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Broadchurch parallels: Holding the other’s food/drink
Season 2, episode 8 and Season 3, episode 3


They’re so awkward and perfect


                           The only thing that means a damn thing at the end is what you loved.

                                                       And you think of who you love.

                                                       And you let it take you h o m e .

If I Never Knew You Part 3

Series Summary: Set 14 years after the events of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, Lucifer is roaming the earth again after being released from his cage.  Angels and Demons are ushering in the apocalypse. And the reader and Dean haven’t spoken in several years. What happened to push them apart, and what happens when they meet again at Bobby Singer’s place when all the world is about to end?

Part Summary: A few years ago Dean made a deal to save his brother and in the process ended up sacrificing everything he had with you. 

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer

Content: Angst

Word Count: 2.4k

Part 1 Part 2

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Fallout 3 trailer to Fallout 4 trailer gifset comparison.  

Look how far we’ve come Wastelanders… 

My first gifset, may as well be something I love.