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Black and Gold

an mp100 royalty au but psychic abilities are replaced with swordsmanship!!

last pic is a redraw from one of my favorite scenes in the series 

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Wings [Part 43] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - Now you are aware of what Namjoon’s capabilities are. When it’s your turn to have your blood spilled, Taehyung’s rage shakes free.

Prologue ; Part 42

Jungkook yelped in alarm as he saw the man - or whatever he was - inch the dagger towards Jimin’s throat. He struggled against Hoseok’s iron grip, unsuccessful in his attempt. Jungkook felt a stab at the side of his chest, making him fall down on the floor in groaning agony. He curled into a fetus position as the pain stung again, a deep groan erupting from his throat as he squirmed on the floor, clutching onto his side.

Namjoon was enjoying the scene laid out in front of him. Everything - from his eyes to the smirk he wore to the way he looked down at all of you - it screamed ‘sadist’.

A dirty, masochistic sadist.

You could only watch as your brother got hurled up from the ground by Hoseok, only to be placed forcefully on his knees just like the rest of you, beside Taehyung. That’s when you noticed his side, the blood seeping through his wound and into his shirt, staining it. It was Taehyung’s eyes which were begging you to keep your ground that made you stay where you were.

Jimin did not flinch, not even by an inch; too scared he was, that the knife would cut across his throat like it was some old rag. He kept his chin high, only the shimmering gleam of the blade visible through his peripheral vision. He gulped loudly, the tip of the knife puncturing his pale skin as he did so; he did not flinch.

After what felt like almost an hour, you already having bruised knees, sat on the floor, resting on your heels as you kept a watchful eye on Jungkook. He seemed to grow paler with every passing minute. He was losing too much blood. 

'H-Hoseok-’ You flinched as your attempt at speaking made your dry throat itch even more. His eyes darted to you, a look in his eyes that you couldn’t understand. It looked like regret, grief, and guilt all rolled into one. You couldn’t understand it, you could understand nothing.

Please, treat my brother. He will not last long’ You knew you were begging, but you also didn’t let him have the pleasure of it. You kept your eyes clear of any gleaming tears, your heart thundering loud enough while you willed your lower lip to stop quivering. He watched you carefully, his eyes wavering the slightest. He looked ready to submit to your request, but aware of the watchful eye of Namjoon’s, he chuckled instead.

He gave you a judging look, 'And why is that of my concern?’ A ghost of a smirk floated across his features, fueling a particular rage in you that you had not noticed. His indecisiveness was driving you to the brink of madness.

You closed your eyes for a brief moment so you could collect your thoughts and not let slip a smart-ass retort that could cost lives in this room. You opened your eyes. 

“Y/N. You will keep your mouth shut.” You saw Yoongi glaring at you, his nostrils flaring. He knew you were close to doing or saying something stupid. You opened your mouth and closed it, repeating it a few more times before finally obliging to Yoongi’s order. 

That’s exactly when the front door of the safe house opened. 

'Ah…’ You heard a deep, guttural and rough voice echo throughout the house. You did not turn your head; you didn’t want to. It was a voice you had never heard before and Jungkook’s widened, scared eyes were what kept you from leaning into your curiosity.

'Get them outside. This place reeks of humans’ The voice said, you trying your best not to scrunch your face in disgust as Namjoon was keeping an eye on you. A very keen one, that too.

In a flash, you found yourself feeling light headed as your eyes adjusted to the semi bright surroundings, the thick canopy above you blocking away most of the morning sunlight. You didn’t know if to be thankful to that or curse it.

While you tried to steady yourself on your feet, the man behind you not helping at all as he pulled you by the hair, making it all the more painful for you, you saw what could definitely be a scene from a fairy tale that your mother used to read you. Your feet crunched against the snow covered ground, the wetness seeping in through your sock and blanketing your toes in utter cold. Frostbite at the the end of the day was definitely something to expect - if they kept you for that long, that is. And in all the commotion, you had never the time to notice when the first snowfall had begun - or ended. Still staggering, with one final tug of your hair, the man behind you got you to stand still, your breath coming out in small huffs and curling into the thick, cold air.

You looked around and you felt suffocated the moment you saw around thirty people, mostly men, had surrounded you, Taehyung, Yoongi, Jungkook and Jimin, making a perfect circle around all of you as they kept a distance of about two arms between themselves; their eyes burning red and yellow, they watched you and the bound men beside you with predatory grins. A chill creeped up your spine, the hair at your neck standing up as you shuddered violently.

They weren’t humans, no, they were too big to be humans.

As though in cue, a man who seemed to be around seven foot walked around a few trees, maneuvering around the men and women that stood as still as statues, not even a curl of breath rising into the frosty air. He seemed like he had lived to be somewhere in his early thirties, fairly good-looking with jet black hair and those eyes - those eyes were what gave it all away. Bright red orbs encircling yellow ones, same as other’s yet different. But that hair, a color you had been so accustomed to, that you couldn’t help but glance at Yoongi who had been standing beside Jungkook and staring at the man, who in turn was observing you.

'Hmm…’ He chuckled deeply, your gulp audible enough to those next to you, 'Clever girl.’

You raised a brave brow, questioning his statement. He returned your look with a rather amused one, his chuckle hitting you on the face as he glanced at Taehyung who was beside you, 'You got quite a daring one here, I like it.’ He praised, his lips quirking into a deadly smirk.

Taehyung growled in response, a sound that would have done more things to you if it had not been for such god-damned circumstances. 

'Well, Kim Taehyung. Now that you are still a Sinner - not redeemed of your sins at all, shall we leave?’ The tall man asked, his voice calm and dangerously gentle. He was not to be messed with. You knew what would happen if you messed with Namjoon - Jin’s body was lying on the floor of the kitchen to prove it. You did not want to think what he would do if he were to ever get pissed.

'Kimroe, we know all too well that you wouldn’t have brought such a lovely procession just to take me back to Kronell.’ Taehyung’s chin jerked as he gestured to the army of the big and strange looking people, his voice in between a growl and a gentle purr.

'Yoongi…That is your father?’ You asked loudly, your voice dripping with absurdness with a pinch of sarcasm. Okay, maybe a little more than a pinch. You could’ve sworn you had seen someone among the others who had made a circle flinch at your question.

Wrong choice of words.

His head snapped to you, his eyes wide as he shook his head urgently, telling you stop immediately.

'Y/N, you might want to watch your pretty little mouth-’ Kimroe began, and your mouth - like the fool you were - was already beginning to retort when his eyes seemed to have a fire ablaze in them.

'Unless you want that good-for-nothing brother of yours to pay for it instead.’ He cocked his head to the side, amusement and joy dancing around in the fire that had been gleaming in his eyes, as he kept his distance from you. Your mouth sealed shut -, the words you were ready to spit with venom being dug into some forgotten corner of your brain, never to be surfaced again. You inclined your head in submission. You couldn’t risk you brother’s life - not now, not ever.

A laugh erupted. 'I thought so.’

You heard footsteps advancing towards you, the snow scrunching beneath Kimroe’s feet. As you kept your head low, your thoughts rocketed towards different things: different scenarios, different outcomes. None of which were making sense.

'You wonder how I am related Yoongi.’ Kimroe spoke aloud, voicing your exact thoughts. Your eyes widened, them staring at the snow covered ground, too scared of what may happen if you ever made contact with his red and yellow ones again.

'Father, do we really have to be so public about this? Y/N has nothing to do with anything. Let her, her brother and his friend go. It’s me and Taehyung that you want, not them,’ Yoongi’ bravely interrupted, knowing he might have just signed his death contract.

Sharp and raging eyes snapped to his direction, his father having reached beside Yoongi in seconds. 

'My boy, you know absolutely nothing.’ Kimroe snapped, snarling at his son as he watched him. You could not understand what he had exactly meant, and neither could Yoongi or the others. He stayed quiet before he opened his mouth to speak again.

'You have quite a big mouth, son. Only if you could put it to some use - like your brother, Hoseok. I might as well consider him the heir to my throne, no?’ A calm voice Kimroe held that sounded like as though it were tamed with much difficulty - to hide the particular feral rage that had already been surging out of him in waves. 

'I hold no protest. You may do as you wish, Father.’ Yoongi said, his chin high enough to show that this was no childish talk. Laughter bellowed throughout the area yet again, but this time, you noticed it wasn’t the deep, guttural voice.

It was a more high pitched, grainy laugh, that made you lift your head. And then you saw him.

The same thing that had gotten you somewhere around a month ago, the clinking and clanking of metal chains being muted as it dragged across the snow coated forest floor, the exposed skin of the hands as blistered as ever. The man wore robes that were very much poorly kept, it having torn and ripped at so many places that it might as well have been a rag to clean a dirty spot. A ring of metal encircled his neck, the chain connecting to the cuffs of metal that were around his wrists. He was a prisoner, with what you could make out. But he wasn’t exactly being treated like one at the moment. 

When your eyes scanned his face, you had to hold in the bile and phlegm that had rushed into your mouth. The sight was nothing to behold - his face so heavily scarred like he was a victim of an acid attack, the wounds having run deep into his skin at his cheeks. The skin around his eyes sagging, and it was probably not long until one of his eyeballs would fall out of the socket. Thinning hair rested on what was remaining of his head, his scalp just as equally blistered and scarred. How was he even alive?

'My, brother, what a scene have I been summoned to! Quite entertaining, I must say.’ The Ugly Man chuckled, cocking his head to the side as he ran a filthy finger down the length of a tree bark, scraping it off like it was old skin.

His eyes held a feral fire in them, reds and yellows, just like Yoongi’s Father. 

Don’t tell me they are-

'Oh, we very much are related, my dear.’ His grainy voice sounded, 'Bonded by the same blood and lineage, no doubt!’ He stopped his finger halfway down the bark, turning his head to stare straight into your eyes. He trudged over, the chains hitting his legs occasionally as he did, your shoulders tensing, heart thudding. You could feel Taehyung tense as well.

You needed to stop thinking, if it meant they could not read your mind. 

'But,’ He came close, closer than anyone else other than Taehyung had ever gotten, his breath fanned against your face reeking of stale meat and rotten things, your phlegm again rising up in your throat. 'It is such a shame that my own brother sent me into exile.’ He grinned broadly - if you could call it a grin - his yellowed and rotting teeth actually gleaming. 

Your eyes moved nowhere else, only staying on his eyes, as a method of keeping your stomach from churning.

'And it was for a very good reason, Hijin,’ Kimroe replied tactfully, his voice thin with annoyance. Clicking his tongue, the Ugly Man, whom you now remembered Yoongi and Taehyung telling you about, Hijin, backed away slowly, his eyes scrutinizing your body. If you ever survived this - by any luck - you were going to need a good bath with heavy scrubbing.

'Leave her alone, Hijin.’ Taehyung snarled, his voice emitting a growl as he proceeded to take a protective step in front of you, only to be pulled back by one of the buff men behind him. A snicker left Hijin’s mouth, 'Oh, yeah? I wonder what you would do…Kim Taehyung, with just one wing, all defenseless, and so in love.’ He proceeded to lift a threatening finger, very close to your face.

'What if I do this-’ He provoked him, placing the dirty, grimy and blistered finger on your neck, his nail already digging into the flesh and before you could even call it - he swiped the finger down your skin so roughly that it made you want to yell out in pain - but you didn’t. The blood from the scratch dripped down your neck, trailing into the shirt you wore.

It stung. It stung so bad, but you didn’t want him - or anybody - to have the pleasure of him being successful in inflicting pain.

A growl left Taehyung - a growl so predatory, so feral, that you would’ve thought the same man who had handled your body so delicately - like you were a wild, rare flower -  a few days ago, was never even there. That Taehyung was completely swallowed up by this new one. A Sinner they called him. And a Sinner was what had emerged.

'Strong one, isn’t she, brother?’ Hijin taunted as he watched you with mocking eyes, while Kimroe stood behind him, a few feet away. He gave no response, his face devoid of any emotion. His face as still and cold as ice in contrast to the blazing fire in his pupils.

'Let’s try that one more time then, shall we?’ And before you could even attempt to move, he grabbed your forearm before dragging his fingers, his nails digging deeper than the last, in a quick downward motion. He had almost sliced your skin open. And it was too much to bear. You screamed.

Taehyung felt helpless without the pair of of his trusted raven black wings he once took pride in. There was a time when he wasn’t ashamed of being a Sinner - and that was only because he had those wings. But then, he met you, and everything changed. Now, one of his wing was in the tyrant’s custody. The tyrant who was bloodied and scarred and blistered. But with the speed and agility he possessed, he could take down an army; he could run a purge; a massacre. He could take down the army of the King of the Underworld, along with his Hell-forsaken brother. And now that Hijin had provoked him, now that his rage had filled to the brim and had long begun overflowing, he pulled away from the leash, the tight leash that had kept him in line for so many years. The line that he had been toeing since he had met you, because now he had something - no, someone - to protect. And he would protect you until his last dying breath. He would not lose you. He could not lose you.

Let rules be damned.

So, Taehyung let out a fierce roar before ripping himself away from the man who held him, reaching for Hijin’s throat - ready to skin him alive for what he did to you.

He would make sure Hijin would feel so much of agony, that the pain and torture he had gone through in Hell during his exile, would seem merciful in comparison. He would tear him apart. Gut him. Kill him.

And he would make sure everybody - including Kimroe - would see what he was capable of.

[Part 44 on Friday]
I will be going out of station for almost a month so there’s a possibility that all the chapters will be published before Sunday evening.

guys, I need a little help with this… so I’m translating “A court of thorns and roses” and I’m just now beginning chapter 43. Here, Feyre is about to face her third trial. But my ebook reads:

“‘Two trials lie behind you,’ Amarantha said, picking at a fleck of dust on her blood-red gown. Her black hair shone, a gleaming darkness that threatened to swallow up her golden crown.”

Now, this might be silly of me but…isn’t her hair supposed to be red? Is it just a mistake in my copy? Is it so in yours, too? just wondering.

Thanks to anyone who’ll help me solve the mistery :)

anonymous asked:

Hella! so if Yuuki's seed of desire born from a twisted love was about her intense feelings for Zero that could either plunge the world around her into misery or cause her to restrain herself so she suffered endlessly, does that mean that she is calling her love for Zero twisted or she fears that it could become that way? Of course, this is only if you assume that her seed of desire was her intense feelings for Zero, I think I saw a spec post about that somewhere and that's why I'm asking

Hello, gentle anon! I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner; hopefully you’ll see this response at some point! I promise I never forgot you; I just ran out of VK steam for a bit. =)

And you’re absolutely right, I’m sure I have a spec post floating about somewhere that mentions this issue. =) My personal theory is that the “seed of terrible desire” is planted the moment a pureblood “settles” on a love interest. So I believe what Yuuki comes to realize is that not just the evil Ridos and Kanames of the world, but also the Juris, Harukas, and Yuukis of the world all have seeds of terrible desire within them.

Yuuki sees within herself a shade of Kaname and Rido, because her own love for Zero–while good and healthy in its own right–has just as much of a chance to become corrupted as Kaname’s (restraining herself endlessly) or Rido’s (plunging the world into darkness). The reason I believe the seed of desire in Yuuki’s case is related to Zero and not Kaname is because the seed of desire only “sprouts” when the love of the beloved is unrequited. This indicates Yuuki’s fear that her love for Zero might one day be unrequited, leaving her no choice but to become either a Kaname or a Rido.

The reason I feel that Yuuki fears Zero’s love for her isn’t real is multi-fold:

  • Yuuki specifically mentions in the seed of terrible desire chapter that Zero wouldn’t want to drink her blood if she became like Rido or Kaname. (This implies she fears Zero has the ability to fall “out” of love with her.)
  • In the same chapter, after Zero asks about the seed of desire, Yuuki muses that’s it’s a twisted way of loving, and then immediately flirts with Zero. If she was talking about Kaname or her love for Kaname, flirting with Zero and keeping the “rest” a secret is uncharacteristically callous of her. For all my recent criticisms of her behavior, she’s never treated the topic of Kaname around Zero with anything but the utmost gravity. 
  • Yuuki doesn’t know Zero’s answer to his question in Night 86 (about whether or not his feelings for her were manipulated). I suspect she fears his feelings are “false,” just as her feelings for Kaname were, and that one day (just as she did) he’ll “wake up” from his love and realize he was wrong. This is probably especially compounded by her blaming herself and Kaname for his family’s demise and for her own choice to sleep with Kaname (and ending up with his kid).

Long story short, the “seed of desire,” in my interpretation, is the potential all purebloods have within them to become twisted toward the object of their affections. Yuuki, through Juri’s memories, begins to understand this is a reality for all purebloods, and that her own feelings might very well one day descend to the same darkness. Not only that, but she has the power to obtain her desires should she choose so (because of the purebloods’ ability to compel their prey into submission). Yuuki has always been afraid (much like Ai) of losing Zero’s respect and good opinion. If she should ever become depraved like Rido or obsessive like Kaname, she’s likely afraid of what she might do to Zero should she give in to her desire.

As an aside, the reason I don’t think this business is about her desire to turn Kaname (although VKM 9 is weird enough to support the idea that maybe this is just about her oddball wish to become one with Kaname) is because:

  1. She seems to be “just” learning about this ability of hers (where as she’s known she could turn Kaname since long before, in the original series and from what we learned in VKM 7 and VKM 8, which canonically happen before VKM 3, where the seed of desire happens).
  2. She associates this power with Kaname and Rido specifically, which seems odd if it’s about what she wants to do with Kaname.
  3. She relates it to Zero and how Zero feels about her (not wanting to drink her blood, the rest being a secret, etc.).
  4. The Rido memory itself is about Rido’s destructive passion for Juri, that he loved her to the point of wanting to destroy everything she loved in order to make her look only at him. Yuuki doesn’t have this kind of love for Kaname (demonstrated by the original series). If she did, Kaname would never have gone on his rampage in the first place. 

Given VKM 9, I do have to make an allowance that maybe this really is just all about her realizing she has the ability to become “one” with Kaname (whatever that means), but considering the fact that all she really does is the Juri sacrifice + heart sharing, that doesn’t seem to fit what she learns from the Rido memory.

We also have never seen Yuuki go pureblood rage-mode for anyone but Zero. This implies that the person who makes her the most intense is Zero. She does this three times in the series: once in Night 43, when Rido taunts Zero; once in VKM 6, when she’s putting the complaining vampires in their places; and once in VKM 7, when she’s stopping Ai from prying into the reasons why Zero might be upset about Kaname. The common denominator in all of these rage incidents is Zero. This is directly reflected by Kaname’s and Rido’s rage incidents, implying that Zero is to Yuuki what Kaname’s and Rido’s love interests were to them. 

Yuuki’s shown the passion restraint for Zero before as well, implying she’d probably go down Kaname’s road if Zero ever didn’t return her feelings. The incident with Zero on the train in Night 87 and the scene where she jumps Zero in Night 88 point to this part of her character.

All in all, this is just my interpretation of the seed of terrible desire. =) At the end of the day, until it’s clarified, all theories are equally valid. I just prefer the one that aligns best with what I’ve seen in the story up to this point. 

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