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ZENxMC Series #07
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#07. my type

“you’re wonder woman”

components: hanamiya. spitfire. cuteness begins.
a/n: 취향저격 (my type) - ikon

The first time he saw you walk down the halls was the first time he felt his pulse pick up. His blood heated up, out of lust, out of attraction. He wasn’t quite sure. It was a little new but, God, did he like the feeling. Seto, instantly noticing, had smirked, “Like the new kid?”

“An interesting one. Might check her out.” He pushed himself off the wall and headed to class. 

Surprise, surprise, you were the new student. Sweet and innocent. He loved the sound that poured past your lips. Pure. So damn pure he wanted to taint it. The smile that curled upon his lips even scared the bejeezus out of his teacher. He leaned forward, elbows on the table and fingers propping his head up as his eyes followed your movements. The sway of your short skirt. The flow of your hair as you walked. Damn. 

A few guys obviously came up to you during break, attempting to catch your attention but, after polite smiles were exchanged, you plugged your earphones back into your ears, blocking the world out. 

It irked Hanamiya. There was something about your expression that he couldn’t pinpoint and he was fucking bothered by things he couldn’t figure out. And Hanamiya never made the first move.

Maybe he could make an exception just this time.

You halted in your tracks when you saw the black-haired boy’s shoes right in front of you. His grey-brown eyes met yours. “Can I help you?” You tugged one earphone out and stared at him, expression blank, unreadable. A muscle in his jaw ticked. 

“What’s your name, peaches?”

“Obviously not peaches.” You stated in return. 

“Well, what is it then?”

“I saw you watching my introduction. Heard you were a smart guy so you should know.”

“Faces blur together.”

“Then you shouldn’t bother with a blurry face.” You stepped aside and put your earbud back in only to have him snap a hand out, smacking it against the wall and his arm blocking your view. Sighing, you looked at up him, exhausted. “Can I help you?”

“Why are you so snappy?”

“I’m not snappy.”

“Yes, you are.”

“Are you five? Move.”

He blinked at you. “Hanamiya Makoto.” He held out a hand. It felt odd to introduce himself first. He’d always been on the receiving end, but giving once in a while didn’t feel all that bad.

“So I’ve heard. A pleasure to meet you.” You said matter-of-factly.

“Want to grab a bite with me?”

That surprised you a little admittedly. “I just ate.”


You didn’t think he would be this persistent. “Okay.”

“Okay? That’s it?”

“Did you expect something else?”

“I was expecting you to put up a fight.”

“I don’t put up unnecessary fights.”

Hanamiya’s lips twitched. Interesting. Usually it was one or the other. Super sweet and innocent or too sassy and feisty. But you… goddamn, you were just the right balance of the two. 

“You doing anything later?”

“Now, you’re pushing your luck.”

His lips quirked up again at the ends as he leaned against the wall, facing you directly this time. “I like pushing my luck.”

“You keep that up and you’re going to lose all of it.” You smiled at him, moving to the side, turning back to your music and walking on.

Shit. Hanamiya whipped around, watching your movements. The swing of those hips, the curve of your body, and that smile of your printed into his brain. Damn. Just his type. Just his goddamn type. 

Drunk History and Hamilton

I love Drunk History. It’s pretty ridiculous, but I inevitably cherish each crazy episode at a time, and rewatch them frequently. 

It occurred to me, with all the Hamilton fandom business going around, how interesting it was to me that Drunk History, which started as a web series in ‘07 and then came to Comedy Central in ‘13, is generally racially blind with white historical figures–the regular series performers step in to play any number of characters, both primary historical figures and supporting characters. It’s often gender blind too–female actors will step into male character roles with ease. 

Both shows are retelling history, a predominantly white people history (though Drunk History is often on point with telling historical accounts of non-white people) with actors of differing racial backgrounds. Sure, Drunk History is pretty crude and Hamilton is walking the halls of fine art, but they’re both doing something notable. They’re grasping American history, putting it front and center in cultural conversation, and bypassing expectations while doing so. 

And for those surfing the #Hamilton tag, I do have something for you. The very first episode of Drunk History: Hamilton vs. Burr. 

Disney XD May Synopsis

Saturday, May 07
Original Series - Episode Premiere
The 7D “The Family Pickles / Chicken Soup For The Troll”
(9:30 - 10:00 A.M. EDT)
“The Family Pickles” - When a pickle shortage plagues Jollywood, THE 7D travel to a pickle farm to help save the day.

“Chicken Soup For The Troll” - When the Queen comes down with a case of Yodeladyflu, THE 7D set off to find the cure.

Saturday, May 14
Original Series - Episode Premiere
The 7D “Dr. Jingleheimer / The Enchanted Forest Ranger”
(9:30 - 10:00 A.M. EDT)
“Dr. Jingleheimer” - Doc is captured by Dr. Jingleheimer and it’s up to Happy and Grumpy to rescue him.

“The Enchanted Forest Ranger” - Grumpy is determined to earn a Dragon Scout badge, but he must first deal with the rule-crazed Enchanted Forest Ranger.
*Veteran radio personality and actor Phil Hendrie (“The Phil Hendrie Show”) guest stars as the Enchanted Forest Ranger.

Saturday, May 21
Original Series - Episode Premiere
The 7D “ Take Me To Your Grumpy / Nicely Done & The 7D”
(9:30 - 10:00 A.M. EDT)
“Take Me To Your Grumpy” - Two timid aliens seek Grumpy’s expertise in “grumpitude.”

“Nicely Done & The 7D” - THE 7D team up with the dashing Nicely Done when one of their own is captured by the Sheriff of Plottingham.

Monday, May 30
Original Series - Episode Premiere
Wander Over Yonder “The Hot Shot / The Night Out”
(8:30 - 9:00 P.M. EDT)
“The Hot Shot” - When a mysterious new rebel begins fighting Dominator’s forces, Sylvia becomes jealous.

“The Night Out” - Dominator takes a night off to explore a nearby city and makes an unlikely new friend, Sylvia.