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Ghost Story [Pt 1]

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were designed to disappear. What happens when you’re caught?

Warnings: Angst, mentions of death and experimentation, panic, a bit of language.

Word Count: 1220

A/N: I’ve never written anything like this before… it’s kinda mysterious and kinda trippy, plus it’s my first series. I’m really pleased with where it’s going though. As always, feedback is much appreciated! This will eventually be Bucky x reader, but it’s going to be a really slow burn. I’ll try to post a new part every other week (it takes me a while to write things I’m satisfied with it, so I apologise).

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

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November 11, 1995. The day of your birth. The day of your death. Funny how life seemed to always come full circle like that.

You were 6 when you first asked the question. “Where’s mummy and daddy?”

“They had somewhere important to go. I’m sorry sweetie, they can’t be with you anymore.”

“But why didn’t they take me with them? I’m important too.”

“You are important to them. You’re important to us, too.”

“Will they come back for me?”

“No. But you’re here now. We’ll take care of you.”

They didn’t tell you they were dead. They didn’t tell you they killed them. They didn’t tell you that your new caregivers were Hydra. They did tell you the date.

November 11, 1995.

“Don’t worry sweetie, this is a new start to the rest of your life.”

If only you knew what your new life would become.

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Marvelmas (5/13) - December 17 - Bruce Banner x Reader

Words: 1307
Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
Featuring: Tony, Steve
Warnings: swearing
Christmas Series!
Authors Note

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

“(Y/N)!” You heard your name being shouted from down the hall, seeing Tony running towards you. He was in the middle of getting dressed in a suit. His white shirt was only halfway buttoned, and his jacket was lazily thrown on over it. He was also trying to tie his tie as he ran. “I have a job for you!”

“What now?” You tried to keep in your laugh hidden, but Tony still noticed and sent a glare towards you.

“So, I agreed to do a Facebook Live for some website, but I have to go give a speech downtown. I agreed to the speech first, so I have to go there. I’m giving you the responsibility for the Facebook Live, okay? They’ll be here in an hour!” Tony speed talked as he continued to attempt to get dressed.

“W-what am I supposed to do?” You yelled.

“I don’t know! They’ll probably ask you some questions, answer them, and then just do something fun!” He yelled back from down the hallway.

“Like what?”

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“Who I Am Inside” (Sister Winchester Series)


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 9.5

“Birthday Time Blues” Sister Winchester (Supernatural/Arrow Crossover)

Chapter 1


Jody’s House

Imagines for Supernatural

Imagine #1  Being Sister!Winchester & Dating Steve Rogers

Imagine #2  John and daughter!Winchester

Imagine #3  Sitting alone in your room

Imagine #4  OUAT Crossover

Imagine #5  Remind Dean

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Imagines for The Avengers

Imagine #1  Working for Nick Fury

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Coming soon

Updated 2/22/17

** = NSFW

Bucky Barnes

**[NEW] #14 - Bucky x Avenger!Reader 

A Hairy Situation  - Bucky x Avenger!Reader

As You Are Now  -  Post-Soldier!Bucky x Reader

Breath of Air  -  Winter-Soldier x Reader

Bookstore Fight AU  -  Modern!Bucky x Reader

[NEW] Last First Kiss - Civil-War!Bucky x Reader

[NEW] Match Made In Heaven - AU!Steve x Reader x AU!Bucky

Prisoner of War  -  WW2!Bucky x POW!Reader

[NEW] Stress Drinking - Bucky x Reader

**[NEW] Take Care of You - Bucky x Avenger!Reader

The Age of Ms. Barnes  -  Pre-War!Steve/Bucky x Mother!Reader

The Little Things  -  Bucky x Avenger!Reader

The Mutual  -  Bucky x PTSD!Reader

Walk My Dreams  -  Bucky x Avenger!Reader x Steve

Worst Kind of Good  -  Bucky x Reader

Steve Rogers

Capsicle  -  Steve x Avenger!Reader

[NEW] Day Off - Steve x Avenger!Reader

I’m Using Your Apartment As A Sniper Nest  -  Modern!Steve x Reader

[NEW] Match Made In Heaven - AU!Steve x Reader x AU!Bucky

Shirley Temple  -  Pre-serum!Steve x Reader

The Fire Alarms Went Off  -  Neighbor!Steve x Reader

Voice of Reason  -  Pre-Serum!Steve x Reader

Walk My Dreams  -  Steve x Avenger!Reader x Bucky


Little Warrior  -  T’Challa x Avenger!Reader

Sebastian Stan

Coffee Morning - Sebastian x Reader

Moment of a Lifetime - Sebastian x N/A

[NEW] Pleasant Surprise - Sebastian x BFF!Reader

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“Loving me for granted” (2017) phrase submitted by Gabri Ann Dino from Georgia, USA - Abandoned Love series by Peyton Fulford

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Ghost Story [Pt 3]

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were designed to disappear. What happens when you’re caught?

Warnings: Language, panic, kinda angsty

Word Count: 2250

A/N: Were you taken by Hydra? Are you with the Avengers? What exactly are your powers anyway? Time to find out! This part is long but I’m quite pleased with it. PS sorry for the delay, family things happened and then writers block paid me a visit. Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated :)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

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Your head lolled to the side, hair draping lazily across you face and softening the brightness of the light that was filtering through your eyelids. You sighed and let your head sink deeper into the pillow. A pillow?

Gunshots. Cold concrete. White van. Agents coming. Man running.

Where were you?

You kept your eyes closed and breathed in through your nose. The air smelled of antiseptic and air freshener. A hospital, probably. Hopefully. The faint beeping of a heart monitor caught your attention and you wiggled your fingers. Your third finger felt heavy - that must be your heartbeat. You were definitely alive then.

Was that a good thing though? You still felt sore and battered, although it was no worse than you remembered feeling after being drugged and collapsing on the street. You tried to gently move your wrists and ankles, but you couldn’t. Shit.

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Abandoned Love Series | Peyton Fulford

Instagram // Tumblr // Facebook

“ Abandoned Love is a photographic series in which the artist had people from all over the world (Australia, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, and the USA) send her private thoughts, diary entries, text messages, etc on Tumblr to which she then created into banners and placed on abandoned buildings. ”

Avengers chatroom 9

Avengers chatroom 8

avengers chatroom 7

Avengers chatroom 6

Avengers chatroom 5

avengers chatroom 4

avengers chatroom 3

avengers chatroom 2

avengers chatroom 1

Pietro has started a chatroom

Steve has logged on

Pietro: I need to tell everyone something

Steve: get them all on

Bucky has logged on
Wanda has logged on
Sam has logged on
Tony has logged on
Natasha has logged on
Loki has logged on
Thor has logged on
Bruce has logged on
Clint has logged on

Pietro: I found her. 2nd underground floor 16th door to your left

Bucky: you found Y/N?

Pietro: not only her. Laura and your kids are here too, Clint.

Clint: you’re fucking kidding me

Pietro: your kids are fine. Laura’s unconscious.

Natasha: what about Y/N?

Pietro: not good.

Sam: hold up, what did Bucky do with Rumlow?

Steve: oh, threw him out the window.

Tony: Yeah, the snow is on its period now.

Wanda: what?

Tony: thought I’d lighten up the mood.

Thor: I am on the 2nd underground floor. Which direction is the 16th door now?

Steve: on your left.

Loki: HYDRA men seem like angry little men.

Natasha: wait, if Laura’s unconscious, who texted us before?

Bucky: Rumlow did. He found out that we were in the base and tried to send us back by pretending to be Laura.

Bruce: Thor, the code to the room is:

Natasha: wait there, let me come too.

Bucky: no you will not, I will.

Steve: both of you will not, Y/N’s pissed at both of you guys because of your stupid mistake of talking about your past on a chatroom. I will not let her get mad anymore.

Clint: Tony, you have to go with Thor, get my family and Y/N on the quinjet.

Tony: that won’t be necessary. you think I’m not going to go with Thor to see Y/N?

Wanda: what won’t be necessary?

Y/N has logged on

Loki: Y/N is online?

Sam: is that really Y/N? Or some HYDRA dipshit?

Tony: no, it’s Y/N. She’s alive and looking sexier than ever.

Tony: and more violent as ever.

Y/N: hey guys, I’m alright. I’ve got Thor and Pietro with me, Tony’s already gone to the Quinjet with Laura and the kids.

Natasha: oh my god, I’m so happy you’re alive.

Wanda: does anyone know what to do if 17 HYDRA men are approaching you?

Pietro: where are you?

Wanda: our old cell.

Bucky: Y/N, what did they do to you?

Y/N: Thor and I are coming to help you guys, we need to get to the computer room thingy on the top floor. Everyone meet me there.

Steve: Do you have any weapons?

Y/N: no, don’t worry about it.

Loki: how will you fight with no weapons?

Y/N: I’ll be fine! The weapon room is next to the computer room anyways. I’m with Pietro and Wanda now.

Bruce: watch out Y/N, there’s a buck of guys on the next floor by the stairs.

Thor: Lady Y/N has vanquished them all like the warrior she is!

Wanda: ermm, I think HYDRA gave her super strength.

Steve: I’m with Y/N, and all. Everyone meet up at the computer room, this is an order.

Clint: already there.

Tony: me too, what do we need to do there?

Y/N: hold on, everyone needs to meet up first.

Thor: the 5 of us are at the computer room, who else is there now?

Loki: me

Bucky: here

Sam: present

Natasha: me too. Everyone is here apart from Bruce - he’s in the jet

Y/N: Ok, we need to get off the chat them because the Internet needs to be cut off. Then Tony’s going to restart the computer system. From there, we get into the jet through the roof.

Bruce: ok, hope this works.

Steve has logged off
Tony has logged off
Pietro has logged off
Bruce has logged off
Natasha has logged off
Clint has logged off
Sam has logged off
Wanda has logged off
Loki has logged off
Thor has logged off

Bucky: I missed you.

Y/N: cool

Y/N has logged off
Bucky has logged off

“You were never mine” (2017) submitted anonymously from USA - Abandoned Love series by Peyton Fulford

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Avengers Chatroom 11

Guys, I am alive, AND HERE IS PART 11

avengers chatroom 10

avengers chatroom 9

all the other links can be found in part 9 linked above.

Y/N has started a Chatroom

Bucky has logged on
Natasha has logged on

Y/N: sorry guys…

Natasha: no, hun. We should say sorry, I should say sorry more like.

Bucky: I thought we were alright after the magnet incident

Natasha: you will never understand women.

Bucky: seriously, do you forgive us?

Y/N: of course. I love both of you.

Bucky: I love you

Y/N: love you too, soldier

Natasha: ……….

Y/N: what?

Natasha: nothin

Steve has logged on
Pietro has logged on
Thor has logged on
Clint has logged on
Wanda has logged on
Loki has logged on
Sam has logged on
Bruce has logged on
Tony has logged on

Natasha: Y/N and Bucky just said I love you to each other!!!!!!!!! For the first time

Tony: no they didn’t.

Natasha: yes they did! And I was first to witness it.

Tony: no I was first, they said it last night *oooOoOOoh*


Thor: so everything has been dealt with?

Y/N: yes it has, gosh the drama went on for long!

T'challa has logged on

Clint: now we have the vibranium trio.

T'challa: don’t you meant the vibranium four?

Y/N: who dat?

Sam: oh, it’s King kitty.

T'challa: Sam, do not. I am the new avenger, black panther.

Y/N: ok, cool. So how did this happen? What’s your story?

T'challa: story?

Y/N: how did you come about? Is there anything special? Everyone has a story.

T'challa: you are very unique miss (Y/L/N)

Y/N: call me Y/N

T'challa: I am the king of Wakanda and the black panther is the warrior to help my people. When I thought Mr Barnes had killed my father, I was after him.

Y/N: why were you after my boyfriend?

T'challa: because I wrongly accused him of being the reason behind my father’s death.

Bucky: ok well that time has gone now we don’t need to go over that crap

Tony: oh no, inappropriate language… Captain, oh my Captain whatever shall we do?!

Steve: ok Tony, very funny

Wanda: how about we go do something? All of us go somewhere together

Loki: I know this beautiful meadow in jotunheim that we could go to. Of course we will have to be under cover

Thor: brother, for once do not think about diminishing us all… But we could go to Asgard

Bruce: let’s reconsider that, but a meadow sounds nice

Tony: NO! why go somewhere quiet when you can be loud and fun… Like… VEGAS

Clint: yes

Natasha: no and I will tell Laura

Clint: aww

Pietro: don’t you mean… Cac-aww

Tony: hahahahaha

Steve: where’s sam?

Sam: oh I’m here. I’m just not speaking because whenever I get involved, we always end up in trouble i can never get out of.

Bucky: so where are we going?

Sam: how about the beach? Can never go wrong with the beach

Natasha: no

Y/N: Nat, it’s not that bad. You won’t look bad

Natasha: but still, it’s noticeable

Steve: ohhhhh, c'mon romanoff. Are you still going on about that scar.

Natasha: you do not get to speak, you have lousy opinions, Mr. “I-find-my-ex-girlfriend’s-niece-hot”

Tony: shots fired

Steve: I don’t like her, it was the heat of the moment

Sam: good because you could do better







Y/N: ok, what about Barcelona?

Sam: ohh, exotic

Wanda: what about Hawaii? That was fun last time

Bucky: nah, too typical. We’ll go with Barcelona

Tony: *whipped*

Bucky: fuck off

Tony: oh no! Captain, he used a bad word

Steve: Tony get the fuck over that.

Clint: ok then Barcelona it is

Clint has logged off
Y/N has logged off
Bucky has logged off
Natasha has logged off
Thor has logged off
Loki has logged off
Bruce has logged off
Pietro has logged off
Sam has logged off
Tony has logged off
Wanda has logged off
Steve has logged off

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