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Why Ducktales is important

At least…If you like Disney Television Animation.  

Which I do.  Oh so much.  

If you’re a fan of Gravity Falls, or Star vs. The Forces of Evil, or Wander Over Yonder, or Kim Possible, or Gargoyles, or any Disney Television show, then gather ‘round because I’m about to teach you some history.  

“Never forget, that it all started with a Mouse,”~~Walt Disney.

Great things come from humble origins.  Never forget that Disney TV…All started with a Duck.  

It was the 1980s.  Disney Television Animation was a new department at Walt Disney Studios.  And Disney was suffering.  These days it’s easy to think of Disney as a mega-giant, but back then, Disney was suffering.  Movies were being produced on shoestring budgets, and animators (such as Don Bluth) were jumping ship to find work at studios that were paying better and producing better content.  The Little Mermaid hadn’t yet hit theaters, sparking the Disney Renaissance.  The fledgeling animation department had produced two shows prior, “The Wuzzles” and “The Adventures of Gummy Bears”.  

Disney was in dire straights from Walt’s passing in 1966 left the studio suffering up until the 80s, when they started to take a few risks.  Risks that paid off.  The studio gambled on the idea that investing more money into quality animation would pay off in the long run if the show went into syndication.  It was something that worked well with live action, but had yet to be done with animation to that degree.  Cheap animation with tons of shortcuts could be syndicated, but something high-quality had never been done before.  

Ducktales was the first show that attempted this, and it paid off handsomely.  Not only was the show a hit with audiences (and a merchandising cash-cow) but it changed the game.  It set the stage for the Disney Afternoon a few years down the road, and paved the path for every show I mentioned at the beginning.  Without Ducktales, there would be no Gargoyles, no Star vs. The Forces of Evil, no Gravity Falls.  

Heck, I take it even one step beyond that…Without the inspiration of proof-of-concept, I’d wager that even OTHER studios cartoon creations wouldn’t exist.  No Animaniacs, No Adventure Time, no Steven Universe (and don’t think I missed the shout-out to Ducktales in “Onion Trade”) 

Ducktales was important because it raised the craft of animation to another level, combining storytelling with good, non-repetitive animation to produce quality TV.  For a time, Ducktales was Disney’s Flagship TV series, waving the banner and representing the company in the realm of television animation. 

And even today, the classic Ducktales series holds up rather nicely.  Sure, some things are a little dated, but at the end of the day, I enjoy watching Ducktales without reservations.  That’s why I own the DVD sets.  

 And it’s why I’m so happy about this reboot.  

This isn’t just a revamp of an old show.  This is Disney returning to its roots, reclaiming a bit of it’s history and polishing it off for the next generation.  I’m a little misty eyed.  I had some initial misgivings when this was announced, but the cast announcement melted those fears away, and now, seeing the trailer that dropped less than 24 hours ago…I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a TV series ever.  

Breaking down this trailer, we finally hear David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck.  I’ve actually been aware of Tennant’s presence in the voiceover scene for a few years now (Most notably, he plays bit parts in the How To Train Your Dragon franchise from Dreamworks) But hearing him as Scrooge…I really feel it works.  He’s got a certain quality the echos the late, great Alan Young, and I feel like he couldn’t have been better cast without some of that good old fashioned Disney Necromancy (And as we know, they used up their allotment of Necromancy on Peter Cushing for Rogue One) 

I love that the Nephews are getting unique characterization and personality. I loved Russi Taylor’s performance way back when, but one Nephew was really interchangeable with another.  Dani Pudi, Ben Schwartz, and Chris Moynihan really bring an awesome chemistry to their roles, just from the trailer.

And then there’s Webbigail.  Oh my God, I love how they’ve rebooted Webby.  She was always the annoying load back in the classic series.   Making her a Donald Duck fangirl is freaking GENIUS (and Kate Micucci is perfect for this role too) Bonus points given for Webby’s infamous “Quacky-Patch Doll”  being used for dart practice in the background of her room.  Webby has gone from outright “The Load” territory, to one of the most fun-seeming characters present in the reboot.  

And all of this from one minute and a half trailer.  I can’t wait for this series, even though I know I must.  I know it’s gonna be something special, I can feel it.  Maybe even Disney’s Flagship show, once again.  Stay tuned to my Tumblr, for much, much more.

One thing I know for certain that I’m going to do when the pilot for this airs…A side by side comparison of the Classic Pilot and the new one.  

Peace out, 

Disney Wizard

My Master List

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Imagine #1  Working for Nick Fury

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Updated 8/13/17

(un)Necessary Confrontations

Not About Angels part 4

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Main Masterlist

Summary: Loving him feels like the most exquisite way of self-destruction. Too close, and you’re radioactive. Too far, and your heart shatters, and the city cracks in two while debris scatters in the space between your ribs. Pining over a brooding, unstable Bucky Barnes isn’t exactly your brightest idea, especially when you’re just as damaged as he is, and he doesn’t seem to love you half as much as you love him.

Warnings: Swearing, hospitals & needles, angst

Word count: 2597

“Where the fuck were you?”

As soon as he steps through the compound doors—half of his armor still attached to his body—Tony is greeted by a fuming Bucky Barnes. Granted, it’s not the first time he sees the supersoldier in angry state of mind, but there is a certain urgency to his tone that has Stark on edge the minute he lays his eyes on the man currently pacing around the room, clad in only a pair of sweatpants, and it has everything to do with the fact that he received an urgent message from Natasha asking him and Bruce to come back.

“What happened?” Asks Tony as the remaining pieces of armour fly off his body, his tone more concerned than usual.

“What happened… Are you serious Stark?” Bucky clenches his fists, pulling to a stop in front of Tony and making full use of his towering height to look as intimidating as possible. “S.H.I.E.L.D.S’ little paranoia-sponsored experiment and your blatant negligence almost got someone killed. That’s what happened.”

“What do you-”

“Tony!” Nat’s voice is a little out of breath as she rushes towards both men “We need you on the med bay. Banner is already there but you have to go now. it’s Y/N.she says, her agitated tone prompting both tony and Bucky to rush to the medical bay of the compound. The sight is enough to kick the air out of Tony’s lugs.

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The Summer Soldier (Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader) - Part I

I can say it but you won’t believe me

You say you do but you don’t decieve me

Its hard to know they’re out there

It’s hard to know that you still care

Set from Age of Ultron in between with Civil War, The Avengers have new recruits in the team, many from the aid of Captain America. One of them happen to be you, The Summer Soldier, an unheard project of HYDRA. What the team doesn’t know won’t hurt them… But will open their eyes.

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader (Platonic), Avengers x Reader

Word Count: 2,508

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On The Edge: A Bucky Barnes Series (Part 2)

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Part 1 Here

Plot: Everyone has nightmares. You show up to school in your underwear, or you get kidnapped, or there’s a purple dinosaur chasing you around your neighborhood. Those sort of things. But the nightmares that torment the avengers aren’t like that. They’re heroes, they throw themselves in the scariest most dangerous real life disasters in the hopes of stopping them. But they can’t save everyone. Innocent people die. And those images stay in their minds forever. Pictures seemingly depicted from horror movies twist their dreams into terror, you’ve seen them with your own eyes. Because that’s your power. You can calm anyone in any situation with a simple touch of your hand, the only catch, you absorb the panic that has overcome them. The memories, the emotions, the moments you take to keep them calm, become your own. And there’s no one to take them from you. 

Warnings: mentions for anxiety, language

Characters: I mention nearly all the avengers at some point


“Woah, be careful. Gotta take it slow” Bruce instructs all doctor like. 

“I’ve been asleep for a week, I’m fucking starving” you mumble between mouthfuls of chinese food. 

“You’re gonna throw up (y/n)” Steve chuckles from next to you, Jeopardy playing on the television. 

You reach over to push his shoulder playfully, but he flinches away. You know he doesn’t mean to, that it’s a reflex, meant to protect you not him. But still. You’ve gotten awfully good at reading emotions even without using your powers, and you can sense his wavering cautiousness. 

“I’ve got gloves on Rogers geez, and you’re supposed to be the fearless avenger” you say jokingly, trying to lighten the blanket of tension that has suddenly fallen over the living room. 

Every inch of you, except your head, is covered in a stretchy fabric with a metallic outside and a warm fleece inside, something Tony put together while you were sleep. He says it’s just a prototype and he’s working on a better one, one with some cool features, but for now this is what you wear twenty four seven. It keeps you from touching anyone and anyone from touching you. 

“Sorry, sorry, I just don’t…” he lets his voice trail off, trying to regain his casual composure, but coming off as stiff. 

“It’s fine” you whisper, standing to your feet and taking your plate of half eaten food to the kitchen, appetite suddenly lost. 

Hushed whispers find their way to you as you walk to your room. Whispers of worry, safety concern, next steps for a future you don’t seem to have any part in. A feeling that has become terribly familiar to you bubbles up in your chest, coursing through the veins throughout your entire body. 


You hate how well you’ve come to know it. You begin to move before your brain even knows where you’re going. Take a right, down the stairs, a left past the gun range Tony installed forever ago, down one more small flight, and you’re at the steel doors of the gym. You began coming down here more and more at night when the memories got bad, and the emotions became too much. You’d run on the treadmill for hours on end, imagining every horrible moment you’d absorbed being released along with your steady breaths. Although you are weaker now, having been out of it for a week, you shove the doors open anyways. 

But there is already someone inside. 

Bucky. You haven’t seen or spoken to him since that night, not that either one of you has any idea what to say. Even now, standing three feet away as he runs at unbelievable speed on the treadmill, you are unable to form words. But it’s not like you can just get on the treadmill next to him and start casually running as if nothing has happened between the two of you and this is just a normal dandy day at the avengers hq. That would be weird right? 

Before you have time to make that decision, you hear the machine whir to a stop, and he turns to face you. His hair has fallen in front of his eyes as he tosses a towel across his shoulders, although there isn’t a drop of sweat on his shirtless body. The empty water bottle in his hand drops to the floor with an echoing clatter. You both are still. 

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Can I tell you a secret?

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 1,147

Request:  “ Can I get a bucky reader request. Where the reader is messed up and no one understands her. She runs away plenty times then comes back. One night the reader sleeps under a train and Bucky finds her (or they meet however you like) and he understands her and starts to love her.” by @rebel-different

In the tower. Out the tower. In again. Back out. This was the cycle for (Y/N). The cycle of trying to find peace, any sliver of hope which would support her wreckage of life. Everyone noticed how it was a regular routine - she would be happy for a short period of time, go on a mission, something dreadful occurs (no matter how big or small), then she says that she’s going for a drive to clear her mind then comes back to the tower hours later. But surely, if they’re staying over at Clint’s and Laura’s then she can’t just drive away, can she? How they were proved atrociously wrong.

“Thanks again Laura for letting us bunk here, I know there’s more of us this time but you still took us in.” Natasha’s arms wrapped around her shoulders in gratitude, pulling apart when Laura laughed at how she found the thought of the avengers feeling guilty because of this.

“Nonsense, you know I treat you all like family, even if there are newer team members. Just one thing - is everything alright with James?” Just like any mother with a newborn baby, Laura worried about Bucky’s mental stability. Natasha calmed her nerves down, explaining how she was definite that Bucky wouldn’t do anything at all.

“Alright so, the kids will be bunking in our room tonight. Nat, Steve, Tony, Thor, and Bruce: do you guys wanna stay in the same rooms as last time?” Upon enquiry, they all agreed. Clint proceeded to assort us into the newer guest rooms - Thor and Loki offered to stay downstairs so that Pietro and wanda can stay in the Kids room. Sam decided to bunk in with Tony and Steve - “it’ll be fun, we’ll tell stories and have a sleepover.” Which left Bucky and I to be in the loft which Clint ever so kindly cleared out for us.

“If you want, I can stay with Bucky. You can stay with Tony and Sam.” I understood that Steve probably thought I felt uncomfortable being in a room alone with Bucky - given his history, but honestly that was not the case at all.

“No, it’s alright. I think Bucky might get fed up of me though, I gotta warn you that I’m a night owl.” A small chuckle left my lips as I lightly elbowed Bucky, a diminutive smile made its way to his face.

Unpacking the contents from my single bag, a ring slipped out from the jeans I had packed. A dainty silver ring with a single ruby heart gem.
“So this one is for you, and I got one for me, I know you’re going to be thousands of miles away but remember that I’m always here… With you. You’re my best friend, (Y/N) and you’ve always been there for me but now you’re going to put yourself in dangerous situations and… And what if I can’t be there for you?” This was goodbye to the only person who cares for me, my best friend who picked me up when I was falling. This was the last time I’d see her.
“Gosh (Y/N) you’re lost in thought aren’t you? I’ve been calling your name for ages.”

Breaking me out of my trance, Bucky strolled into our temporary room. “I was wondering where you wanted to sleep, you can have the bed and I’ll be on the floor.”

Bucky and I were friends but he still had that old fashioned mentality where a guy shouldn’t be next to a girl no matter what. “There’s no need for that Bucky, we can both be on the bed. Gosh, I don’t bite.” When we both got into bed, a feeling of panic settled in. 1…2…3…4…5… My heartbeat increased rapidly. I kept my eyes shut. My breathing became unsteady and ragged. I’m shaking.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay? (Y/N)?” I could hear Bucky’s voice, but it’s like my body lost its control to answer. I felt his hands wrap around me, allowing me to sit up. “It’s okay, just breathe” I couldn’t even do that. The heaving slowed down to a more relaxed state. I had to go outside. I slowly pulled myself up from the bed - dressing myself in jeans and a hoodie I had previously packed.

“(Y/N) it’s almost 3am, where do you think your going?” Bucky towered over me, taking on his protective persona.

“Going Out. You can come with me if you like, but please don’t stop me.” He did nothing but pick up my car keys.

“I’m driving though.”

We both sat on the roof of the closest abandoned building we could find - an hour away from the farm house. The sun-deprived air tickled my bare face, silence surrounding me. I just can’t do it anymore. The vulnerability I refuse to give into, feasts on my past. I live every damn day knowing that I can’t live my life the same, it wasn’t perfect but it was everything.

“I’ve seen you… Walk out like you did tonight. I’ve seen you return hours later. What’s going on?” His voice sounded like home, a feeling I’ve being yearning for. It was enough to allow my tears to fall.

“When I joined, I left my whole life behind. My family, my friends, everything. Yes I know that’s what everyone here had to do so I’m not any different, some of you went through hell too. But just knowing that you can never meet the people from your past makes me realise that I took everything for granted. So every time I feel like shit, I go to the top of a roof and watch the sunrise or just look at the scenery because it reminds me that’s there’s always another day.” I stopped speaking just in time to see the sun rise, specks of sunlight first scattered through the trees, before touching everything else. The new warmth caressed me, welcomed me.

Bucky’s POV

I watched how her lips moved while she spoke, the way her teeth graze her bottom lip as the sun rises. The light made her tears visible, the way they coated her lashes and floated in her eyes. I knew how it felt to want peace, I understood what it meant to leave everything behind knowing that you can’t turn back.

My hands lingered around her waist before she moved closer, allowing me to embrace her. I felt peace. Not in the scenery before me, but in (Y/N). She looked up at me, those eyes held unheard stories. She brought herself closer and laid her head on my chest, I knew she could hear my heartbeat because it was beating damn fast. My right hand slowly touched her hair.

“Can I tell you a secret?” She didn’t move from where she was, I didn’t want her to.

“Of course, doll.”

“You are my peace, Bucky.”

Kill ‘Em With Kindness - PART SIX

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

  You had been detected. You were now on their radar.  You were recruited for one mission only.  You’re trained and put to the test.  With your background, everyone realizes it was a mistake recruiting a college student who would soon be faced with the thing that drove her to kill in the first place.

Warnings: violence, swearing

Word Count: 3,292

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen… I want to ruin you.”

“You’re too late.”

A/N: so, I drew the protagonist’s suit! Just imagine the Tony Stark touch and you’re good to go! ENJOY!


Flashback- 3 years ago.

    “Y/N, it is literally every girl’s dream to study abroad in Paris!” Lucy exclaimed.  You shook your head and grinned at her.

    “Ugh, but it’s just too pretty!” you matched her pitch.  Walking down the streets of Paris with dozens of shopping bags in your hands, you and Lucy took to sight-seeing.  It was Lucy’s honeymoon.  Her husband was the C.E.O of one of the biggest companies in New York City, just behind Tony Stark’s legacy. Lucy met him when they hailed the same taxi, and she would never let you forget how her love story was one for the books.  She always promised you would experience the same. You had just turned 18 and even though this was Lucy’s honeymoon, she dragged you to Paris as a graduation gift.

    “Maybe you’ll meet someone here! C’mon, Y/N! Live life to the fullest!” Lucy giggled.  You rolled your eyes and pushed her shoulder.  

    “I should get my degree before I even think about romance,” you explained.  She groaned and threw her head back.  You smiled, your eyes crinkling and your teeth showing.

    “Romance never comes at the wrong time!” she said.  

    “Lucy, you know damn well that’s not true,” you smiled.  She shrugged her shoulders and adjusted the multiple bags in her hands.  

    “I’m just saying.  My baby sister is going to start college soon and I’m off living the dream,” Lucy mentioned.

   Your mouth fell open and you punched her arm playfully.  “Are you saying I’m not living the dream?”

   She laughed, “No! Oh my god, I just meant that I feel like our life is going by so fast and I’m already near my mid-life crisis, hence ‘the dream’.”

    The playful nature between the two of you was never outdated.  Ever since you two were placed in foster care, you were inseparable.  A family would take you in, drop you two, and then the cycle began all over again.  Once Lucy turned 18, she dragged you out and rented a small apartment in Queens.  While she struggled with two jobs, you finished high school.  Luckily for the two of you, as Lucy would gloat, she met Mark before you entered college.  He offered to pay for your education and groceries, letting Lucy take care of all the apartment’s needs.  You were fond of Mark and you were happy that Lucy was happy.

    “I was thinking Germany,” you replied.  

    She stopped walking abruptly.  You turned to her and walked back to her.  

    “What the fuck you gonna do in Germany? You don’t even know German!” Lucy exclaimed, trying to catch her breath from laughing so much.  You grabbed her arm and started walking beside her.  

    “Just seems cool, you know?” you said.  She nodded and looked up to watch the birds flying over your heads.

    “Then we’ll come and live in Germany for a while,” she mentioned.  You turned to her wide eyed.  

    “You can’t just leave New York!” you tried to explain but Lucy stopped you.

    “Anywhere you go, I go, remember?” You smiled at her, and leaned your head on her shoulder.  

    Ten minutes passed before you reached a secluded alleyway.  You and Lucy turned around and headed back the other way.  When stepping out of the alleyway, a large black van almost ran the two of you over.  Lucy launched backwards and covered your body with hers.  The two of you stood looking at the van as it made a U-turn and headed towards the two of you again.  Dropping your shopping bags, you clutched Lucy’s hand and ran to escape the van.

    Both of you whimpering as the van got closer, you contemplated whether to detach and run in different directions.  They couldn’t follow the both of you.  

   “We should split up!” you yelled.  Lucy whipped her head towards you and nearly dodged a trash can in the middle of the sidewalk. 

   “Like hell we’ll split up! What part of ‘anywhere you go, I go’ don’t you understand?” she yelled.  You only nodded, holding onto her hand for dear life.

    The van made a sharp turn, cutting the two of you off from running any further.  You stopped before you rammed into its side, backing away with Lucy.  You two were about to turn and run the other way but the side doors slid open and four armed men stepped out.  

    “Run and we’ll litter the bullets,” one of them spoke.  You glanced at Lucy who only squeezed your hand tighter.

    “Where’s your husband?”

    Lucy choked on the sob she accidentally let slip.  You had never seen her so scared.  

    “We won’t ask again… Where is your husband?” they repeated.

    Aiming the gun at you, he removed the safety.  Lucy stepped in front of you, removing your hand from hers and putting both her hands in the air.

    “He’s not here,” Lucy truthfully answered.  

    “Bullshit.  Tell us where he is or else you’ll be picking up your little sister’s brains.”  You whimpered and clutched the back of Lucy’s shirt.

    “I’ll take you to him… Just don’t hurt her,” Lucy said.  

    “No, no! Lucy, no,” you cried, trying to step in front of her.

    “I’ll take you to him,” she repeated.  You choked and tasted your salty tears.

    “Just take me,” Lucy stepped towards the men.  They grabbed her and quickly tied her hands together.

   “No, please! Don’t take her!” you tried to grab her arm but a sharp, metallic object connected with your temple.  You fell backwards, clutching the side of your head.  You looked at your blood-stained hand and then back at your sister.

    “Stay here! Don’t you dare try to save me!” Lucy screamed.  You shook your head and stood back up, only to be knocked to the floor with a swift kick to the chest.

    “Y/N! Please, listen to me! I’ll be alright!” Lucy tried to reassure you.  Her words were overshadowed by a loud pop and a shriek.  With one swift turn, they had twisted Lucy’s left arm to the point of dislocation.  You yelped and tried to get up.

    “Lucy, please,” you begged, watching as the men picked her up and threw her into their van.  Standing up one last time, you scrambled to the van before the doors closed.

     “If we don’t have your husband, we get her,” one of the men told Lucy while roughly turning her face towards his.

    You didn’t hear her anymore.  All you saw were black dots, the stinging sensation in your neck sending you to the floor while your whole body violently shook.

    Hours.  It took hours before you woke up in a sweat surrounded by worried strangers.  They had left you in the middle street.  You tried to stand up quickly but the pain in your head sent you back.  The strangers tried to help you stand but your dead weight prompted them to drag you to the sidewalk instead.  

    “They took my sister,” you choked out.  You shook your head and smacked their helping hands away from you.  “They took my sister!”

    You filed a police report.  Mark rushed into the station to see if you were okay.  You were frozen.  Your face hadn’t changed since you walked through those doors.  Mark explained to you that they wanted him, not Lucy.  They took her so he would be forced to sign a deal with them.  They took her and you couldn’t save her.  

    You woke up on the floor.  You groaned and massaged the elbow you fell on. You stared at your ceiling, holding your arm, and tried to calm yourself.  

   You sat up slowly, your face still scrunched up in pain.  You shook your head.  You just wanted to forget. Tap. Tap. Tap, tap.

    “.- .-. . / -.– — ..- / — -.- .- -.– ..–..” Are you okay? You stood up and tapped out a response.

    “-.– . … .-.-.-“ Yes.

    Not a lie.  You were physically fine.  

    That morning, you were called down to the lab.  You hadn’t spoken to Tony since he snapped at you so you prepared yourself for another battle.  Instead, Tony was accompanied by Bruce, the two of them looking proud of themselves.

     “What’s up with you guys?”

    Tony turned around, “Oh, Miss Y/L/N! You made it.”

    “I live two minutes from here.”  Your voice was dripping with sarcasm.  You didn’t want to fight but that didn’t mean you had to follow all the rules.

    “I’m going to ignore that.  Bruce, show the girl.”

    Bruce took off his glasses and smiled towards you.  He inched closer and held his hand out to you.  With confusion written all over your face, you stared at his empty hand.

     “We have something to show you,” Bruce stated.  You took his hand and he guided you to the back of the lab, where a mannequin stood loud and proud.  Your eyes bulged out of your head when you saw what it was wearing.

    “Is that my suit?” Gaping, you walked around the mannequin and inspected your suit from top to bottom.  “Damn, you went front Target to Gucci.”

    Your typical black and dark green suit had major alterations.  The collar was popped up, resembling that of an evil queen.  Green lace traveled down the arms, the end red and meant to wrap around the knuckles like a fingerless glove.  A ‘lips’ emblem was sprawled across the chest and a red belt hugged at the waist.  The rest of the suit black, the only contradiction being at the middle of the thighs where the green pockets matched those of a garter. The texture of the suit was like Peter’s.  Finally, a long zipper was found at the back of the suit and there were no detachable shoes, meaning you would have to step into the suit altogether.

    “Why didn’t you put the zipper in the front?  Someone’s gonna have to zip me up each time,” you laughed.  The two men looked at each other.

    “Punch that emblem in the middle of your chest and it’ll zip you up without any assistance,” Tony said, punching buttons on his tablet.  You smiled and felt the suit.

     “You modeled my suit after Peter’s,” you stated.  You looked towards Tony with a dorky grin on your face, waiting to hear what Tony had to say about that.  Tony smirked and casually answered you.

     “Yeah, so? I reused the design, sue me.”

    You chuckled and asked if you could try it on.  Bruce took the suit off the mannequin and handed it to you.  Excitement filled your soul and you didn’t even step out of the room to undress and throw the suit on.  Bruce turned away but Tony took a quick peek.  

    You squealed, the schoolgirl attitude you had covered for so long revealing itself.  You hit the emblem and watched in awe as the suit hugged your body, the collar making you look sinister and the garters making you look irresistible.  

    “Mr. Stark, oh my God! I can’t thank you enough!” you launched yourself towards the working man, surprising him and yourself when you leaped into his occupied arms and wrapping your arms around his neck.  Bruce adjusted his glasses and chuckled but he held his arms out when you stepped off Tony and leaped to him as well.  He caught you, showcasing his confusion to Tony who only shrugged his shoulders.  

    “I got to show this to Bucky!” You exited the lab and ran down the halls, the smile on your face highly contagious those who crossed your path.  Once in the kitchen, you scanned for Bucky but only found Steve.  

    “Look, look, look!” you cheered, stepping in front of Steve in a superhero pose.  He took in the sight of you and tried to match your excitement.

    “You look incredible!”

    “I know!” You raced out of the kitchen and to the gym.  It seemed like Bucky was nowhere to be found so you modeled for Sam, Natasha, Wanda, and even Vision before you saw his shaggy entering the elevator.  

    You patted your suit down to search for a knife or any new object to stop the elevator doors from closing.  Finding nothing, you groaned and reached for a leftover tablet and threw it.  To your astonishment, the tablet stopped the doors from closing just in time.  Bucky was stunned and stood there wide eyed until he saw you.  You skipped towards the elevator, your giddiness rubbing onto Bucky.

    “Open them,” you pointed to the elevator doors.  Bucky placed his hands on either side of the elevator doors and pulled them open.  You caught the tablet and stepped inside.

     “I didn’t think that would work,” you admitted, shaking the tablet in the air.

     “Well, it scared the hell out of me.”

     When Bucky pressed the button for a floor, you twirled and shook your body slightly so Bucky could see the suit and its movements.

    “You look great.”

    “Just great?”

    “Fucking brilliant, doll.”

    You bit your bottom lip to keep from smiling like a mad woman and instead laughed along with Bucky.  Seeing the elevator still had a good five floors to ascend, you pushed Bucky to the wall and kissed him.  He was taken aback but quickly caught on and gripped your hips closer to his.  You pushed yourself closer, allowing him to put his hands on your neck instead.  When he reached for your face, your collar blocked his path.

    “Oops,” you giggled against his lips.  You stepped back and pinched the collar of your suit, flaunting it towards Bucky.

    “Take it off, doll,” he flirted and the elevator doors opened.  

    “Whoops,” you stated, hitting your emblem and walking out of the elevator as the suit pooled around your ankles.  You bent down to grab the fabric, carrying it in your arms.  You turned to walk away from Bucky who you left stunned, frustrated, and quite giddy as well.

     You were asked to train in your suit with Natasha.  You tucked as many knives as you could in the pockets of your suit: under your armpits, on top of your wrists, the sides of your ribcage, your hips, the sides of your shins, the bottom of the boots, and the back pockets.  The knives ranged from only a limited size, none larger than a regular kitchen knife.  This was useful, considering they retracted and bent at your command.

     “Where are you going to carry your guns?” Natasha asked.  You furrowed your eyebrows and continued tucking the knives into your suit.

    “I don’t use guns,” you stated.

    “What do you mean you don’t use guns?”

    “I don’t know how to use them,” you replied.  You were trained in hand-to-hand combat with the most personal weapon a person could use to kill another human being.

    “You don’t know how to shoot?” Natasha gaped at you.  She looked worried and you tried to shrug that off.

    “I didn’t see the need.”

    “You need to learn as soon as possible,” she said.  

    “Natasha, trust me.  I don’t need to.”  She scoffed and handed you the gun strapped to her waist.

    “Shoot that target.  You miss, you learn.”

    You stared at the gun, turning it in your hand and closing your eyes.  You never enjoyed this weapon, its heaviness and size intimidating you.

    You raised your arms and aimed the gun at the target.  Thinking back to your training, you closed your left eye and saw that the gun was centered in the middle.  You shifted your arms to the left slightly and shot.  You missed the middle of the target by a few inches, cursing yourself.

    “That’s not bad.”

    You sighed, “I take too long to shoot.”

    “We can fix that,” Natasha stated, taking the gun from you and attaching it back to her waist.

    “I’m trained in hand-to-hand combat, Natasha.  Guns aren’t my thing.”

    “They need to be… trust me.”

    “Just shoot for me,” you joked.  Natasha chuckled but the seriousness in her eyes told you that you would soon be shooting and stabbing people when you fought.

    “Hand-to-hand training… where did you train?”

    “I already told you. Germany,” you said.  Natasha shook her head.

    “No, where? Don’t bullshit me, Y/L/N.”

    You bit your lip and fiddled with the pocket knife near your wrist.  “I studied abroad in Germany.  After they took my sister, I wanted to learn how to defend myself.  I was angry, broken, and stupid.  I followed the best martial arts competitor at my school to his hide-out one day.  I wasn’t allowed to leave until I promised not to tell anyone.  After a few days, I learned they relocated underground.  I followed that, too.  I begged them to teach me.”

     That was the most you had ever spoken without someone replying or stopping you.  You continued, “They taught me the basics. Flips, kicks, punches, stabbings… you name it.  They forbid guns.  They said that if we couldn’t take someone down with our bare hands, we didn’t deserve to live.”

    Natasha nodded, but the next hour was spent on teaching you how to shoot.

    Sunday night.  Everyone was called down to the conference room with very important news.  Everyone was grumpy considering it was close to the building’s bedtime.  All were in their pajamas besides Thor and Vision, the two just coming back from a mission.

     “What’s this about, Stark?” Steve took a seat besides Bucky, who was secretly holding your hand under the table.  The small gesture warmed your heart but your face remained blank.  

     “We know who planted the cameras.”  

     The atmosphere in the room changed immediately.  Everyone was now more alert, forgetting about the lack of sleep they were experiencing.  You felt Bucky squeeze your hand.

    “Who was it?” you asked through clenched teeth.  

    Tony clicked his screen and brought up two videos.  You leaned forward in your chair and squinted your eyes.

    “What am I supposed to be looking for?” you asked.  The video was simply angled towards the entrance of the compound and the people entering were people you saw every day.

    “Watch.”  Tony sped the video up and stopped it when the image of a woman with a baseball cap, her eyes facing the floor.

    “Who is she?” you asked, watching as she maneuvered her way through countless of guards with skill.  You stared at the video in bewilderment.  How could she have gotten passed everyone?

    “No idea.  When she entered the building, she used a duplicate I.D card from a woman that already works here.  The owner of that I.D. showed up to the party.  Facial recognition didn’t match this woman to the I.D.”

    The time mark of the video flashed a date that raised confusion.

    “Wait, that’s dated to a week before I even arrived here,” you surveyed.  You stood from your seat and let go of Bucky’s hand.  

    “That’s why we’re so worried,” Bruce commented.  Your chest was rising quicker than normal.  You were getting nervous.

    “They knew I would come here?”  That wasn’t possible.  Peter didn’t mean to get you captured.  There was no way they could have predicted this.

     “That’s not possible,” a new voice sounded from the corner of the room.  Peter hugged his sweater and his face matched yours.  Confusion struck everyone.

    “The second video surprised us more,” Tony said, dragging the second video to view.  The woman was standing outside what was to be your new bedroom door, a HYDRA patch advertised on the arm of her leather jacket.  Your eyes widened as she typed in the correct code to your room and entered.  

    “Why the hell is HYDRA after me?” HYDRA didn’t kidnap your sister.  They couldn’t have.

    “We looked up your incident,” Tony said.  Your heart fell and you looked to Bucky for relief.  He took your hand in his once again and tried to control his breathing as well.

    “Your sister’s husband… He made a deal with HYDRA.”


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A smile of the century (Part 1/2)

Summary: You were a twin assassin to the famous Winter soldier and you were also all that he could always remember so when your rescued and brought back to the tower Bucky tries to reminisce on the last time he saw you smile.

A/N: I’m British so if any words don’t make sense to anyone feel free to message me and I’ll see what I can relate it to a contexts or word in your given country and theirs a part two to this I might post tomorrow and finally I’m horrible and writing action scenes so give me time and patience’s.

Word count: 1142

“She’s cold, a killing machine and you’ll see death in her eyes.” The words slide off his tongue like venom. The famous avengers team stare at their new-found member as if his got two heads, he laughs slightly and explain “she was worse than me because she grew up in Hydra. That’s all she ever knew and she believed everything they did was right. Therefore, she’s got more experience than all of us put together.” 

Bucky looks at the board that holds all your information from the last dated photo of you that Natasha could find. It was a photo of you in England, London, last month. Your hair had grown long and flowed down way past your hips it sat in a low ponytail at the back of your neck, your body propelled you forwards but your sullen Y/E/C eyes and face fell backwards as if looking for a predator. An all the information of your file that Hydra possessed, your father and mother who were long deceased and no trace of brothers or sisters. Your fighting history which documented your first kill back to when you were just 12. Sam stood in the corner of the glass rectangular room with arched eyebrows and then asked the team “we’re actually considering dropping all of her charges and accepting her as an avenger? That’s what’s going on right, now right?” Steve stands up from the spiny chair and claims “we did it for Buck we’ll do it for her. Suit up we leave in ten.” And with that everyone files out whilst Sam and Tony are the last ones Tony leans over and whispers “plus it’s better to have her on our side instead of against us.” 

Everyone rides the long journey to her last London hide out, on the outskirts in an abandoned warehouse, checking weaponry, reading through files, eating and catching up on sleep. They land and dispatch off the jet but Bucky is stopped as if by air. A bubble surrounds him because he hopes she’s everything he remembered and strains to capture her beauty in his blender of a mind. His only forsaken memory is the night his freedom began:

Bucky lay asleep on the damp and thin gym mat and woke to the sound of a constant grinding sound down the dark corridor. He slides up to the concreate wall and locks his hair at the base of his neck with a thin eroding hair tie. “Soldier?” Her tired voice whispers, he springs from the bed and looks through the small gap his punched in his door to see her standing leaning on the door, she sighs one of relief when his dirty face comes into view. Locks are turned and fragile hugs are endured. He takes note of the big machine gun that lay abandoned in the grimy hallway he lifts it under his up and carries it into the room. “Listen.” She squeaks, his eyes train on her and she speaks in a slow and soft tone. “I’ve taken out every single guard in this place, no one is here. I’m going to blast this wall open and you and I are going to run into the fresh air. However, you’re going to go your own way and find Steve Rogers ok? He loves you dearly and will look after you.”  A file is slipped in his broken fingers and he flips through trying to adapt to what is happening.

The wall is blown and they almost stroll into the outside world to discover that there is green all around them but he grabs her hand and tears are in his shattered eyes. “Oh darling.” Her soothing voice purrs, rough and callused hands jar their way down his face, soothing out the creases and hiding the tears. Her tired eyes feel like home and her shackled and bruised body is the definition of beauty. And finally, she kisses him on the corner of the mouth and whispers in his ear “think of my smile.”

That’s all he can do, he thinks back to when they first met and she smiled at him they were both strapped to a chair being wheeled down the everlasting corridor. “Don’t let them hear your screams.” She said and a dazzling smile ensures. Creases are imprinted into her face, dimples set inside her checks and for a second he swears the room lights up with colour and even the straight-laced guards are vulnerable and blink away her brightness…

She stands in the middle of the room in a sea of the avengers on all corners of her eye line. Tony is the first to approach, the metal on his suit scratching on the concreate floor, “hi love, my names Tony and I’m here to help you. We all are ok?”  Her face looks uninterested as she reels of the lines she practised for months, “Hi Tony, I know who you are and I know your here to help but unfortunately I don’t need or want it.” Sam sighs and Natasha jabs him in the rib. Natasha steps forward and approaches her “Your names Y/N I know this because we learnt about you in the red room. How our standards should be upheld to you therefore I know you could snap all our necks without breaking a sweat. So, I’m proposing that you come back and live with us for a week if you don’t like it you can leave. Out the front door and no one will follow you, deal?” She contemplates but clearly decides against the offer and takes off running for the metal open door left swinging in the rain of cold England. Her legs carry her so far until Steve appears but she effortlessly lunges into his open arms and flips over the six-foot man. Standing their dumbfounded he tells everyone to stop and get the sleeping injection ready.

Outside she sees the getaway car and heads for the driver’s side until he appears, all long haired and clean shaven. He doesn’t move after coming out from the shadow because her eyes have welled up and her tough exterior expires. The needle is inserted and she flops into the arms of Clint. 

Experiment 13067 (Bucky Barnes) Part 4

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 2833

Summary: The Avengers go on a mission to take down another Hydra base when they find their new, latest experiment.

Author’s note: please don’t hate me.

Tags: @sebstanwassup, @stay-wokke, @iamtemille

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Tony herded everyone into the briefing room like sheep, ignoring their whines in protest. He pushed everyone in and shut the door behind him, putting his finger to his lips and letting out a loud HUSH sound to shut everyone up.

“Shut up, be quiet for two seconds and I’ll explain to you why we’re in here!” Tony said annoyed. He rolled his eyes as everyone quieted down, standing in front of him in a line. Every member of the Avengers stared at him expectantly, waiting for him to explain himself.

Tony sighed, rubbing his forehead and closing his eyes for a moment. His other hand rested on his hip as the one on his forehead reached out in front of him.

“Okay. Okay. We need to discuss what happened in the gym yesterday.” Immediately the group all began talking over each other. “We can’t hear each other talk when we’re all yelling!”

“Okay, I’ll say it. I think Y/N is dangerous and reckless, and obviously, has some anger issues. I don’t think it would be safe to keep her around,” Natasha said. To her left, Bucky glared at her, but she ignored it.

“But she’s strong. She has a lot of enhancements. If we trained her and found out a way to help her control her rage, I think she would be a great addition to the team,” Bucky argued.

“Woah there cowboy, nobody said anything about adding her to the team,” Tony said.

“Well, why not? She has nowhere else to go. Her whole family was murdered right in front of her eyes. Hydra would get her back and use her against us again.” Bucky grew more frustrated with their close-mindedness.

“And we would stop her, again,” Steve added. “But, I agree with Bucky. He was in the same exact situation as Y/N and he’s made a full one-eighty. I don’t see why we should turn her away, especially with all the enhancements she has.”

“Yeah, she is arguably more powerful than you, Steve,” said Bruce. “I mean, superhuman strength, super speed, healing, her whips–”

“She’s more powerful, which also means more dangerous,” Nat interrupted. “Sure, we know her physical abilities, but what do we know about her mental state? She could be crazy.”

“I actually know a lot about her mental state and she is fine, just extremely depressed and overwhelmed with scrambling her mind back together! I’m helping her overcome the bad thoughts, giving her tips on what I did when I was in her exact position. And, compared to me, she’s given a lot less hell than I did. I had real property damage and so far all Y/N’s had was ripping through a wall,” Bucky said.

Everyone was quiet for a minute, thinking about the pros and cons of having Y/N around. 

“Alright, time for an old fashion poll to settle this. Every for Y/N, raise your hand–” Tony raised his eyebrows.

“No, Tony! We’re not voting for a person. God, is this what you guys did when Steve saved me?” Bucky asked. Everyone went silent as Bucky’s eyes widened in shock.

“Just– Just give me a few more weeks to help her. Let me decide whether she stays or goes. She trusts me enough to let her inside her mind.” 

Everyone looked at each other, watching for a reaction. Tony sighed, drawing all eyes on him.

“Fine. But, I do not want any more broken walls. Keep her lassos in the saddle, okay partner?” Tony said, before opening the door and walking out. As everyone filtered through the small door, Bucky turned to Steve in wonder.

“What was with all the cowboy references from Tony today?” he asked. Steve shrugged.

Y/N laid on her bed with her knees to her chest, her arms draped lazily around them as she watched TV on her laptop. Steve had shown her a great thing to download called Netflix and even recommended a few shows like Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, and The Office. While she switched around those shows and binged through them, she was currently watching a show called Supernatural.

She pouted when Sam Winchester’s eyes turned black and he smirked at Dean but paused on Dean’s shocked face when a knock came on her door.

Y/N jumped off her bed and walked across the plush white carpet. Without the serums keeping her bodily systems in check, her internal temperature was all messed up. She found her room hot, so she only wore a large t-shirt and underwear even though her room was sixty-eight degrees.

Y/N wrapped her hand around the doorknob and turned it open, revealing a distraught-looking Bucky. His eyes were on the ground but slowly trailed up your legs and torso. By the time he met your eyes, his cheeks were faintly pink.

“Can I come in?” he asked. Y/N looked away and nodded, taking a step back and swinging the door open wide for Bucky to come in. Y/N left the door open and sat on her bed, crossing her legs as Bucky sat in front of her. She closed her laptop and put it on the ground to make more space for Bucky.

She waited patiently, knowing there was bad news to be given by his demeanor. That, and the fact that he wasn’t speaking French.

“So, the team and I just had a discussion about… you,” Bucky admitted. Y/N looked down shamefully, knowing it was because the scene she caused in the gym yesterday. “And, I’ll be honest, what you did in the gym has put everyone a little on edge. Some of the team wants to kick you out of the tower, but I worked a negotiation.”

Y/N met Bucky’s clear blue eyes again, raising her eyebrows hopefully.

“I have a month to try to get you better.” Y/N’s face contorted into one that expressed her helplessness as she turned her head to look out the window as he spoke. “Now, I’m not saying that you need to have a full recovery—I just mean that you need to be making some type of progress. The anger issues, your social skills, your fighting tactics all need to be worked on. I’ll help you each and every step of the way but you have to help me as well. 

“A few years ago, I was in your exact position and state of mind. I know exactly what you’re going through, and I assume you know all about that from when Hydra had you. And, as long as you put all your effort into helping yourself, I and everyone else in the tower will make sure Hydra will never get you again. What do you say?” Bucky asked, looking down at her hopefully. He watched Y/N’s eyes flicker between objects outside the window of her room before they met his.

Y/N weakly tried to smile. “When do we start?”

Bucky and Y/N stood a few feet apart from each other in the gym, all alone in order for Y/N to focus and train best. It was midday, which meant they had the best amount of light in the gym due to the large windows that took up one side of the gym. Bucky stared at Y/N like a predator about to pounce towards its’ prey, knees bent and arms at his sides.

In front of him, Y/N stood in a relaxed posture, staring down at Bucky’s hunched stance with a lopsided grin. She took a few steps to her left as Bucky stepped to his right, the two walking in a circle yet not making any advancements towards each other.

“You gonna strike, dollface?” Bucky teased.

“Like a cobra.” Y/N chuckled. She realized Bucky wouldn’t make the first move so she quickly flickered her wrist and out came her whip from the bottom of her palm, striking it towards Bucky’s arm. The whip just barely missed him, Bucky’s reflexes faster than she prepared for. He grunted as he charged at her like a raging bull, but Y/N swiftly took one large step to her left and watched him run at nothing. Just as he turned his head to find where she had gone, Y/N wrapped her whip around Bucky’s left ankle and forced him to collapse on himself.

He grunted as he fell to the floor, rolling off his stomach and on his back. Y/N wrapped her fingers around her whip and pulled Bucky towards her until he was close enough to put her foot on his chest.

“Eight, nothing,” Y/N recited the score. Bucky scowled, grabbing her ankle to make her fall before he climbed on top of her to keep her down.

“Eight, one,” he corrected. Y/N laughed underneath him as her whips crawled back into her skin. Bucky stared at the process, causing Y/N to feel shy and vulnerable, especially with him still on top of her.

“Does it hurt when they come out?” he whispered, still staring at her palms as she laid the back of her hands on the floor.

“Every time.” Y/N set her lips in a straight line. Bucky met her eyes and went quiet before he realized what position they were still in.

“Oh, sorry,” he apologized, standing up and offering a hand to Y/N to help her up. He pulled her to her feet and smiled.

“So, have we finished training? Or, can we take a break at least?” Y/N asked, raising her eyebrows and giving Bucky puppy dog eyes. Bucky laughed and nodded, turning around and walking towards the elevator with her.

“Well, I know we usually eat whatever is in the kitchen but I’ve noticed you’ve been progressing really well. Do you wanna go out to get something to eat? Steve showed me this really nice restaurant the other day, I think you’ll like it.” Bucky pressed the button to the elevator and turned to Y/N. She fought the urge to blush and gave a small smile instead.

“Yeah, sure. What kind of restaurant is it?”

“Italian. You like Italian? You don’t have to dress fancy or anything, it’s pretty casual.” Bucky shrugged. They stepped into the elevator as the doors opened and shut again, pressing the floor numbers to their rooms.

“Um, yeah sure. I’ve never really had Italian before though. Is it good?” Y/N asked. Bucky could have punched himself for even asking, knowing her past.

“Yeah, it’s good. If you liked the food in France, you’ll like Italian.” Bucky smiled, somewhat embarrassed. 

Y/N got off the elevator first, seeing as her room was two floors below his own. They agreed to meet in he foyer in thirty minutes, enough time for them to shower and get ready. 

Thirty minutes later, Y/N was dressed, as Bucky told her to, casual. Black boots and black skinny jeans covered her lower half as a plain white shirt covered her torso, along with a red sweatshirt and her favorite green jacket over that. It was late fall so it was going to be pretty cold. When she got to the foyer Bucky was already there, wearing an outfit similar to hers.

“We’re kind of matching,” he mused, looking down at his own outfit. He wore dark blue jeans and black motorcycle boots, paired with a red Henley, brown sweatshirt, and black jacket similar to Y/N’s. Y/N pointed at the hats and sunglasses in his hands.

“What are those for?” she asked. Bucky looked at his hands and handed her a plain black cap and sunglasses.

“So we aren’t as noticeable.”

“That’s inconspicuous,” Y/N muttered sarcastically, taking the ‘disguise’. Bucky rolled his eyes and grinned at her stubbornness. 

“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a part of the Avengers. Everyone knows my face. And, Hydra is still looking for you, too. We gotta cover our faces.”

Y/N sighed, putting on the hat and looking at herself in a mirror hanging on the wall. She tucked her hair behind her ears and then slid on the sunglasses that covered half of her face. She turned to Bucky with a sarcastic smile.

“Happy?” she asked.

“You look great,” Bucky said, turning before he could notice Y/N’s cheeks tinted pink. “Let’s go.”

Bucky led Y/N to his motorcycle, and after a moment of reluctance, she got on. They drove further away from the city until they reached a small restaurant with tables with people eating outside. No one paid any mind to them, much to Y/N’s relief, and they ordered their meal and sat at a table outside.

The pair were having a good time. Y/N still couldn’t get over her attraction to Bucky, but managed to push it aside in order to keep things normal. Bucky was the only friend she really had so she would do anything to protect it. They were there for about forty minutes before Bucky went quiet, staring at something behind Y/N.

“Bucky?” Y/N asked, noticing his weird behavior. Bucky kept his eyes on his target, somewhere behind Y/N.

“I… I think they found us,” Bucky whispered, tearing his eyes away and forcing himself to take a drink calmly. Y/N’s eyes widened as her breathing picked up, almost panting in her seat.

“What?” she whispered, eyes meeting Bucky’s. His jaw clenched and nostrils flared, the angriest Y/N has ever seen on him.

“Just keep looking at me. Remember your training. Only attack if you have to. Save yourself. Aim for their legs. Get out of sight, make sure you’re not being followed,” Bucky said lowly, a certain edge to his voice that made Y/N’s face flush.

“B-Bucky, I can’t,” Y/N whimpered. She sat deadly still as Bucky looked around again, digging into his pocket before laying a wad of cash on the table, anchoring it with his plate.

He grabbed Y/N by the arm and pulled her up, keeping her body flush against his as they high tailed it out of there. Y/N was finally able to look around without it being too suspicious and nearly wept when she saw ten men staring at them. Bucky’s hand slid down her arm and held her hand tightly as they briskly walked towards Bucky’s motorcycle. They quickly got on as Bucky began to rev the engine, but nothing was happening.

Y/N’s breathing labored as she saw a few of the men try to cross the street to get to them. They were all moving their lips, probably talking to each other through ear pieces, staring directly at them.

“Bucky…” Y/n warned, her arms wrapping around Bucky’s middle as he continued to struggle to start the engine. He grunted as he began throwing his body into it, kicking down the lever with more urgency.

“Bucky!” Y/N yelled, watching as a Hydra agent crossed the street and reached into the side of their jacket.

“Go!” Bucky yelled at the motorcycle, kicking it one last time before the engine roared to life. “Hang on!”

Y/N turned and clutched tighter at Bucky’s back as the motorcycle sped down the street. A gunshot fired into the air and Y/N screamed, causing Bucky to handle the clutch even rougher, pulling the right clutch towards himself to make them go faster.

Behind them at the restaurant, Y/N heard everyone scream at the gun the Hydra agent pulled out. She could also hear the agents yell before Bucky expertly maneuvered them down the street and onto a back road, away from the business of the city. Y/N hyperventilated and shook against Bucky, and had he not been focusing so hard on their escape, he would have stopped somewhere to ask if she was alright. 

Y/N felt a large bead of sweat trickle down her back and tickle her skin, and even her jacket got soaked through. Her vision blurred from the adrenaline before she started feeling woozy, probably from the nerves of nearly being captured again.

“Bucky, I don’t feel good!” Y/N yelled over the sounds of Bucky’s motorcycle and the wind against their ears. They hadn’t had time to put their helmets on so it was a lot more difficult to hear anything.

“Just another mile and I’ll pull over, okay?” Bucky yelled back. Y/N nodded weakly as she rested her cheek against his back, closing her eyes and accidentally falling asleep.

The Curtain, part 6

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You had been Steve Rogers’ best girl for many years, until he took down SHIELD and proclaimed his allegiance to Hydra. And that was when your world came tumbling down. Now you were part of the Underground - a group of rogue heroes and civilians that wanted nothing to do with Hydra. The Mount was the secret headquarters where you lived now, as you all try to find a way to get the world back. And where you try your hardest to forget Steve Rogers or at least the man he is now, but could you ever?

Characters: Hydra! Steve Rogers, Past!Steve Rogers,Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Miles Morales/Spider-Man, Amadeus Cho/Hulk, Viv Vision.

Warning: If you don’t like the Hydra Steve currently in the Marvel comics, don’t read. Won’t be tagging anyone unless they asked to be tagged. Spoilers for Secret Empire.

A/N: This is mostly based on the comic Secret Empire and most of the characterization is based on comic book counterparts - or at least a mix of the two for those also in the MCU. Also, this is just a mini-series - not sure how many parts. TBH, this story isn’t what you expect. 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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** = NSFW

Bucky Barnes

**[NEW] #14 - Bucky x Avenger!Reader 

A Hairy Situation  - Bucky x Avenger!Reader

As You Are Now  -  Post-Soldier!Bucky x Reader

Breath of Air  -  Winter-Soldier x Reader

Bookstore Fight AU  -  Modern!Bucky x Reader

[NEW] Last First Kiss - Civil-War!Bucky x Reader

[NEW] Match Made In Heaven - AU!Steve x Reader x AU!Bucky

Prisoner of War  -  WW2!Bucky x POW!Reader

[NEW] Stress Drinking - Bucky x Reader

**[NEW] Take Care of You - Bucky x Avenger!Reader

The Age of Ms. Barnes  -  Pre-War!Steve/Bucky x Mother!Reader

The Little Things  -  Bucky x Avenger!Reader

The Mutual  -  Bucky x PTSD!Reader

Walk My Dreams  -  Bucky x Avenger!Reader x Steve

Worst Kind of Good  -  Bucky x Reader

Steve Rogers

Capsicle  -  Steve x Avenger!Reader

[NEW] Day Off - Steve x Avenger!Reader

I’m Using Your Apartment As A Sniper Nest  -  Modern!Steve x Reader

[NEW] Match Made In Heaven - AU!Steve x Reader x AU!Bucky

Shirley Temple  -  Pre-serum!Steve x Reader

The Fire Alarms Went Off  -  Neighbor!Steve x Reader

Voice of Reason  -  Pre-Serum!Steve x Reader

Walk My Dreams  -  Steve x Avenger!Reader x Bucky


Little Warrior  -  T’Challa x Avenger!Reader

Sebastian Stan

Coffee Morning - Sebastian x Reader

Moment of a Lifetime - Sebastian x N/A

[NEW] Pleasant Surprise - Sebastian x BFF!Reader

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The Curtain, part 8

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You had been Steve Rogers’ best girl for many years, until he took down SHIELD and proclaimed his allegiance to Hydra. And that was when your world came tumbling down. Now you were part of the Underground - a group of rogue heroes and civilians that wanted nothing to do with Hydra. The Mount was the secret headquarters where you lived now, as you all try to find a way to get the world back. And where you try your hardest to forget Steve Rogers or at least the man he is now, but could you ever? 

Then an incident with a piece of cosmic cube has you face to face with Steve Rogers of the past. 

Characters:  Past!Steve Rogers, Hydra! Steve Rogers, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Miles Morales/Spider-Man, Amadeus Cho/Hulk, Viv Vision, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Thor.

Warning: If you don’t like the Hydra Steve currently in the Marvel comics, don’t read. He is mentioned quite a lot, but he won’t be making an appearance until near the end. Won’t be tagging anyone unless they asked to be tagged. Spoilers for Secret Empire.

A/N: This is mostly based on the comic Secret Empire and most of the characterization is based on comic book counterparts - or at least a mix of the two for those also in the MCU. TBH, this story isn’t what you expect.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

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