series 5 countdown

Halloween Countdown: 5

Warning: mentions of blood, violence and sexual situations.


Summary: A chilling little series to countdown to Halloween. Each fated meeting with nine mysterious men leads you that much closer to your dark future…or rather, your end.


You wake up hungry. Extremely so.

The drink Yixing gave you made you regain your strength slightly, and now the fact that you haven’t eaten in almost three days starts to become more evident. 

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Moffat Appreciation Week Countdown - Series 5

The Doc and the Scot

Two Outsiders flung together by a crashing blue box who eventually find comfort and solace with each other. The Doctor and Amy’s friendship is one that has been through a lot (and a couple of resets), yet it still comes out strong. He goes from the imaginary friend to her best friend and she’s goes from the girl with the fairytale name to a woman who is able to stand up for herself despite her complicated childhood. They bring out the bad in each other, but more importantly they bring out the good.