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Frankenstein! Michael

Words: 3.8k

Warning: smut

Summary: Y/N creates the man of her dreams with clay and deceased peoples organs. She manages to get him to life and she shows him a few things ;)  


It was weird you knew that, trying to stitch body parts together to get a real life creature. But in this day and age nothing was impossible. The body parts weren’t real well apart from the insides, but they were of the deceased; used for science. I got a hold of the last roll of my black thread and poked it through the tiny hole of the needle. I looked down at the body that was moulded out of clay. It’s taken nearly 2 years to complete, to get the structure right and to gather all the inside parts.

The last part was stitching the rest of the hand to the arm, since I had sowed some of it earlier. Then after I had finished that I would finally shock the body to get the heart pumping and getting the blood flowing. I had been stitching the body for about a year, starting with the feet and delicately making my way upwards. This included a clay penis, that was probably the hardest thing to make as well. Being a mad-scientist you don’t get out much so there was a hard choice to make on what a perfect penis was and I wanted this man to be perfect.

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Hunters on the Hellmouth

For @fangirlfolio. Thank you for helping me find my voice again.


Chapter 1: Meet Me at the Cemetery

“I didn’t know demons could hot wire cars!” Dean shouted as he punched the gas.

Their most recent desperate attempt to fight Lucifer had resulted in Cas bleeding in the backseat of the Impala while Meg in a souped up Mustang lead a host of demons in pursuit.

One vehicle in the fleet held Lucifer. He knew where the Winchesters were. He could easily pop into their car as they drove, but he didn’t. He wanted to play with them first.

“Drive faster!” Sam yelled. Dean pressed the old car as fast as she could go, but Sam couldn’t shake the blistered face of Lucifer burned into his brain.

Dean jerked the wheel, and they skidded off the rain-soaked highway onto a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it country road. The sudden turn threw off a couple of the demon drivers, Meg included. Not all of the stolen cars matched Baby, and a little distance formed. Maybe twenty more feet. It wasn’t enough and they knew it. The narrow road they were on couldn’t be too long.

“Little help here, Cas!” Dean shouted.

“He’s fading,” said Sam. Cas, pale and sweaty, had used all of his energy keeping them alive leaving none to heal himself.

Suddenly, a pale blue light consumed everything. Dean shielded his eyes. The light grew so bright, Sam couldn’t see his brother sitting next to him. He would have been sure this light was them dying, but Sam doubted approaching Hell would be so beautiful.

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Never Forget You (1)

Summary:  It’s been over a year since Dean has gone to Hell. You used to date Dean, so what would it be like if you ran into him one day?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2193 (I really tried to make it shorter)

A/N: So this is the first thing that I ever started writing for Tumblr. I got the idea from something that happened in Season 11 but it won’t be revealed for some time. Also this is set at the beginning of Season 5 and will go throughout the seasons, I got it pretty much all planned out. Also flashbacks are in italics. 

Warnings: mention of blood, cliffhanger (maybe?)

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It’s been one year, one year since I died. And in one year, I still haven’t managed to move on. He’s been gone longer than a year, and it still feels like the wound is fresh, like my broken heart is still breaking. It’s been more than one year since I’ve heard from Sam, from Bobby or any hunter for that matter. More than one year that I have been alone…hunted alone.

Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m doing. My mom always told me that teaching was the best thing a person could do, but she didn’t know about what I did at night. She didn’t know about the monsters that I hunted, she didn’t know about Dean. We had been together longer than a year and I couldn’t even bear to think of some way to lie to her about him, I didn’t tell anyone. And now I was all alone.

Right after Dean died I spent a lot of time just trying to get a hold of someone, to no avail. It was like a little part of me had gone with him and no one had cared to check in on me. So knowing that, I tried every day to move on.

I took classes at a martial arts school, quickly climbing to a black belt, of course I went every day and I had previous training that excelled me faster than any other student. I worked two low paying jobs so that I could pay for classes and for a while I was homeless. But the important part was that at the very least I was able to defend myself when I was hunting, and when you hunted alone that was key.  

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Mistakes Pt.6 (Final)

Okay guys, last part:) Thank you so much for reading it and being so supportive. It was a lot of fun to write.
Feel free to re-blog because this one’s got all the parts on it.

//Read Mistakes//
(Dean x reader)
  - Imagine finding out that Dean had a one night stand on his last hunt -

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

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Forever to Eternity P.1

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masterlist of my work before, also known as MAST3RL!ST

Requested from my old blog mutualweirdnessforever, which is now macaronimimi, and I’m now posting my writing on here! Sorry if this is super confusing… Go ahead and follow me on my main blog!


“Ya know you can go outside right? You’re not gonna be able to stay in your cave forever.” My mom says to me as she gathers up the scattered clothes that lay on my floor.

I just ignore her and continue laying in bed, absorbed in the book I bought from a small coffee shop in town. I watch from the corner of my eyes as my mom sighs and rolls her eyes, mumbling of how rude and lazy I am.

That’s what everyone says, they never see all the things I do and just see me when I’m finally in my moment of peace. Sad part is I always believe it.

I have had enough of the remarks coming from my mom, so I grab my backpack and put my sketch pad, pencils, and the book I was just reading in it. Before I leave my room I grab my ipod and earbuds, putting them in my ears and playing Loser by Beck (I think the two people who I’m reaching out to know who they are…) 

When I get down stairs I barley look over to my mother.

“Where are you going?” She asks

“Out..” I reply as I turn up my music and walk out the door.


I drive to a near by place in the woods, since we just move here I don’t know where to go to clear my head so I just drive for a while till I find this place and pull over. I grab my bag and start listening to my music again, locking up my car and walking down the small ditch to get the tree covered ground.

Walking through the woods was peaceful, the cool summer wind hitting my skin. The sun setting and showing colors of oranges and pinks, making me actually smile. Not smile like how I usually would, a meaningful smile, one that actually shows how I truly feel. I find a patch of open space, surrounded my pine trees and an open view of the sunset. I sit and starts pulling out my sketch book and pencils, opening up to an empty page and start letting my hand do the work. When I draw, I don’t really think about it, I draw what I feel. It may not be great, but it’s an alternative of letting out my feelings.

I don’t know how long I’ve been there for, but long enough to draw three drawings and the only source of light being the moon. I look down at my drawing and up at the round ball in the sky, seeing as I tried drawing it but my pencil sketch would never show the actual beauty of it.

I decide I should head back and start packing up, stumbling a bit as I stand from my spot on the grass. I pick up my bag and put it on, grabbing my phone and seeing the many missed messages from my mom. ‘Was I gone for that long?’

I start walking back, when I notice a bright pair of what seemed to be eyes. I ignore it as maybe my mind playing tricks on me, and continue walking through the woods to my car… When I suddenly hear a growl from behind me.

Turning around I see the bright glowing hazel eyes that I caught a glimpse of before, now being face to face with a wolf, yet this is the biggest wolf I’ve ever seen.

“Oh my god..” I mumble as I look at the snarling beast in front of me.

I stand frozen as the wolf nears me, showing its teeth as it gets closer and closer. I back up into a tree, tripping over a rot and scraping my hand against the trunk. The sharp pain hits me as I look at my hand and see the bits of wood and dirt in the bloody mess of wound. I let out a small whimper, then I look up to see the wolfs face just in front of mine. I shudder in fear, eyes wide as the wolf show its teeth and eyes stare me down. It then looks at my hand and looks back to me, but the teeth are no longer showing at its eyes show one of sympathy. 

I have the quick stare with the wolf, as if I was actually communicating with it. I slowly and carefully reach up and place my hand on its head, scratching behind its ears and rubbing under its chin. Sitting against a tree and petting a giant wolf as it lays next to me on its back.

I soon realize that I have been with the wolf for a half an hour, being distracted by its glowing hazel eyes and caramel fur with a decorative white patch on its chest. Its one of the most beautiful wolves I ever seen.

“I’m sorry buddy, but I gotta go..” I say, speaking to the animal as if it could understand me.

It looks at me with big eyes, and I could have sworn it was pouting.

“I’ll come back later this week! I promise!” I say as I pat its head, standing up and grabbing my bag.

I walk back to my car, through the dark woods, but I didn’t notice that I wasn’t alone,

“Hey! You can’t come home with me!” I say with a laugh, bending down a bit and placing my hands on both sides of the wolfs face.

It nudges me a bit, and almost makes me fall back.

“I’ll be back, don’t worry.” I say with a smile, placing a soft kiss to the wolfs head.

I stand up again and walk back to my car, the wolf only following me to the edge of the woods then disappearing back into the darkness.

I get in my car and start driving back to my place, feeling a bit better than I did before… And hoping to see the wolf again soon…


I had this request in my other blogs inbox for a while and found the time to write it finally! So i decided to write it and I’m kinda happy with what I got out with it! I put a lot of myself into this tbh and I would love to hear about what you guys think, thanks guys!!! XXxxx

Part 2?

calum half opened his eyes, squinting against the bright light of the room. the ceiling was spinning above him; it was pale blue, not his ceiling. the material underneath him was smooth and crinkly–leather, unlike the scratchy material of his own couch.

where was he?

he sat up slowly, swallowing down the taste of bile in the back of his throat. he took a deep breath and scoffed at the leather beneath him. there were three giant scratches in the side of the couch, no doubt caused by him, though he couldn’t remember doing it.

calum had woken up in strange rooms too many times to be affected by it anymore. if someone had wanted to hurt him, he’d already be dead, and definitely not lying on a leather couch in a pale blue room.

someone had thrown a thin blanket over him, too, but he shrugged it off–after the first year or so of being a werewolf, he was used to losing his clothes too. a bit of rummaging through a closet showed that there was nothing that would fit him, anyway, so he wandered into the kitchen in search of food. if there was nobody at home, he wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of whatever was available.

he flinched at a twinge in his ribs as he bent over, and he looked down to discover a massive violet bruise, starting at his ribcage and blossoming up his chest. he sighed; he hated not remembering how he injured himself, and he hated recovering, even if it was fast. 

a search through the cupboards turned up a bowl and spoon, as well as a box of cereal. calum carried the box back to the couch, not bothering with milk, and started shoving pieces into his mouth. he relaxed against the couch, letting his eyes slip closed again. he was always exhausted after a change, especially when he found himself covered with bruises and scrapes. 

his muscles tensed as he heard the door open, and he set down the box, every nerve on edge. he sat up and leaned forward so he could see around the side of the couch, toward the door. 

that was when you walked in.

even half hidden beneath shopping bags, he could tell that you were the most beautiful person he’d ever seen. he could smell your perfume beneath the scents of outside–car exhaust and rain and fast food–and he could tell that you were dripping water all over the floor, but he couldn’t have cared less.

he stood again and made his way back to the kitchen, casually holding the cereal in one hand. “how did i get here?” he asked.

you jumped, startled, a few of your bags tipping precariously. you sighed and set them down on the counter one at a time so you could give calum your full attention. he noticed you keeping your eyes carefully trained on his face and smirked; making people uncomfortable had always given him a grim amusement.

“oh, uh, you’re–good, you’re awake! i, um, got you some clothes,” you said, hurriedly grabbing a bag and holding it out toward him. “i had to guess on the sizes, but they should fit.”

calum raised his eyebrows. “you’re too kind,” he said. “i’m fine with what i’m wearing now, really. besides, you didn’t answer my question.”

you shook the bag in your hand, silently insisting that he take it. when he did, you crossed your arms over your chest and blew out a breath. “well, i didn’t exactly wanna leave you lying on the side of the road with no clothes, looking like you had the shit beat out of you. i was going to call the cops until you–uh …” you gestured pathetically toward the couch.

calum chuckled. “turned into a wolf?” he suggested. “yeah, the cops usually don’t believe you when you tell them you found a werewolf, for some weird reason.”

you flushed. “it’s really, really weird, don’t get me wrong,” you said. “and i’m not saying that i want you to live here or anything, but … if you need a place to stay until you get better, i’m willing to help you.”

“sweetheart, i’ll be out of here in an hour,” he promised. “now, i’m gonna change. wait up for me?”

you rolled your eyes. “whatever,” you muttered. “god, you’re weird.”

when calum sauntered back out five minutes later, tugging a shirt over his head, you were just finishing packing a jar of peanut butter into the cupboard. “is this shirt really the best you could find?” he asked.

you turned around and smiled. calum was wearing a bright orange shirt, the words happy halloween! printed on the front in black block letters. there were ghosts and pumpkins scattered on the sleeves and back, and it clashed wonderfully with his muscular build and serious demeanor.

you shrugged. “it was on clearance,” you said. “i’m making food, if you’re interested. you won’t have to eat my cereal anymore.”

calum sat at the table, propping his feet on top of it. you glared at him but didn’t say anything, resting your elbows on top of the counter. “sounds great,” he said. “hey, uh–thanks, by the way. for not calling the cops, i mean. i would’ve been fine on my own, but i’m just surprised you didn’t try to strangle me in my sleep or something. most people don’t react very well to a supernatural creature in their house.”

“yeah, well, i’m not most people,” you said. “but i don’t like having strangers in my house, so what’s your name, werewolf boy?”

“don’t call me that ever again,” he said. “and it’s calum. what’s yours?”

you smiled. “i don’t give out my name that easily,” you replied. “get to know me and i might let you know sometime.”

(day 3 of my fall series - no i was not watching teen wolf before i wrote this)

Sugar (1/2)

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Heart Song
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Sugar (½)

Request info: Sugar by Maroon 5 (Sam x Reader)

Authors Note:


     Sam watched as Y/N walked through the motel door, a smile on her face. He felt better already. He knew he had been stressing but he hadn’t realised how much until she came back within site.
    ‘Hey,’ she grinned at him. The darkness that had started to come back left, she lit up the room and his soul. He didn’t realise how bad he was hurting until she eased the pain. And that was just by being there, as his friend. He often fantasied what it would be like to have her as more. He wanted more, had for a while now. He knew it wasn’t going to happen, it would be stupid to date her. Y/N, Bobby’s adopted niece, they had known her almost their entire lives. After Jess died, and he started hunting again the two reconnected. Y/N had called Dean for help on a case and the trio had stayed together ever since.
    Y/N had been there for Sam when he needed an ear, a shoulder, advice or just silence. She had been his rock. Just like she had his entire childhood. She had that wow factor that drew him in over and over again, the smile, the eyes, the brains, he watched as she lent down to grab some water from the fridge, the body.
    ‘So the interview was a bust. Guy knows nothing, or at least nothing he was willing to say.’
    ‘So what now?’ Sam asked her.
    ‘Food,’ Dean declared as he came out the shower.
    ‘I’m down for that. But I swear to God Winchester you make me suffer through another crappy burger I’ll force you so full of salad it comes out your ears.’
    ‘Pizza?’ Dean offered.
    ‘Chinese?’ Y/N countered, raising an eyebrow.
    Sam watched at the two continued to negotiate dinner. He felt that jealousy rising in him. Y/N and Dean had an unusual relationship. Y/N had hunted with Dean a few times when Sam was at Stamford. The two had developed a pretty tight bond, their relationship at times made it seem like they were more than friends. And yet, they seemed platonic at the same time.
     ‘Sam what do you think?’ Y/N asked him.
     ‘You ok?’ Y/N asked him, concerned.
     ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Ah I’m good with whatever. Chinese sounds fine.’
    He watched as Y/N’s face lit up, and she turned to Dean and stuck her tongue out.
     He watched as Dean pulled a face back, grinning.
     ‘Well sweetheart, that means you have to go get it.’
     ‘Well Sugar, that means I get to drive Baby.’
     Sam screamed internally. He wanted her to call him Sugar, he knew it was only a name she used to counter Dean’s sweetheart but it was a name he wanted to hear directed at him. He needed her to love him like he loved her. He needed her to touch him, to kiss him, to look at him with her gorgeous Y/C/E so full of love and need.
      ‘Ah crap!’
      ‘I’ll have Mongolian beef thanks Deano,’ Y/N smirked.
      ‘Sam what do you want?’ Dean sighed.
      ‘Honey pork.’
      ‘Fine I’ll go, but Y/N your paying.’ Dean snatched her purse from her bag and took some money out. He knew she didn’t care. There was plenty there. She had done well the other night hustling pool.
      ‘Figures you wouldn’t have a clue on how to treat a lady,’ Y/N mumbled.
      ‘For that there would have to be a lady in the room,’ Dean grinned.
      ‘Awww Dude, them’s fighting words!’ Y/N laughed.
      ‘Not when I got back up on that one sweetheart. Sam, you’ll back me on this Y/N’s no lady is she?’
      Sam snapped out of his daze, he had been watching the laughter in Y/N’s eyes, the cheekiness, the mischief, completely caught up in her.
      ‘She’s one hell of a lady Dean.’ Sam realised what he said, he mumbled something to try and cover it. He heard Dean snigger and watched as Y/N blushed and bit her lip out the corner of his eyes.
       ‘Well, that settles it. I’m a lady and with that you can kiss my arse Winchester.’
       ‘Cos that’s lady like.’
       ‘Much better, M’Lady,’ Dean bowed.
       Y/N snorted as Dean left.
       She turned to Sam her face full of concern, ‘You ok?’
       ‘Yeah, why’s that?’
       ‘You seem off, I just…I don’t know Sam. You’ve been distracted the past few weeks.’ She sat down next to him, and put her hand on his arm. ‘You know I’m here if you want to talk right?’
         Sam looked at her hand, he struggled to breath for a moment, her touch so gentle, so soft. He looked at her, her eyes trying to read his. He wanted to kiss her so bad, to have her kiss him. To wrap her up in is arms to breathe her in. He needed her, he needed to be loved with everything she had. Her have her fix him, pull him back together.
        ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’
        ‘Yes!’ Sam screamed internally. ‘Love me, be with me, please, put all you love on me.’      

      ‘No Y/N/N I’m good.’ He knew it would be a mistake being with her. He also knew she would never love anyone like him. He wasn’t good enough for someone as amazing as her, he was to broken, made stupid decisions, risked too many lives. He watched as she licked her lips just slightly, he knew she was unsure. That she knew something was wrong. She was nervous. There was more she wanted to ask. He watched as the tongue moved slightly across her lips, God he wanted to taste that. He knew there would be a honey milk taste there, it was the lip gloss she used. That sweetness suckered him in even more. It suited her. Simple and sweet.
      He watched as her phone beeped, he saw it was from Dean. He watched her face, expecting it to light up when she realised who it was but it didn’t. He watched as she typed back a message and put her phone down.
     ‘What kind of Chinese shop doesn’t do Mongolian beef?’ she sighed.
     Sam laughed, ‘Aw, that’s gotta suck. Lemon chicken instead?’
     ‘You know me so well,’ Y/N grinned at him. ‘See you wouldn’t have had to even message me to get me to change my order. It’s one of the many reasons I love you.’ She got up and went to the bathroom.
     Sam knew it was a platonic love, but he would take it, God to hear those words it made him melt, made him smile. Made the darkness fade some more, to think that she may actually love him. God did he want that so bad.