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Basic Dutch 101: Back to School

Dear followers, and especially anyone in school, yes, I am looking at you! I am back with another 101, and this time it’s on going back to school, or anything to do with school. We all know how it is, we’ve all been there. So if you want to make a great impression on your first days, pretend you’re a Dutch foreign exchange student with these phrases.

School - School

Klas - Class as in I am in class B.

Leerling - singular form of student. (male)

Leerlinge - singular form of student. (female)

Leerlingen - plural form of student.

Middelbare school - High school.

Basisschool - Middle school.

Leraar - singular form of teacher. (male)

Lerares - singular form of teacher. (female)

Leraren - plural form of teacher.

Les - Lesson, or class. As in I am going to class. “Ik ga naar de les” - “I am going to the lesson.”

Lesgeven - Teaching

Ik geef les - I teach

Jij geeft les - You teach

Hij/Zij/Het geeft les - He/She/It teaches

Wij geven les - We teach

Zij geven les - They teach

Schoolboeken - School books

Biologie - Biology

Geschiedenis - History

Economie - Economics

Wiskunde - Mathematics

Filosofie - Philosophy

Scheikunde - Science

Engels - English

Nederlands - Dutch

Spaans - Spanish

Frans - French 

Duits - German

Arabisch - Arabic

Chinees - Chinese

Grieks - Greek

Latijn - Latin

Hebreeuws - Hebrew

Maatschappijleer - Social sciences

Godsdienst - Religion

Aardrijkskunde - Geography

To graduate - Slagen

Although there is a normal present form, the most common use is the present perfect.

Ik ben geslaagd - I graduated

Jij bent geslaagd - You graduated 

Hij/Zij/Het is geslaagd - He/She/It graduated

Wij zijn geslaagd - We graduated

Zij zijn geslaagd - They graduated

I hope this was something fun to read, or maybe you found that there was something missing, please inbox me!

With love,



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So the first three pieces of my ‘Firenze’ series are here, scanned.

1. Chiesa di Santa Maria Novella
2. Cupola di Brunelleschi, Duomo (vista dalla Biblioteca delle Oblate)
3. Facciata della Chiesa di Santo Spirito e il Campanile, dettaglio

aquarelle, watercolor
2016, August