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The Naming of Cats - damnslippyplanet - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Molly Graham, Walter (Hannibal)
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The move and the last name change are enough to keep the lazier reporters away, and if Will wants to find Molly, the first name on her driver’s license won’t matter. Not that there’s been any hint that Will wants to find her. Some days that rankles, and others she thinks it’s one last gift he’s given her.

Or: Molly and a cat adopt each other.

A little bitty something about Molly and a cat, for the #LadiesOfHannibal event so kindly hosted by @ladies-of-hannibal and @apoptoses.  <3

“Is this 03 or Brotherhood?”, the definitive guide

I know a lot of people have trouble telling the two FMA anime apart, and I’ve noticed an increase in confusion lately, so I thought I’d make a post to help clear it up! I’ll go over some telltale differences between the two styles, in order of ease. For images, Brotherhood will be on the left, and 03 on the right.

1. Al’s armor

If Al is present in an image, he’s the quickest way to tell the difference between the two series. 03 Al is fairly greenish in hue, and his face looks similar to the early stages of the manga, with a very rectangular chin. Brotherhood Al is much greyer, a little shinier, perhaps a bit bulkier, and his face is more angular with a curvier chin, giving him something of a permanent >:( face. His toes curve up in Brotherhood, but not in 03. Also, since the fight with Buccaneer never happened in 03, if Al’s ponytail is short, it’s definitely Brotherhood!

2. Characters who appear in one series but not the other

This is something of a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning. Look at what characters are present in the image. Anyone who appears after the Dublith arc in the manga/Brotherhood would not be in 03. Conversely, characters such as Dante, Lujon, Archer, the Tringham brothers, and Leo don’t appear in Brotherhood.

3. The women

While this doesn’t necessarily apply to every screencap, women in 03 tend to have somewhat defined lips, while they don’t usually in Brotherhood (with the exception of Olivier, who wouldn’t be in 03 anyway). This is especially true of promotional art, as opposed to screencaps.

4. The chain

(Running in the shadooooows~)

On every Amestrian military uniform, there’s a rope chain on the right shoulder, which also attaches to the front of the breast. In 03, the bit connecting the chain to the front of the uniform is braided, while in Brotherhood, that portion is a single cord.

5. Colors + general vague feeling

Colors can sometimes be used to tell the difference, if the lighting is standard. Colors in Brotherhood are fairly muted, but not too dark, and generally stick to shades of red, blue, yellow, black, white, and brown. They might almost be described as pastel, at least compared to 03. While colors in 03 are usually more saturated than Brotherhood, they’re also a lot darker, and not nearly as coordinated in hue. Also, 03 characters in general tend to have something of a youthful look to them, compared to Brotherhood, and noses are usually longer and pointier than in Brotherhood.

6. Specific character differences

Certain characters have notably different looks between series. If these characters appear in a screencap, you can look to them for clues. Some examples:

  • Ed: His hair is darker and more orange in 03. He also wears the same outfit throughout most of it, while his alternate outfits from Brotherhood don’t appear. His face shape also pretty much stays the same in 03, while in Brotherhood he matures physically towards the end of the series.
  • Al: His human form in 03 has noticeably darker, more brown hair than Ed, whereas in Brotherhood there’s really very little difference between the two. Shamballa Al is also very distinct: Long hair in a ponytail, basically dresses like Ed. Post-Promised Day Brotherhood Al looks older than Shamballa Al, and has short hair.
  • Winry: Her “work outfit” in 03 had a pink bandana and light purple pants. In Brotherhood, the bandana is green, and her pants are tan.
  • Rose: Had dark skin and pink bangs in 03, while in Brotherhood, her skin is light and her bangs are more of an auburn color. She also appeared much more in 03.
  • Scar: 03 Scar looked way younger, and had no cheekbones. Brotherhood Scar has cheekbones and could crush 03 Scar’s teen vogue looking ass with his bare hands.
  • Bradley: Brotherhood Bradley has wrinkles on his forehead, and a very defined nose. 03 Bradley has a more empty face, and also usually a darker skin tone. Brotherhood Bradley also looks a lot more pissed off compared to 03 Bradley, most of the time.
  • Greed: In 03, Greed’s shield form is dark blue with red eyes. In Brotherhood, it’s grey with black eyes. His undershirt is also dark blue in 03, while it’s dark red in Brotherhood. Also, obviously, Greeling does not appear in 03.
  • Kimblee: Brotherhood Kimblee is a suave ass motherfucker with the best fashion sense in the entire series. 03 Kimblee has this absolutely terrible circa 1980s Rachel Summers-esque braid/buzz cut combo that makes me want to cry every time I look at it.

ZENxMC Series #03
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Tangled: The Series
↳ Episode 03

Come Back to Me

Love is Not Over SERIES - 01 || 02 || 03 || 04 || 05 || 06 || 07

GENRE: Angst

SUMMARY:  Jungkook breaks up with you under built up pressure from his family and friends, but shortly afterwards he realizes that this isn’t what his heart wants and he wants you back.


Originally posted by jjks


Jungkook slams his fist into the wall beside him.  It was a mistake. A slip of the tongue. He hadn’t meant any of it; it was all in the heat of the moment – he was just so frustrated - and he couldn’t control his emotions.

“Get out!”

His hands somehow connect with the ceramic flower vase on the table and he flings it at the ground. It shatters into pieces and the flowers lay limp, drowned in the water around them.

“I don’t want to see you anymore, Y/N. We’re done. Done. Did you hear me?”

Jungkook breathes heavily as he stares at you. You’re trembling. “Jungkook, just tell me why… Please, can’t we talk?”

He watches as you step closer to him and try to take his hand. He slaps it away, and even though it hurt to see the pained look on your face, he keeps his hands by his side.

You retract your fingers, and look at him sadly. He just shakes his head. “Just leave, Y/N. I can’t do this anymore.”

He starts to head towards the door, to follow you, to apologize, but he stops. Jungkook knew he had hurt you. But it was just a fight, like any other fight. You would come back like you always did. Yet as he kept on trying to reassure himself, he realized it was different this time.

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You, with nowhere to go and nowhere to return… I grant you a place to belong. My name is Yato. You shall remain here, bearing a posthumous name. With this name, I make thee my servant. With this name and it’s alternate, I use my life to make thee a Regalia. Thou art Yuki. As Regalia, Setsu! Come, Sekki!

 ↪ Shouseins top 10 favorites shounen/seinen anime series: Vic top 5. #03 - Noragami
Guilty Secrets - Ellipsical - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 15/15
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Ella Thompson, Greg Lestrade
Additional Tags: Prostate Massage, Masturbation, Post-Reichenbach, Not Season/Series 03 Compliant, Use of Musical Equipment towards salacious ends, Giant purple dildos also (unsurpringly) used towards salacious ends, Internalized Homophobia, Sexual Self Discovery, Coming Out, Coming out in middle age, Love Confession, First Kiss, Case interruptus, Kissing, So much kissing, Story: The Adventure of the Abbey Grange, Case as foreplay, Blow Jobs, Anal Fingering, Intercrural Sex, First Time, Flirting in the nude, Rimming, Orgasm Denial, Remote control vibrating butt plugs, Cooking, Boyfriends, Sex on Furniture, Furniture Breaking, John Watson gets a lesson in sucking cock, Car Sex, Fish and Chips as Foreplay, Anal Beads, Double Penetration, ACTUAL INSANE WISH FULFILLMENT, Bath Sex, Bath Rimming!, John eating ice cream off Sherlock’s ass, because why not?, Tickling, Dancing, Romance, Tantric Edging Massage, coming dry

John has a prostate exam and discovers something surprising about himself. Experimentation follows. Sherlock wants to help. They’re in love. You know the drill.

Prompted by this reddit post from which I took the title (“I had guilty secrets, stolen from the Gods, and I was going to fuck myself with them.”) and a few other details.

Now Complete!

Guilty Secrets is now complete!

This is my little drumstick fic that could. Started as crack and turned into something infinitely more.

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I Will Follow (Don’t You Fade)

Love is Not Over SERIES - 01 || 02 || 03 || 04 || 05 || 06 || 07

GENRE: Angst

SUMMARY: You had been in a coma for four years, and although the whole time has only brought him pain, Taehyung refuses to let you go.


Originally posted by taehyungifs

It wasn’t fair.

Life wasn’t fair; time wasn’t fair. Nothing was. Absolutely nothing.

“Fuck…” Taehyung leaned back in the hospital chair and let out a sigh of frustration. He didn’t like to wait. He never had. But he would wait a thousand years and more for you. He would do anything, anything at all, if it was for you.

Four years had passed. You had been gone for four years – well, you were in a coma. But to him, it felt as if you were really gone. You weren’t at home. You didn’t visit when he had practice. He knew there wasn’t any way you could, but he hated the empty feeling he felt now that you weren’t by his side. He saw you everywhere though. In the coffee shop where you first met. At the park where you shared your first kiss. In their practice room, trying out the group’s choreography moves; inside the dorm, fooling around with the other boys. In your bed, by his side, where he would hold you in his arms and wake up to find that you weren’t really there, and it was all just a wish. A dream.

In reality, Taehyung rarely saw you - he wish he had more time to visit, but time was a luxury now - and when he did, it was only at a still, blank, sleeping face. He missed you terribly. He missed your eyes and how they brightened at the sight of him. He missed your smile. He missed how you hugged him, the feeling of your tiny arms wrapped around his waist. He missed the way you’d jump at him every time he walked through the door, no matter how late it was. But that was all before the stroke. He could only relive memories now.

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