ULTRADROME - art to TV series based on H.P.Lovecraft by Alex Andreyev

The unique combination of self-contained storylines existing as part of a larger overarching mythology bridges established serialized horror programming (American Horror Story, Hemlock Grove) and traditional horror anthologies (Black Mirror, Twilight Zone.) Bound by this distinct paradigm, the episodes themselves become “characters” within the series, enabling the audience to experience the series on two different levels. #Love it!


PLL lockscreens, part 1. 💋
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Fondos de pantalla de PLL, parte 1. 💋
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Shadowhunters — Episode 5

Today on the “Previously on Shadowhunters”: laying it on pretty thick about Alec being in total denial. Today on the actual episode: more of that, probably. Yeah, this is the “everyone fucks Alec Lightwood” episode. Metaphorically. Though if you need someone for the literal part, you know who to call.

(Me. I mean me. Not Magnus.)

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