series 3 out yet

nothing could interest me less than Dovewing X Tigerheart

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I'm sorry, but your writing is too good for this world. Loved the final chapter of The Lighthouse Keeper! Sad to see it end, though.

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SHGDFLGHDFLSHG thank you very much!
I’m really glad you enjoyed it!!!

And aww, I’m sad to see it end too. I’ve been sat on this for a while and there’s always this sense of accomplishment when a story is finished but also a sadness. It’s far too much fun to write these things, it’s sad when they’re completed in a weird way.

BUT- and this is really a big but. The Light Keeper story is over but there’s going to be a lot more to write in the Lighthouse Keeper AU. Believe me there were over 100 pages of notes for this AU (…me and @sightkeeper rambled… a lot) so there’s still a lot to play with xxx
That and Ran can’t stop throwing cute art at me and I have no self control when it comes to then writing stories to go with them… I love creative spirals.

And either way- there’ll be more stories to come. lots and lots! 8D
For now it’s back to writing Ib Falls!

what do you think younger Ken would do if he saw what he’d be in the future

I thought something was familiar about this dance taunt

Link to the full video of the source

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do you know when series 3 will be out ?

BBC2 hasn’t announced an exact date yet other than “early” 2016. Filming starts on September 10.

S1 finished filming in early December and aired 9 months later. But S2 finished filming in early June and aired just 4 months later. Post-production didn’t take as long because design/grading had already been set in S1. So assuming S3 wraps up in December, it could air as early as March or April!