series 7 spoiler

So Mary Drake is mother of: CeCe Drake, Spencer Hastings and Alex Drake…
Mary, close your legs please, stop having socipaths babies
—  A PLL Fanboy

what if at the end of pretty little liars we find out that the whole 7 seasons have been read out of ezra’s book? what if we are seeing everything through his writer’s eye and not the actual truth? what is none of this is reliable? just a thought…

Arya Stark is the best! The North Remembers!

I loved that Jon didn’t listen to Sansa. She is only thinking about her revenge, but Jon knows who the real threat is. He saw what is coming and he is trying to gather as many people as possible to fight against the real enemy. If you think he is stupid for not doing what Sansa wanted him to do just because she is your special snowflake, then you should pay more attention to the show. That’s not how it works.

Euron Greyjoy will be a great character this season.

Tormund flirting with Brienne is so funny. Love him!

I liked Jaime in this episode. He is scared of what Cersei can/will do.

Sandor, Thoros and Beric… love that part. Now I wonder why Thoros always brings Beric back to life.

I would have loved it if instead of being just jealous, Alex could’ve been mostly vengeful. I wouldn’t have minded if Alex was like

“Jessica DiLaurentis took away my brother Charles and made my mother think he was dead when in reality he became Charlotte. Veronica Hastings took away my sister Spencer and didn’t let her know that she was a Drake this entire time. Both of these women, Peter Hastings and Kenneth DiLaurentis all made my mother go away and have no contact with her kids and I hate them for that, because I had the same mental issues as my mother and I was an orphan for most of my life. Allison, Jason, and Melissa get to stay with their real families or at least part of it, why can’t my sisters and I do that? I’m going to pretend I’m Spencer in order to get info about the DiLaurentis’ and the Hastings’ to make the Hastings’ divorce so their family is also broken up, and the Dilaurentis’ are already divorced so no problem there.

I also want to know what it feels like to be in a real family, and have real friends but it hurts that my twin sister got to have this and I didn’t. Also I’m gonna kidnap Ezra because he saw me with Wren, but also I have a thing for Aria, so I’m gonna put her on the A team and kill her fiance. The other liars knew about all of this and didn’t do anything, so I’m going to punish them too. And you know what, Spencer and her friends killed Cece’s lover, Archer, and Cece, Archer, Wren and I were all best friends, so they actually killed one of my best friends, and Mona killed Cece, my fucking sister, and Hanna is still friends with her and is the only Liar who trusts her and protects her, which is why I’m going to make Hanna have it the worst and have the most turns on the game. 

I’m catching feelings for Toby too, but Wren is in the way so I have to kill him, but I still want a part of him to be with me so I’m going to steal Emily’s eggs and have Archer put them in Allison alongside Wren’s sperm which I’ve been collecting, then I’m gonna kill Wren later and have his ashes in a necklace for me, and have Allison carry his baby because I can’t be A and be pregnant, it would be kinda hard, also I can’t pretend to be Spencer and be pregnant too, as that would also be difficult to hide. (Ps. isn’t this like a little homage to the books? Veronica couldn’t give birth to Spencer due to complications with Melissa, so they got a surrogate to carry Spencer, I think that links here). Also who knows it may actually be my eggs which is why Allison gives birth to twins because twins run in the family. The liars are just pawns really and are only there because they were there in the beginning, but right now, my targets are the Hastings’ and the DiLaurentis’”

And then I would’ve loved it if after Aria’s rehearsal dinner when ¾ of the wine moms got into the car, Spencer wasn’t the chauffeur, it was actually Alex, and Spencer was still inside and didn’t know she was meant to be driving, so then Alex kidnaps Veronica, to get revenge but drops off Ashley and Ella so nothing seems off to the other girls, so Veronica ends up being the first one locked up, then Spencer then Ezra. Then fast forward a day and Mona is talking to the liars and Caleb, but Peter and Melissa show up with Toby like “that’s not Spencer, blah blah, the book” then Melissa is like “Toby told me about the horse thing, that never happens who tf was that because it couldn’t have been Spencer”, and Peter is like “where’s my wife, soon to be ex-wife? We’re not divorced YET, where is she?”, so then all the shit happens then they go to the house Toby built, blah blah wop wop, the end. I just wanted the storyline to connect a bit more, and there to have been more of a focus on the two families considering how connected they are and the fact that Mary gave to Lost Woods to both Spencer and Allison