series finale

Me watching the last 5 minutes of Legend of Korra

*Korra talking with Tenzin* Well, of course they’re going to end it with these two having a profound talk. It was such a good episode, I can’t believe this is the last scene of the entire series- Wait, is that Asami?

Oh! I bet it’s a nod to Korrasami shippers, thanks Bryke and Mike.

So nice of them to include this scene. At least we get to see their friendship one last time. 

Wait, there’s like 3 minutes left, is Asami the last person Korra is going to talk to? That’s big.

Wait a minute

No way. Is this happening?


OMG seriously?! This is really happening?!

!!!! yes




*dies* :’) 

Thank you LOK team. This was beautiful

I remember catching the first episode of this show on accident when it premiered after High School Musical 2 in 2007. And my younger brother and I loved it. We watched every single episode after that and had a Phineas and Ferb themed birthday party. I still have my Perry the Platypus t-shirt.

When I heard this show was ending, I was kind of like, “Good. It’s been running way too long.” I hadn’t watched it in four years but knew from the bits I caught when channel flipping that it had gotten kind of shitty. But I decided to watch the finale tonight because what the hell, I used to really love Phineas and Ferb.

The finale was kind of heart-wrenching. And by kind of I mean relentlessly. It was flawlessly written, quick, witty, the music was great, and they even managed to get in a lot of last-minute heavy character development.

So when they’re singing the last song in front of a screen displaying scenes from old episodes, it finally hits me that I’m genuinely feeling things about a dumb Disney Channel animation that I used to like in elementary school. On a whole different level, it’s sending me back to a period in my life when I wasn’t insanely depressed with people who worry that I might kill myself and the biggest concern in my life was like, “Do I have enough time to run to my bedroom and grab my platypus plushie before the episode starts?”

And in the last minute of the show, in the wake of this terrible epiphany I’ve just had, I sit there, looking at all the characters and I feel really sad. The song is over, their mom calls them in for a snack, they all walk in the door, and I’m like, “That’s it? Is that how it ends?” Then Phineas opens the door again, looks at the audience, smiles, waves, and goes back inside.

THAT is how you do closure. You shatter the fourth wall and say goodbye.

This was a great show, really, and it had a good run. Maybe in 20 years we’ll get a CGI movie like they did with The Smurfs and Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Until then, have a great summer vacation.


This was honestly my favourite scene of the episode, he has finally come to terms with everything thats happened, and she is his bright side. THE FEELS!