure you can explain it away by saying something like the doors have to be unlocked for the snapping to work in the first place but that’s never explained. I assume the snapping works at any time. I might be nit picking but I don’t care. It was annoying and ruined the emotional impact of the scene for me.