series 3 revealed


Johnlock fic recs to keep you occupied on an uneventful weekend. It’s amazing how much new fic was finished (or nearly finished) in the build-up to series 3 that I am only discovering now. These are four that I came across this week. They deal with illness, trauma, growing up, growing older, dancing and recognizing love.

  • A Moment’s Surrender (by anchors) - Series 3 revealed Sherlock’s love for dancing. This fic gives us a gorgeous dancing Sherlock and partners him with John. Ballet and Lindy Hop. God how I would love to see their dancing illustrated.
  • Crazy for Love (by prettyvk) -  While dismantling the spider’s web, Sherlock discovers that the spider had a son. Introduces a heartbreaking and compelling OMC to explore Sherlock’s return and struggle to be there for John. The very best kind of Parentlock.
  • Ink Your Name Across My Heart (by prettyvk) - Amnesia. Tattoos to remember. A story told in two directions full of endless firsts. This is a nearly finished WIP, but it is already unforgettable.
  • Take My Hand (by EJMulford) - Sometimes words are not enough or just not necessary to ensure a lifetime together. This is the heart of the John/Sherlock relationship that follows them across decades. What love looks like. 
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Series 3 of Sherlock

The first time I watched series 3 all the way through, it left me with a lot of complicated shall we say “feels”.  It wasn’t exactly that I hated it, though I definitely didn’t love it – it’s more that it left me feeling sort of discombobulated and uncomfortable and out of sorts and I couldn’t put my finger on why.

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